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5 Business Ideas That Inspire

David Mielach, BusinessNewsDaily Contributor

Want to start a business, but don’t have an idea? Look no further. Here are five business ideas we think might help inspire you to start your own.

Business Ideas

All big businesses started with a simple idea. Unfortunately, coming up with that idea can present a unique and sometimes frustrating challenge to aspiring entrepreneurs. Luckily for you, BusinessNewsDaily comes across interesting businesses nearly every day.  Here are five business ideas we like right now.

Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs (JKCP)

There may be no better time to run a camp than in the summer. Just ask Julian Krinsky, who has been redefining the way traditional camps are seen for 35 years. Krinsky has done this by catering these camps to specialized athletic and academic programs for children between ages 7 and 18.

Krinsky's camps offer programs in sports and fitness, the arts, business and leadership, science and technology as well as summer internships for high school students. Within these programs campers can participate in everything from golf and tennis to pre-college programs in medicine and business. In all, Julian Krinsky Camps & Programs offers 20 programs to campers. 

The key to their success is being able to stay relevant and adapting to change.

"It has been exciting to be in a business that's teen-focused," Krinsky, founder and CEO of JKCP, said. "Today, we deal with teens not from only the United States but from around the world. We have enjoyed reinventing our products, evolving with what teens want and using the technology this age group is accustomed to. It has been an exciting ride to be part of a business that focuses on specialty offerings."

Pete Kistler turned a serious problem into the impetus for him and friends Patrick Ambron and Evan Watson to start BrandYourself, a company that allows users to take control of Google search results associated with your name.

"We started the company when our co-founder Pete couldn't get an internship in college because he was being a mistaken for a drug dealer in Google," the founders said. "If you wanted to improve your search results your only option was to pay a reputation company thousands of dollars a year to do the technical process of 'search engine optimization' for you."

From Pete's experience the founders knew there was a market for a service that could help people easily improve their rankings in a Google search. Little did they realize how big the industry was becoming. 

"People spent $1 billion out-of-pocket last year to improve their own search results," the founder said. "Everybody is realizing how important their search results really are. There are 80 million names Googled every single day and 75 percent of human resources departments are required to Google candidates to before making a decision."

BrandYourself plans to take advantage of this growing market by bringing the benefits of search engine optimization to mainstream consumers.

Tossed Franchise

Tossed is hoping that it can become the next big franchise. With seven current locations and 50 others planned to open, it appears that it is well on its way. The company's simple philosophy is what is driving this growth. 

"At Tossed, guests are able to 'Eat Smart and Think Fresh,'" Jason Chodash, president of Tossed Franchise Corp., said. "Today people are looking for ways to eat healthier while enjoying their food. Tossed allows guests to customize their meals with extensive menu options for everyone."

Those options include 50 toppings for customers to customize their salads and crepe wraps with. The menu also offers a selection of grilled paninis, sandwiches and soups. The company is also looking to differentiate itself by not only offering fresh and customizable ingredients, but also by employing a sustainable and environmentally friendly business model into their restaurants. 

“At Tossed, we believe in having a healthy attitude in everything we do,” Chodash said. “Being environmentally responsible simply makes sense. Our company was founded on fresh, high-quality food and a wholesome lifestyle. Embracing eco-friendly practices is another value we share with our guests.”

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If you have ever dreamed of being a reporter, OneNews is giving you your chance. All it takes is a smartphone, the OneNews application, and a bit of luck to be in the right place at the right time.

"At its core, our platform is a 'tasking and rewards' engine, designed to allow organizations to interact directly with individuals across the globe," Vincent Butta, CEO of Engagment Media Technology, parent company of OneNews, said. "Users download our mobile application, StringFly, on their iPhone or Android devices, and thereby register to receive assignments. News and entertainment media can then send specific requests via OneNews to StringFly users — who receive notification of these assignments via on-phone push notifications."

Users can then upload their pictures and videos of those events to the application. Their content is then sent to news organizations. Since launching in 2009, the service has grown to a network of thousands of users in more than 60 countries. That, however, is just the start for the applications potential, according to Butta. 

"The penetration of smartphones and the increasing use of mobile applications by consumers are key foundations of our OneNews platform," Butta said. "More than 42 percent of all U.S. adults have apps on their phones — and we are seeing penetration expand beyond the 18-29 age group (60 percent) into the 30-49 age group (46 percent). As author Clay Shirky has noted, the likelihood of a newsworthy event being witnessed by someone with a smartphone in hand now approaches 100 percent." 

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Kabbage is trying to help small businesses in an area that has long been one of their biggest areas of need. In particular, Kabbage is helping US-based small and medium- size business obtain the funding they need to conduct their business activities. 

The best part is that approval can happen in minutes. 

Now, online and offline businesses can apply with Kabbage using their computer or mobile app and receive a decision, often within minutes. Businesses are charged a small percentage of the funds they borrow from Kabbage until the money has been paid back. For businesses that have a hard time obtaining capital, the service can be a lifeline. 

"We believe it's better to be lucky than smart, and we have entered this market at precisely the right time to leverage new technologies to improve the lives of small businesses everywhere, and help them grow to support our economy," Petralia said. "Small and medium businesses account for at least half of our GDP, and Kabbage wants to be there to support them."

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