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What Is Monetary Policy?
By Sean Peek | July 23, 2021

Monetary policy determines the amount of money that flows through the economy.

Want to Be Your Own Boss? 12 Fields to Consider
By Sean Peek | July 23, 2021

The majority of the jobs on this year's rankings of the top jobs for self-employment are in the real estate and skilled trades industries.

The Science of Persuasion: How to Influence Consumer Choice
By Sean Peek | July 23, 2021

There's a science to persuasion, and you can use it to your advantage in understanding and influencing consumer behavior.

Creativity Is Not Innovation (But You Need Both)
By Sean Peek | July 23, 2021

Creativity and innovation are two related but separate notions, and each is required for workplace success. Here's the difference, and how you can inspire both.

HubSpot CRM
By Simone Johnson | July 22, 2021

The free version of HubSpot may offer very small businesses enough functionality to improve processes and organization at zero cost. It also offers a wealth of raining resources.

How to Calculate Cost of Goods Sold
By Dock David Treece | July 20, 2021

Cost of goods sold (COGS) is an important part of accounting that applies directly to tax deductions for your business.

13 Secrets for Growing Your Business Quickly
By Sean Peek | July 20, 2021

There's no surefire formula for instant success, but you can boost your business's growth with these tips from startup founders.

Performance-Based Pay Won't Motivate Employees as Much as You Think
By Sean Peek | July 20, 2021

While performance-based pay structures may encourage employees to work harder, they also can cause higher stress levels in workers and lower job satisfaction.

How to Help Your Kid Start a (Legal) Business
By Sean Peek | July 19, 2021

Putting up lemonade stands and mowing lawns are popular ways for kids to earn pocket change, but could they get in legal trouble for their entrepreneurial activities?

How to Monitor Hard Braking and Acceleration
By Max Freedman | July 15, 2021

When your drivers are braking or accelerating too quickly, they could be causing dangerous situations.

Disrespectful Employees? How to Fix a Toxic Workplace
By Sean Peek | July 12, 2021

Employees who are treated poorly by co-workers often start feeling entitled to treat others the same way. Here's how to stop it.

5 Ways to Become a Better Mentor
By Sean Peek | July 09, 2021

You got help when you were starting out. Find out how to inspire and guide others in their career.

Net vs. Gross Income
By Dock David Treece | July 09, 2021

Do you know the difference between net income and gross income? It could make a difference to your business accounting.

PEO vs. ASO: What Should You Choose?
By Max Freedman | July 08, 2021

PEOs may cost more than ASOs and have a narrower selection of benefits, but they absorb more of your risk.

CRM Certification and Training
By Julie Thompson | July 06, 2021

As CRM software becomes more important for businesses, high-level training and certifications do as well.

What You Need to Know About the Federal Overtime Rules
By Max Freedman | July 02, 2021

Failure to extend overtime pay to all eligible workers could land a business in hot water.

What Is Contact Management?
By Julie Thompson | July 02, 2021

Contact management is essential for keeping digital records of customer data.

What Small Businesses Need to Know About FICA Tax
By Donna Fuscaldo | July 01, 2021

Taxes are part of running a business. FICA is a mandatory one that small business owners need to know about.

9 Reasons to Try Text Message Marketing for Your Small Business
By Max Freedman | June 30, 2021

Text messaging isn't just a convenient way to chat with friends. It's also a powerful mobile marketing tool for small businesses.

The Pros and Cons of a Term Loan
By Jamie Johnson | June 28, 2021

Terms loans can be a great option for financing growth initiatives for your business.

Why Sex Sells… More Than Ever
By Nicole Fallon | June 25, 2021

Magazine ads featuring sex are on the rise, with the exception of two not-too-sexy industries.

How Can a Line of Credit Help Your Business?
By Jamie Johnson | June 24, 2021

A business line of credit can serve as a safety net for businesses when unexpected expenses arise.

PEOs and Risk Management
By Max Freedman | June 23, 2021

Risk management is a critical component of running a business. Partnering with a PEO can help ensure you have all potential risks covered.

9 Ways to Reduce Fleet Maintenance Costs
By Max Freedman | June 23, 2021

You can reduce your fleet maintenance costs through safety, repair and efficiency measures – all of which GPS fleet tracking software can streamline.

How Do PEO and Payroll Services Differ?
By Max Freedman | June 22, 2021

PEOs and payroll services both streamline payroll processing, but they do so in vastly different ways.

What's the Difference Between a PEO and an Employer of Record?
By Max Freedman | June 21, 2021

Small businesses often turn to a professional employer organization (PEOs) or an employer of record (EORs) for HR outsourcing, but which service is better for you?

PEO vs. An Insurance Broker: Which One Should You Choose?
By Max Freedman | June 18, 2021

A professional employer organization may be the better option for most businesses, though some companies may benefit from the convenience a broker offers and a broker's lower upfront costs.

8 Ways Employees Commit Time Theft
By Business News Daily | June 15, 2021

Businesses in the U.S. lose billions of dollars every year from employees stealing company time.

The 10 Best Apps to Track Your Employees
By Max Freedman | June 15, 2021

There are many apps and solutions to help you track when your employees are working and what they are working on.

5 Ways to Surf the Web More Securely at Work
By Sean Peek | June 14, 2021

Even if you use incognito mode in browsers such as Chrome, your data is still exposed. These search engines can help protect your business.