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New Buy Buttons Let You Sell on Pinterest and Instagram

Sara Angeles
Sara Angeles

Social media selling just got easier: Pinterest and Instagram unveiled today (June 2) new Buy buttons that let users quickly purchase items they see and like while scrolling through their Pinterest boards and Instagram feeds on mobile devices.

Pinterest now features buyable pins, while Instagram sports a Shop Now button on sponsored posts. These new mobile commerce features make online shopping simpler for customers, and social media selling better and faster for businesses.

Here's how the new Pinterest and Instagram Buy buttons work and how merchants can use them to boost business. [Pinterest for Business: Everything You Need to Know]

Pinterest buyable pins

Buyable pins let users quickly purchase items they like on Pinterest without having to leave the platform. To make a purchase, all users have to do is click on the item's price and pay with either a credit card or Apple Pay. This introduces a world of convenience for users because they don't have to track down sellers or go through the hassle of being taken to the seller's website or online store in order to make their purchase.

At launch, Pinterest's buyable-pins feature is available to large retailers like Macy's, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, but small businesses can use the service via Pinterest e-commerce partners Shopify and Demandware.

To start using buyable pins as a small merchant, a business will need an account with either Shopify or Demandware. If you're using Shopify, simply integrate the Pinterest channel, and then enable Buyable Pins. The feature will be rolled out to Demandware customers over the next few weeks. Businesses can also sign up for the waiting list for future integrations.

Note that, with buyable pins, Pinterest simply acts as a business's storefront or middleman; businesses are still responsible for order fulfilment, shipping and customer service.

Initially, Pinterest's new buyable pins will be rolled out on iOS. Buyable pins also will be available on Android and the Pinterest website, but the company has yet to announce official launch dates for those services.

To learn more about buyable pins, visit Pinterest for Business.

Instagram Shop Now button

Businesses can also now sell on Instagram using the new Shop Now button. Unlike Pinterest's buyable pins, Instagram's Shop Now button isn't an in-app e-commerce feature. The button appears only on sponsored posts, so businesses will need an advertiser account to use it. It doesn't let merchants sell directly on the platform, but instead takes customers to merchants' websites using a minibrowser within the Instagram app.

In addition to the Shop Now button, Instagram has added other call-to-action buttons to sponsored posts to help businesses get more out of Instagram selling and marketing. These include Install Now (for apps), Sign Up and Learn More.

Furthermore, these new ad units will feature enhanced targeting options based on age, location, gender, interests, places and other demographics. An Instagram advertiser API and Facebook ad interface also will be launched in the next few months.

To learn more about the new Instagram Shop Now button, visit the Instagram blog.

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Sara Angeles
Sara Angeles
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