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Facebook Keyword Search Makes It Easier to Find Your Business

Business News Daily Editor
Business News Daily Editor

Facebook's new keyword search feature lets users search Facebook posts, images, videos and other content related to your business.

  • Keyword search is a useful tool for those looking to market their businesses better on Facebook. New functionalities are consistently being added to the Facebook keyword search platform.
  • Facebook's keyword search tool was designed to filter out content that isn't relevant to the user. All posts, including photos and link shares, can be found through the keyword search.
  • Optimize your Facebook page for keyword searches in the same way as all other SEO projects. Research high-traffic keywords and incorporate them naturally in your posts.

Facebook marketing isn't just about launching campaigns to promote your business, it's also about customers spreading the word for you. Facebook's keyword search feature can help.

Launched in early 2013, Graph Search expanded Facebook's search capabilities to search beyond names and filters by using specific phrases. Keyword search improves this capability by making it easier to find exactly what you're looking for, Facebook says.

Here's how Facebook's keyword search works and what it means for your business.

Facebook's keyword search feature aims to make it easier and faster to find the most relevant content right when you need it. It lets you search all types of posts – status updates, photos, videos, news articles and more – using simple keywords, just as you would for a Google search.

Before the update, Facebook's Graph Search (beta) used "semantic search." Unless you were searching for specific users' names or business pages, semantic search required the use of complex, preset phrases to search for content.

For example, to find friends who live in a certain city, you would have had to type in something like "My friends who live in Los Angeles." It gets even more complicated if you were looking outside your network or doing a business search – for instance, "My friends of friends who like Joe's Coffee" or "Recent photos liked by my friends who like Joe's Coffee."

With the keyword search, users no longer have to use algorithm-based phrases. A simple keyword or phrase, like "Joe's Coffee," instantly brings up all content related to that business.

What it means for business owners

Facebook's keyword search feature has enormous potential for business owners. Its main benefit is that the feature makes it easier for potential customers to find your business.

Facebook users constantly post about businesses they frequent and restaurants and food they love. If their friends were looking for recommendations or more information on a business, all they'd have to do is type in what they're looking for, like "food trucks" or "bike repairs." And if customers already love you, you can rely on their word of mouth to bring customers your way.

Plus, Facebook's keyword search is mobile-ready, allowing users to search anytime, anywhere on an app they already trust and use the most. Many experts believe this new feature will end up competing with the likes of Yelp, Google and other business and review sites.


Formerly, Facebook's keyword search would only deliver search results based on users' privacy settings. That means that if you had searched for "yoga classes," it would only show content that your friends have chosen to share with you. This included posts, likes and comments. It currently does include public posts or Pages posts. The feature can allow businesses to better monitor what's being said about them on Facebook and help drive engagement. There are filter options available to control what types of posts are seen by the Facebook user. For instance, results can be narrowed by people or photos.

Optimization for Facebook's keyword search should be handled in the same manner as all other SEO tasks. The page owner wants to start by researching keywords relevant to his or her industry. Choose two of the most relevant keywords that generate the most traffic on Facebook. Keywords are important, because you are more likely to connect with users who are engaged with your content. For instance, if you are a wholesale nursery in New Jersey, you want your business page to appear to those looking for local wholesale plants.

Once you settle on at least two keywords, make a plan to incorporate them naturally into your business page. Although you can’t change the title of your page, you can edit the description as often as you'd like. Use the keywords naturally in the text to help customers find your Facebook page. Don't rush through the description on your Facebook page. Short and sweet isn't likely to help boost engagement on your page when users rely on keyword search.

Keywords should not be forgotten after creating your business page. All posts should revolve around the keywords that are likely to generate the most traffic. Write a description for all content shared on your page while keeping in mind high-ranking keywords. For instance, if digital marketing is a keyword for your business, work the term naturally into as many of your posts as possible. Also, make sure keywords are included in the meta descriptions of your posts.

Never feel as if you must commit to keywords long term. If you don't notice any traffic on your posts, try to switch up the keywords to note any improvements in engagement numbers.

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