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5 Word Processing Apps for Smartphones and Tablets

Jackie Dove
Jackie Dove

One of the basic tasks of computing – whether it's done on a desktop or on the go – is creating documents for your business. But writing on a smartphone or tablet isn't always an easy or enjoyable task. Working on a small screen cramps your style in more ways than one.

In the best of worlds, you'd want a keyboard at your disposal, but when you're writing your weekly blog or a business plan on the train, you may have to settle for typing on smooth glass. Here are five of the best apps to help you get the job done, regardless of when the inspiration – or your deadline – hits.

Google Docs (free) – iOS, Android

Google Docs (iOS/Android) is a handy word processor that's fully integrated with Google Drive, the company's cloud storage platform. Just sign in to your Google account and every document you create or edit automatically uploads to the cloud.

The app offers tools to insert tables, images, charts, and other non-text elements into your documents, and it's compatible with Microsoft Word so you can seamlessly transition between your desktop computer and mobile device. All editing takes place offline, so you don't need an internet connection.

Credit: Google

Zoho Writer (free) – iOS, Android

If you're someone who doesn't let a blank piece of paper – or screen – intimidate you, check out Zoho Writer (iOS/Android), a word processing app for creating and editing documents and collaborating with business associates.

Create and format your documents and add images, tables, and more. You can import and edit Word files and then export them as Word, PDF, ODT, HTML or TXT files. The app lets you annotate, add content, reply to questions or "like" something. Sync docs across devices and access them wherever you go. A full web version is also available so you can continue working on your computer or offline.

Credit: Zoho

WPS Office (free) – iOS, Android

WPS Office (iOS /Android) is a free, multiplatform productivity suite for mobile devices that easily integrates with all major Microsoft Office apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint as well as Google Docs and Adobe PDF formats. Its solid feature set and easy-to-use word processor lets you easily write, edit, and save files while email integration lets you send and receive documents as attachments. Its editing features let you change fonts and colors, tweak text alignment and insert tables.

Kingsoft Office's file backup feature lets you save and retrieve your documents from almost any device using Google Drive, Dropbox or Box.com. It also supports encryption to keep your documents secure.

Credit: Kingsoft Corp.

iA Writer ($4.99) – iOS, Android

iA Writer (iOS/Android) is a minimalist text editor with some enticing features. Its touchscreen keyboard offers a row of special punctuation characters, enabling more fluid writing and editing. A Focus Mode zooms in to display three lines of narrative at a time so you can concentrate on your current thought. It provides gorgeous preview templates complete with curated fonts and an integrated file browser to help you find your documents. It exports to HTML, PDF and Word. Syncing with iCloud or Dropbox is a cinch.

Credit: Information Architects GmbH

Notebooks ($6.99) – iOS

The multi-function Notebooks (iOS) app, with its minimalist interface, is designed to replace several apps on your mobile device. First, you can use the app to create formatted documents stored as HTML files but which are editable in TextEdit, Word, Pages and the desktop Mac version of Notebook, or you can create plain text notes or use Markdown.

Notebooks lets you organize and structure documents, manage task lists, import documents in various formats like RTF, PDF, Office, HTML and more. The app integrates with TextExpander, WePrint and installed versions of OmniFocus, Things, Firetask and Ideabook. You can sync or share Notebooks via Dropbox, a WebDav server, exchange documents via iTunes file sharing or email.

Credit: Alfons Schmid
Jackie Dove
Jackie Dove
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