iPhone Contact Management

iPhone Contact Management
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Get ready to throw out that drawer full of business cards. Your iPhone is the best tool you have to manage your existing business contacts. But the iPhone has more to offer than a digital address book. It can also save and sort business cards, synchronize your contact lists across all your devices, and help you network like a champ. Read on for five iPhone apps that can help you organize your contacts, make new connections and grow your professional network.

CamCard (free)

Swapping business cards is a time-tested way to introduce yourself to a new business contact – but in the age of the smartphone, it's a little old-fashioned. Paper cards are easy to lose, and inputting all that contact information into your phone's address book by hand is tedious. With such apps as CamCard for iOS, turning a paper card into a digital contact is easy. Just point your iPhone camera at a business card and snap a photo. The app's text-recognition software will even pull out the key details – including their name, phone number, email and business name – and update your address book automatically.

Sync.ME (free)

Sync.ME bills itself as a caller ID and spam blocker. It identifies incoming calls and warns you if one is from a known spammer. Also, it connects your friend's picture in Facebook, Twitter or Google+, just in case you forget who a person is by name. It lets you look up missed call numbers in a database of more than 1 billion numbers. If you pay $2.99 for the premium version, you can get extra features such as merging duplicate contacts, creating backups and background syncing.

Cloze (free)

Artificial intelligence can do so much for you these days, including keep track of your contacts on your phone. Cloze pulls from your apps (RingCentral, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Slack, Exchange, iCloud, Evernote, OneNote, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and more) to create one profile for each of your contacts. It creates a file that includes your email communications, calls, files and social messages. It will remind you to restart fading relationships with clients, and your whole team can use it.

CircleBack (free)

You can use CircleBack to scan business cards and save them as contacts. It also keeps job titles up to date. It cleans up duplicates and discovers new contacts in your Google, Microsoft and Exchange inboxes, and syncs across multiple platforms such as Salesforce, Facebook, Gmail and Exchange. You can also contribute data to the CircleBack community.

FullContact (free)

The FullContact address book syncs all sorts of accounts and platforms, including iOS, Mac, PC, Gmail, Exchange and Twitter. You can use it to combine Google Contacts, your phone's address book and social media profiles. The contacts are backed up to the cloud and automatically de-duped. Plus, you can attach notes to contacts so you can remember important details for the next time you make contact with a client or vendor. A premium option is also available.