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Greenway Health Intergy Review

Adam Uzialko
Adam Uzialko

After conducting research and analysis of practice management software, we recommend Greenway Health Intergy as the best customizable practice management software.

Greenway Health Intergy

Greenway Health Intergy

The Best Medical Practice Management Software of 2020

The Verdict

Greenway Health offers the most flexible platform we reviewed. Most elements can be customized to individual user preferences. The flexibility comes with a price tag, however, with integrated EMR/PMS ranging from $799 to $941 per provider, per month.

We chose Greenway Health from dozens of practice management software programs. To learn about how we evaluated this software and for a comprehensive list of practice management solutions, see Business News Daily's best picks. 

Every medical practice has its own way of doing things. Unique practice workflows mean healthcare IT solutions, like practice management software and electronic medical records (EMR) systems, must be flexible. The ability for practice management software to adapt to your practice's processes not only reduces disruption when you first launch the new system, but it also helps you make the most of the software. In a medical practice, efficiency is critical for both patient satisfaction and financial performance. For these reasons, many medical practices need a system that can easily be tailored to suit the workflows they have developed over the years. 

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Greenway Health Intergy is our pick as the best customizable practice management software application because of its flexible architecture and the many options it gives users. Most tasks in Intergy can be completed multiple ways, allowing individual users to navigate the software in whatever way is most comfortable to them. Moreover, many elements of the software can be customized during implementation, guaranteeing your practice has access to all the tools you need to offer quality healthcare.

Ease of Use

When you first launch Intergy, a relatively outdated looking interface appears. Looks aren't everything, though, and as you use the software, you realize that it is easy to navigate and rather flexible. The learning curve is steeper, but not staggering, given the level of customization available to your practice. Other comparable systems with comprehensive features and flexible architecture can be very difficult to use, especially for new users. Your staff should be able to adapt quickly to Intergy.

Navigating the software's major features is as simple as clicking through a series of tabs. These tabs include Patient Information, Scheduling Tools, Task Management, Clinical Tools, Referrals, Financial Tools, Communications and Reports. When you click on each tab, a series of icons appear. These icons represent the individual tools housed under each category. The tools available and the appearance of the user interface can be customized to each user's role in the practice, so depending on your permissions, Intergy will look different.

Your staff will likely require some training and time to learn the ins and outs of Intergy, but it shouldn't significantly disrupt your practice's operations. Once everyone is up to speed with Intergy, it could save your medical practice a great deal of time.


Intergy has all of the tools we looked for in a practice management solution. Most of these tools can be accessed in multiple ways, allowing your staff to explore and use the methods that work best for them. Moreover, most of the tools can be customized, which Greenway Health will assist you with during implementation and training. Here is more about Intergy's features.

Patient Registration

Registering a new patient with Intergy is easy. A popup appears with a series of fields (which can be customized to suit your practice) to be filled out. You can set some fields as required, so an answer has to be provided. You can also flag any fields that are relevant to MIPS/MACRA to improve your score for Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement penalties.

Intergy's quick register feature speeds the process further and makes it easier. A staff member can quickly register a new patient without all the required information. Intergy flags the patient as having incomplete information, and a staff member can complete the required fields at a later date. You can also use an existing patient's information to quickly register their family members.

In the Patient Information tab, you can see a patient's clinical and financial data. You can restrict access by setting custom permissions for users. On the left side of the screen, you can select a patient's personal, financial or clinical data, as well as see upcoming appointments and previous encounters. You can also review their active medications, any attached images in their file, secure messages and clinical charts from past visits. You can cycle through all of this information without ever leaving the patient information window.


The scheduling tool features a spreadsheet-style calendar with columns along the top that can be sorted by provider, location or other custom elements that are set up during implementation. 

The calendar uses custom rules (that you have set), which can be activated or deactivated on an individual user basis. These rules govern aspects like available appointment time slots, visit lengths and available types of appointments. Each of these rules can be mapped to specific providers or locations. The calendar can also be configured to display appointments in a daily or weekly view for multiple providers and locations, or a monthly view across the entire practice. The scheduling tab includes other tools as well, such as patient registration, appointment check-in and an insurance eligibility verification check. All these features can be accessed through a dropdown menu at the top of the window. 

To schedule a new appointment, you can click on an open time slot under a given provider or use the advanced search feature. When clicking an open time slot, a popup with custom fields appears. You can use this box to fill out relevant appointment information and run an individual insurance eligibility verification check. The advanced search feature allows you to set certain parameters, like specific days and times the patient is requesting. The system then searches for available appointments that fit the criteria. You can schedule a patient in the advanced search popup box when it returns your search results.


Greenway Health's billing module lets you run an insurance eligibility verification check if you did not do so when the appointment was scheduled. This verification supplies you with the name of the payer, the patient copayment, the patient's deductible and the payer's obligation for the encounter.

After a patient has seen a provider and their clinical note has been signed, charges appear in the pending charges list. Selecting a particular patient pulls up a summary of available charges for that patient, along with provider comments. The tool prepopulates encounter codes and ICD-10 diagnosis codes as well. Billers can then format the claim properly and prepare it for submission. A complete ICD-10 coding library allows billers to edit the codes with a simple search.


Intergy's reporting tool provides you with more than 500 different reports. Reports can be run daily, weekly or monthly. They can also be exported to Microsoft Excel for further customization. Intergy includes a series of 10 Claims Control reports, which provide key metrics related to your practice's billing operations. These include billing activity, productivity over time, the number of claims paid and more.

Greenway Health offers a practice analytics tool, which further expands the number of available reports. These reports are more advanced than the standard reports. They include the ability to review data by month, quarter or year; you can also switch to various graphical representations, like pie charts and bar graphs. Essentially every piece of data within Intergy is reportable. Reports can be set to automatically recur and are delivered directly to your inbox.

Pricing and Fees

Intergy comes as an integrated practice management and electronic medical records (EMR) system. There is no option for purchasing a stand-alone practice management application from Greenway Health. The quote we received included a base rate of $799 per provider, per month, which is higher than the other applications we evaluated. However, for a comprehensive platform, this base rate is relatively competitive. In addition to the integrated system, Greenway Health includes access to its mobile application and HIPAA-compliant patient portal, which features a built-in secure messenger.

There are additional fees. Greenway Health operates its own clearinghouse service, which costs $93 per provider, per month. This is a different pricing structure than other integrated clearinghouses, which typically charge a fee for each claim they process. The company also quoted us a $49 per provider, per month fee for e-prescribing and lab integrations.

Overall, the total costs for this software are about average for a comprehensive, integrated system compared to the other software programs we reviewed. Greenway Health does not charge for implementation and training, and when you consider that, the price is relatively competitive for a powerful practice management software and EMR system.

Implementation and Training

Due to the level of customization available, the company has a longer implementation period compared to other software providers we evaluated. Implementation ranges from 90 to 120 days.

When you sign up with Greenway Health, you're assigned a dedicated account manager who serves as a liaison between your medical practice and Greenway Health to coordinate implementation and training.

The implementation process begins with a kickoff call with your project manager and the implementation team. Members of your practice and Greenway's team will discuss your data migration needs if you are transitioning from a legacy system plus any customizations you require. This step is necessary; it helps ensure that all of your existing data is transferred into the new system and is configured in a way that will be useful to your medical practice once your go-live date arrives.

As you get closer to the go-live date, your practice's staff will attend training courses through Greenway Health's Virtual Interactive Academy (VIA.) These specialized courses are tailored to each staff member's specific role. Most courses last 90 minutes, and other attendees include staff members from other medical practices that are currently implementing Intergy.

During training, you can submit feedback to Greenway Health to make any necessary adjustments to the system before launch. Training typically lasts one month.

Three days before your go-live date, your account manager will visit your medical practice to ensure a  smooth launch. They will also provide additional onsite instruction so your team is familiar with and comfortable using the unique customizations developed for your medical practice. Additional onsite training is available before implementation, although it represents an added cost beyond the subscription price of the software.

Customer Service

We had a superb customer service experience with Greenway Health. Friendly and knowledgeable staff walked us through using the software during a live demonstration. On the call were an EMR and practice management specialist, as well as a medical billing specialist who offered to explain Greenway Health's revenue cycle management services to us. By the end of the demonstration, we were well acquainted with the system and its flexibility. Customer service representatives continued to follow up with us after the call, providing additional educational materials and a breakdown of pricing. We contacted Greenway with follow-up questions, and each time we received thorough answers within a few hours. When we explained that our hypothetical medical practice (a family medicine practice with three providers) was not yet ready to make a buying decision, representatives were respectful of our decision and not pushy.

Customer support is available by phone, email or live chat on Greenway's website. There is also a MyGreenway community login that allows you to access forums and additional materials to help you navigate any Greenway healthcare IT product.


Because Intergy is so customizable, it inevitably has a higher learning curve than an out-of-the-box system. Its user interface remains relatively uncluttered, although it is aesthetically dated, but there are many ways to achieve a single task. For new users, though, this could be overwhelming.

Another concern is that Greenway's VIA training might not be sufficient to help staff learn the ins and outs of the software, especially if you are significantly customizing the program. Additional onsite training is available (though at an added cost), but the investment might be worth it to ensure your staff is ready to use the system proficiently from day one. The more familiar your team can become with Intergy before your go-live date, the less disruptive the switch will be. Given its flexible nature and range of tools, preparing ahead of time is wise.

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Greenway Health Intergy

Greenway Health Intergy

The Best Medical Practice Management Software of 2020

The Verdict

Greenway Health offers the most flexible platform we reviewed. Most elements can be customized to individual user preferences. The flexibility comes with a price tag, however, with integrated EMR/PMS ranging from $799 to $941 per provider, per month.

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