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DrChrono Medical Software Review

Max Freedman
Max Freedman
  • DrChrono is a medical software platform that's ideal for small or new practices.
  • DrChrono has four pricing tiers and levels of access that make it appropriate for practices of all types.
  • DrChrono's drawbacks include limits on text and phone appointment reminders and the absence of an Android mobile app.
  • This review is for medical practices that are considering DrChrono as their medical software provider, especially new practices looking to get off to a cost-effective, simple start.

DrChrono offers the most important medical software features – including patient charting, telehealth, scheduling, e-prescribing, patient reminders and performance reporting – with the flexibility and pricing that are ideal for small and new medical practices. In fact, DrChrono's reasonable costs for the features it includes stood out so strongly that we named DrChrono our pick for the best medical software for new practices.

DrChrono Medical Software

DrChrono Medical Software

The Verdict

DrChrono is excellent medical software for smaller and newer practices because of its introductory tiers' low cost and extensive features. Larger practices can use it too, but some may feel hamstrung by the limits on text and phone appointment reminders.

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DrChrono Editor's Score: 84/100

Customization 90
Pricing 100
Consultation 80
Revenue cycle management 90
Telehealth 60

Why DrChrono Is Best for New Practices

DrChrono's introductory pricing tiers are highly affordable, yet the lower prices don't mean that small practices will lack the features they need to get started. Even at DrChrono's lowest tier, you get plenty of tools for scheduling, billing, patient charting, e-prescribing, patient reminders and reporting. As such, you can get your practice running without making a huge dent in your budget.

Key TakeawayKey takeaway: DrChrono's low prices don't come at the cost of robust features.

Another reason DrChrono is a great choice for new practices is that its user interface is simple, so first-time medical software users will face fewer obstacles while learning the ins and outs. DrChrono representatives are happy to assist your team with setup and implementation at no extra cost, and customer service is readily available long after your startup period. As a result, your practice will be ready to serve your patients.


  • DrChrono is highly affordable, but the low costs don't mean a lack of features.
  • DrChrono offers free, hands-on setup assistance and extensive customer service.


  • DrChrono sets limits on the number of text and phone patient reminders you can send without paying extra.
  • DrChrono does not have an Android app.


When practices are choosing medical software platforms, usability is at the top of the list for many. Based on our testing of the software, we found that DrChrono is highly user-friendly. Practitioners, nurses and front-office staff – even those who are uncomfortable with technology – should all be able to understand and navigate the program with minimal training.

You can reach all of the major applications from the top of the dashboard. The tabs you see should follow the natural order in which you'd cycle through them during a patient encounter. Additionally, DrChrono's highest-level plan includes revenue cycle management (RCM), which eliminates the navigational troubles that are common with medical billing software. And, of course, when you fully outsource your billing, you don't need to navigate confusing billing interfaces. 


Here are some of the tools you get with DrChrono:

Appointment scheduling DrChrono's appointment scheduling suite is highly customizable and user-friendly, and includes real-time insurance eligibility checking.
Billing tools DrChrono clearly indicates claims that have been created but not submitted while deftly scrubbing and coding claims, though not all plans include these tools.
Customizable charting DrChrono's customizable charts and templates vary by appointment type and, on an iPad, allow you to free-draw over patient diagnostic images.
Direct messaging DrChrono's direct messaging suite enables secure patient communication, but it's not a substitute for email.
E-prescribing and labs DrChrono's important e-prescribing tools are available with all plans other than the most basic tier, and you can add digital security for $20 per user per month.
Patient education tools DrChrono offers patient education tools that cover numerous conditions and important medical advice.
Patient reminders All DrChrono plans include patient reminders via email, phone and text, but for the latter two categories, there are monthly maximums.
Revenue cycle management DrChrono's revenue cycle management suite is expansive, though it's available only at DrChrono's highest pricing tier.
Reporting suite DrChrono's highly customizable, filterable reports help you identify trends in financial performance and billing operations.

Appointment Scheduling

DrChrono enables appointment scheduling through a standard calendar that can be viewed in a daily, weekly or monthly format. You can customize your calendar's columns to display specific practice locations, individual providers or other information.

The DrChrono appointment scheduling suite lets you book appointments in minutes, and as you do so, you can even register new patients. The calendar's drag-and-drop view lets you reschedule appointments in a jiffy as well. If you need your calendar to indicate appointments by type, you can color-code them as needed.

DrChrono's scheduling suite can pair appointment types with the intake or consent forms patients need to complete. This pairing ensures that patients are sent these forms after they book their appointments. 

Although DrChrono can automate your patient appointment reminders, you can't send more than a preset maximum number of reminders. As your appointments approach, all DrChrono tiers except the entry-level plan (Prometheus) give you tools for checking your patients' insurance eligibility in real time.

Billing Tools

DrChrono's billing tools save all of your clinical data and notes immediately after you sign your encounter note. Thereafter, coders and medical billers can log in to DrChrono to scrub, code and file your medical claims

DrChrono also comes with extensive pending- and denied-claim tools. In DrChrono, each pending claim shows the claim's ID number, patient, payer, provider and value. Should you need to search for claims, these identifiers can act as filters. All pending claims also show the distinction between the amount for which the claim has been billed and the amount paid.

DrChrono places a red exclamation mark next to claims that your team has created but not yet filed. You'll also see clear indications of outstanding patient balances and easy tools for collecting copays.

Notably, these features are mostly absent from DrChrono's Prometheus and Hippocrates tiers, which prioritize electronic medical record (EMR) and practice management software over billing. However, at any tier, you can create custom billing codes, auto-generated CMS 1500 forms, billing profiles and superbills.

Customizable Charting

All DrChrono plans include customizable charts and templates. You can also use DrChrono on an iPad to access free-drawing capabilities that are ideal for marking a patient's diagnostic images as you please. At the Hippocrates tier and above, you get voice recording tools as well.

You can use DrChrono to load a different note-taking template for each appointment type. To do so, click the Start Visit button after your patient checks in. You'll then see a note-taking template that matches your current appointment type. 

DrChrono's customizable charts overlap perfectly with your schedule, since, in your daily appointments view, you can see patient medical histories, lab results and demographics. You can add or delete sections from this view as needed.

DrChrono's patient view clearly displays information such as medical history, lab results and demographics.

Direct Messaging

All DrChrono tiers include direct messaging technology through which you can securely send patient documents and information. You can write and send these messages from the DrChrono messaging center or your patients' charts, but your communications will only reach other direct messaging platforms; DrChrono's direct messaging tools don't go to email inboxes.

E-Prescribing and Labs

All DrChrono tiers include the e-prescribing tools that come with any top EMR system, though the Prometheus tier limits users to basic functions, including the following:

  • Sending one, several or compound prescriptions
  • Flagging potentially harmful interactions
  • E-prescribing and detailing pharmacist instructions through fax, iPad or iPhone (DrChrono has no mobile app for Android) 
  • Searching for pharmacies based on a patient's location
  • Reviewing a patient's full prescription history

Did you know?Did you know? If you need to use a mobile device for e-prescribing, you're limited to iOS; DrChrono does not offer an Android app.

The advanced DrChrono e-prescribing platform comes with tools for saving each provider's preferred prescriptions and pharmacies. If you want to secure your advanced e-prescribing software with electronic prescriptions for controlled substances (EPCS), you can do so for an extra $20 per provider per month. 

DrChrono gives you extensive lab ordering features, such as tools for favoriting frequently ordered tests. However, the Prometheus tier doesn't integrate with major lab providers, such as Labcorp and Quest Diagnostics.

Patient Education Tools

All DrChrono tiers come with patient education tools, though the Prometheus tier doesn't include patient access to custom library tools. DrChrono's patient education suite spans both common and unusual conditions, plus important medical advice before appointments or procedures.

Patient Reminders

DrChrono's patient reminder technology is included in every tier, but there are monthly maximums for how many text and phone reminders you can send:

  • Prometheus: 100 reminders
  • Hippocrates: 150 reminders
  • Apollo: 300 reminders
  • Apollo Plus: 600 reminders

If you need more than your plan allows, you'll need to pay 5 cents per text or 15 cents per phone call.

TipTip:DrChrono limits the number of text and phone appointment reminders you can send per month before an extra per-reminder charge kicks in.

Revenue Cycle Management

DrChrono offers a solid suite of RCM services, but they are available only with the Apollo plan. This plan includes the following RCM services:

  • Financial performance reports
  • Patient collections and statements
  • A claim status dashboard
  • Coding
  • Accounts receivable management
  • A dedicated billing manager, billing specialist and account manager for your practice
The revenue cycle management view displays information in helpful, easy-to-read graphs.

Reporting Suite

DrChrono's reporting suite is quite comprehensive. You can use it to detect trends in financial performance and billing operations and react to them accordingly. All of your reports are fully customizable, and you can apply various filters.

If you're on the Apollo Plus tier and use DrChrono's RCM suite, you can easily view your claims reports, which show each claim's status in the billing process. Additionally, DrChrono's billers are indicated in the same places you'd normally see your staff biller listed. This structure gives you an unobstructed view of DrChrono's approach to your RCM.


With the exception of the highest-tier plan, DrChrono charges a flat fee per provider per month. Each DrChrono tier is priced as follows:

  • Prometheus includes basic EMR and practice management tools and begins at $200 per provider per month.

  • Hippocrates includes more in-depth EMR and practice management tools and begins at $260 per provider per month.

  • Apollo incorporates medical billing software and ranges from $300 to $500 per provider per month.

  • Apollo Plus incorporates RCM and has the same structure as most medical billing services. That means that, instead of flat rates, you pay a preset percentage of your monthly collections.

Additionally, as mentioned earlier, EPCS costs extra.To find the exact price your practice would pay, you need to contact DrChrono for a custom quote. Before you do so, we suggest looking at the plans to get to know the differences among tiers. DrChrono also offers a 30-day free trial, so you can try it out before paying anything.


Setup typically takes about 60 days. No matter how you use DrChrono, you get thorough implementation and support tools, including the following:

  • Training videos made just for your practice
  • A dedicated implementation contact and training team
  • Data migration, although this costs an extra $30 per month for your first provider and $10 per month for each additional provider

Customer Service

With DrChrono, you get access to the following types of customer support:

  • Frequent software updates
  • An online help center
  • A dedicated account manager
  • Periodic, proactive account checks
  • Educational content linked to certain features
  • Live chat on weekdays from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET

This comprehensive customer support can prove especially beneficial for small or new practices or those that are new to medical software.


Despite DrChrono's numerous benefits, the software has two potential drawbacks:

  • Limited text and phone patient reminders. Do you want the software to call or text your patients to remind them about their appointments? You'll face limits in doing so with all DrChrono tiers. These limits are especially low with DrChrono's introductory tiers.

  • No Android app. DrChrono's mobile app is available only for iOS. If your providers and staff need access on Android devices, this limitation can quickly become a problem.


We spent hours researching medical software. That research included software demonstrations, phone interviews and customer service calls, as well as analysis of customer service reviews available online, including those listed on the Better Business Bureau website. To thoroughly review DrChrono, we scoured its website for information, spoke with company representatives and signed up for DrChrono's free trial. We took similar steps for all of our medical software best picks, such as in our review of Kareo and our CareCloud review. When choosing our best pick for new practices, we compared each service's costs and features. We selected DrChrono because it included a robust set of tools for a low price.

What Is Medical Software?

Medical software comprises EMR and practice management system technology. Medical practices use EMR platforms to improve their charting, note-taking, interoperability, e-prescribing, lab ordering and telehealth offerings. Practice management platforms, on the other hand, assist with front-office billing, scheduling and other administrative functions. 

DrChrono Medical Software FAQs

What is DrChrono?

DrChrono is a medical software company that provides both EMR and practice management software to medical practices. DrChrono also offers some of the best medical billing services, which can lessen your front-office staff's workload and potentially cut your costs.

Is DrChrono free?

DrChrono offers a 30-day free trial. After that, you'll have to pay to keep using DrChrono, but you'll likely pay less than you would for similar platforms.

How much does DrChrono cost?

DrChrono's pricing plans begin at $200 per provider per month. In our research, we found this price to be especially low among medical software providers.

Bottom Line

We recommend DrChrono for ...

  • New or small practices.
  • Practices that need one integrated system for EMR, practice management and medical billing.
  • Providers who like free-drawing on patients' diagnostic charts.

We don't recommend DrChrono for ...

  • Practices that want to send large quantities of text and email appointment reminders.
  • Practices that need access to medical software on Android devices.

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DrChrono Medical Software

DrChrono Medical Software

The Verdict

DrChrono is excellent medical software for smaller and newer practices because of its introductory tiers' low cost and extensive features. Larger practices can use it too, but some may feel hamstrung by the limits on text and phone appointment reminders.

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