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Updated Dec 13, 2023

8 Best Podcasts for Salesforce Fanatics

Take advantage of the Salesforce community to learn tips and best practices.

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Max Freedman, Business Operations Insider and Senior Analyst
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If you want to access excellent Salesforce content in the car, at the gym or otherwise on the go, podcasts are where it’s at. One of the best things about using a customer relationship management (CRM) platform like Salesforce is access to the gigantic community that has grown around it over the last few decades. We’ll highlight eight podcasts that can expand and enhance your Salesforce knowledge and understanding. 

The best podcasts for Salesforce fanatics

Like Salesforce blogging, Salesforce podcasting is a surprisingly varied and rich niche. The top podcasts include highly technical dev talk, general news, best practices for increasing sales, and marketing tips.

1. Salesforce Admins Podcast

The Salesforce Admins Podcast is the official Salesforce podcast for admins. It’s a great place to start if you want to stay on top of news about Dreamforce (Salesforce’s annual conference), hear interviews with Salesforce admins across the country and learn about new CRM features

This weekly podcast is polished and well edited; hosts Gillian Bruce and Mike Gerholdt are great interviewers who keep the conversation from getting too dry. While you can learn quite a bit from the Salesforce Admins Podcast, it’s also light and entertaining enough to listen to in the car or at the gym. 

Want to learn more about CRM platforms like Salesforce? Check out what we recommend as the best CRM software, and start with our full Salesforce CRM review.

2. Good Day, Sir!

Started by freelance software engineers Jeremy Ross and John De Santiago, Good Day, Sir! definitely has a Salesforce focus. However, the hosts also discuss broader tech news (acquisitions, trends, etc.) and share their experiences with various tools and integrations. Each episode starts with a quick music intro and the hosts catching up on small talk (and sometimes drink recommendations), so the show has a personable feel that makes it great for casual listening.

3. SalesforceWay

SalesforceWay is hosted by Xi Xiao, a Salesforce developer. Xiao, who lives in Finland, often discusses the “three S’s” that a standout Salesforce developer should have: Salesforce technology skills, software engineering skills and soft skills.

A typical SalesforceWay episode includes Xiao interviewing other Salesforce experts on various topics, such as CRM dashboards and CRM metrics. While there are many technical discussions, the podcast offers broader Salesforce lessons. Like many great Salesforce podcasts, Xiao and the show’s guests discuss more universally applicable skills. The whole point is that it’s not just CRM skills that make the Salesforce developer; the other skills are just as critical.

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4. Hard Corps Marketing Show

CRM software is so frequently associated with sales that it’s easy to forget how useful it is for marketing. However, the Hard Corps Marketing Show won’t let you forget. Hosted by marketing expert and Marine Corps veteran Casey Cheshire, the podcast focuses largely on the overlap between CRM and marketing automation, and it’s as great for marketing experts as it is for total newcomers.

Key TakeawayKey takeaway
When choosing CRM software, you should consider various factors, including whether the platform fits into your budget, if it has the features and tools you need, and if it will support your business now and when it grows.

5. Talent Hub Talk

The Australian Salesforce podcast Talent Hub Talk is the work of Ben Duncombe, who founded Salesforce recruitment company Talent Hub. Every week, for about 40 minutes, Duncombe gives his latest insights into the ever-evolving Salesforce ecosystem. He often hosts guests whose knowledge, combined with his, makes for a truly unforgettable listen.

6. Salesforce Developer Podcast

On the Salesforce Developer Podcast, host Joshua Birk, developer evangelist and godfather of Trailhead, gets guests to share brief yet impactful stories. Topics that Birk has discussed with his guests include continuous learning, artificial intelligence and low-code tools.

7. Salesforce Commerce Cloud Innovations

Although the Salesforce Commerce Cloud Innovations podcast focuses on Salesforce’s e-commerce platform instead of its CRM suite, it’s still worth mentioning here. After all, Salesforce Commerce Cloud fully integrates with the Salesforce CRM. Podcast host Natalija Pavic, innovation leader on Commerce Cloud’s Business Strategy & Growth team, speaks with guests about various changes and trends in online business.

8. Salesforce for Everyone 

In the Salesforce for Everyone podcast, hosts Bradley Rice and Anita Smith guide you through starting a Salesforce career. This is a rare beginner-focused series. You can especially benefit from listening if you’re interested in Salesforce but lack tech experience or a college degree. You’ll learn how to enter the world of Salesforce while achieving financial independence.

How Salesforce can help your business

Salesforce offers products in three verticals: sales (CRM), marketing and service. In fact, Starter Suite, Salesforce’s least expensive package, comes with email marketing automation and analytics, ready-to-go sales processes and case management, and automation. With all these tools available through the same platform, you can seamlessly grow your target audience, secure more deals and maximize your customer experience. 

Salesforce is as well known for its first-in-class CRM software as for how easily its products can grow your business. The software scales as you do. If you need additional customization and automation tools, just upgrade from Starter Suite to Pro Suite. This higher-end package also comes with sales forecasting, sales quoting and real-time enhanced outreach tools. 

Beyond sales, marketing and services, Salesforce also offers the e-commerce platform Commerce Cloud and the sustainability management solution Net Zero Cloud. In 2021, Salesforce also acquired Slack, a platform long known as a leader in team communications technology. From its core SaaS products to its side offerings, Salesforce gives plenty of tools to build and grow meaningful internal and external relationships.

Did You Know?Did you know
Alongside Salesforce, we also recommend the CRM platform Oracle NetSuite for e-commerce. Learn more via our comprehensive Oracle NetSuite CRM review.

From your ears to your computer screen

When listening to Salesforce podcasts, sit with the advice you hear, then act on it if you feel that it fits your situation. Better yet, if your hands are free, write down the key points you hear when listening. Better business outcomes are likely with this careful listening, and you’ll have gotten there just by sitting in on fun conversations during your everyday routine.

Mona Bushnell contributed to this article.

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Max Freedman, Business Operations Insider and Senior Analyst
Max Freedman has spent nearly a decade providing entrepreneurs and business operators with actionable advice they can use to launch and grow their businesses. Max has direct experience helping run a small business, performs hands-on reviews and has real-world experience with the categories he covers, such as accounting software and digital payroll solutions, as well as leading small business lenders and employee retirement providers. Max has written hundreds of articles for Business News Daily on a range of valuable topics, including small business funding, time and attendance, marketing and human resources.
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