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10 Things Katy Perry Can Teach You About Social Media

Brittney Morgan
Brittney Morgan

Katy Perry is more than just a pop princess — with nearly 64 million followers, the “Firework” singer is the reigning queen of Twitter.

Perry is now officially the most followed user on Twitter, making her even more popular than the President of the United States is on the social network. And keeping up with her Twitter timeline is no easy feat, given the star’s busy schedule. Even though Perry is busy traveling all over the globe for her Prismatic World Tour and performing at the Super Bowl and the Grammys, she still makes time to tweet, much to the delight of her ever-expanding fan base (also known as “KatyCats”).

So how does Perry maintain her status as social networking royalty? Her strategy is simple: be yourself, have fun, and market smart. Step up your social marketing game with these 10 tips, straight from Katy Perry’s Twitter:

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1. Be real and relatable. Every brand needs a voice and a personality on social media, but it’s important that that voice be relatable to your target audience. Customers and followers want to feel like the brands with which they interact are run by real people who understand them.

One of the reasons Perry is so well-loved on Twitter is that she’s not constantly promoting her brand — her tweets are constant reminders that she’s a normal person, just like her fans. This tweet, from when she was on tour in Australia during the holidays, is a perfect example of that:

Make sure you find the right balance between the professional and the personal in your brand’s Twitter feed so that your audience can relate.

2. Don’t take things too seriously. This varies, depending on what field your business is in, but in general, Twitter users appreciate humor. Taking advantage of things like memes and funny trending hashtags can do wonders for your social strategy, so long as it makes sense for your brand and your target audience.

Perry is never afraid to crack a joke or tweet a snarky comment, and it definitely works for her. On Halloween, the pop star dressed up as a Cheeto (yes, the snack food) and the Internet went crazy. Here, Katy responds to the fact that her costume was trending on Twitter:

3. Appreciate your fans. This should be a given, but it’s important to engage with your followers on Twitter. Perry doesn’t often reply to @mentions from her fans — and with her busy schedule, who can blame her? — but she does make it clear that she reads them. Perry often tweets about how much she loves her fans, favorites tweets from her fans and occasionally slips in a reply or two when she can.

Make sure that your followers and customers know that you appreciate them and that you hear what they have to say by doing the same thing. Reply to, retweet and favorite your followers’ tweets. Twitter users who feel like you appreciate them will be more likely to stay loyal followers and share your business and content with their peers.

4. Respond to your haters. Not every interaction you have with your fellow Twitter users is going to be a good one. It can be tempting to ignore all of the bad interactions, but by no means should you let them go unnoticed. Ignoring customers who feel they’ve had a bad experience will lead to bad publicity for your brand, and you could lose loyal followers — and business — as a result.

Katy Perry may not receive complaints per se, but as a celebrity she does get a lot of hate. Here, she deals with it in a humorous way that's true to her personality:

When it comes to blatantly hateful posts that have no real purpose other than simply to be mean, it’s okay to let it go. Worry about the legitimate problems you can solve and do so in a timely manner. Your followers will respect you for it. 

5. Support other relevant brands. Perry frequently promotes new songs and work from her fellow artists, and that’s something all businesses can learn from. Twitter is a place to branch out and interact with other people and brands. Don’t make your feed all about you — make it a place where you can connect with other businesses relevant to your field, and not only will your followers be impressed, but you could open the door for potential future business partnerships and collaborations, too.

6. Don’t be afraid to take a stand. If there’s something going on in the world that you think is important to your followers or that aligns with your business values, it’s okay to promote causes and take a stand on your Twitter. While Katy typically keeps things light and positive on her feed, she made it a point to tweet about the Ferguson decision, as seen here:

7. Share behind-the-scenes moments. Twitter is a great place to share teasers for new content and products as well as behind-the-scenes photos and videos. Word travels fast on social media, so if you want to get people buzzing about what goes on in the background or upcoming projects you’re working on, tweet about it! Perry frequently shares tweets and Instagram posts (connected to her Twitter) that do just that. 

In this tweet, Perry shared a backstage teaser video from her tour while her tour was on break for the holidays.

8. Promote your content in a relatable way. Sure, you could post a serious tweet with a link to your latest product or tweet out an article with just the headline as your text, but finding more personable and creative ways to market your brand can really help you increase engagement and gain more followers. People are more likely to click through if your tweets pique their interest.

Katy doesn’t just share her latest CoverGirl commercial or newest music video without putting her personality into it. Here she shares her ESPN Magazine cover in her own fun way:

9. Share interesting content (that’s not yours). This goes along with supporting your fellow brands. Don’t just promote your own content on your feed. Share fun, interesting and relevant content from other Twitter users and websites. Perry is no stranger to retweeting articles from websites like BuzzFeed, and she frequently retweets funny posts from other celebrities and popular Twitter users. Doing so makes your Twitter feed more diverse and shows that you’re paying attention to what’s going on on the Web — not just what’s going on in your own business.

10. Be inspiring. When she’s not promoting her latest music video, cracking jokes or sharing selfies in her Cheeto costume, Perry can often be found posting inspirational tweets. Sometimes these posts are famous quotes from big thinkers, and other times they’re simply her thoughts. In any case, her Twitter only benefits from the positivity — her fans feel uplifted and motivated, and all of that leads to more engagement.  

Take a page from Katy’s book and keep your brand’s Twitter light, fun and positive so your followers keep coming back for more.

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Brittney Morgan
Brittney Morgan
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