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5 Desktop Apps to Help Run Your Business Better

Brittney Morgan
Brittney Morgan

Want to simplify your tasks and increase productivity and collaboration in your business without ever leaving your laptop? There's an app for that.

From keeping your data more secure to helping you train your employees remotely, desktop apps can turn your computer into an incredibly effective business tool with just a quick download, often for free. And many desktop apps integrate easily with mobile apps and the cloud, helping you take your work with you wherever you go. [Top 6 Chrome Apps for Business]

These five desktop apps can make running your business or doing your job a little bit easier, no matter what industry you're in.


This note-taking app combines the ability to record audio with the capacity to type and hand write notes, sketch out ideas and concepts, and take photos. Featuring iCloud support, Notability allows you to access your notes across your Apple devices. You can also organize your notes by subject and automatically back them up to Dropbox or Google Drive.

While the app may seem perfectly tailored to college students attending lectures, it can come in handy for your business, too. Notability is perfect for annotating slideshows, meeting agendas and important PDFs; can simplify filling out and signing forms; and allows you to mark up photos, schematics, maps and more. You can also easily share your notes with colleagues via email and the cloud.

The app, which was previously only available on iPhone and iPad devices, was just released last week (Aug. 28) in the Mac App Store and is already at No. 1 for Top Paid apps. Notability is available to download for $9.99.

TechSmith Snagit

If you have employees who work from home or who travel a lot while working, TechSmith Snagit should be at the top of your download list. Snagit is a Google Chrome desktop app that allows you to record your screen, take screen captures, and edit and share images.

With Snagit, you can train employees remotely and provide feedback by creating and marking up images and videos to explain what you mean. The app also encourages collaboration and teamwork. And with Google Drive integration, you can view, mark up and manage your captures on the go.

TechSmith Snagit is available for download free in the Google Chrome Web Store.

Gliffy Diagrams

Does your job require you to invest a lot of your time in creating presentations or charts? Gliffy Diagrams is a Google Chrome desktop app that can make the process a little easier. The app, which also works offline, helps users create professional-looking flowcharts and diagrams for use in presentations, Web pages and more.

Gliffy features an easy to use interface; snap-to-grid, drawing guides, shape alignment and distribution tools; hundreds of industry shapes, arrows and icons to choose from; and more. It's great for anything from basic drawing to site maps, floor plans and creating a Business Process Model (BPM).

Gliffy is free and available for download in the Google Chrome Web Store.

Watermark Plus

Watermark Plus is a great app for businesses that use photography. Available on Mac devices, is app is a bulk photo converter that allows you to resize and rename many photos at a time, as well as add your watermark in either text or image form.

The app has some interesting key features, like its "smart fit" option, which adapts your watermark to different photo sizes, and real-time previews, which allow you to see your photos before you convert them. You can also add several watermarks at once and combine and arrange them however you'd like, in addition to adjusting layering and opacity. And Watermark Plus supports all image file-formats, including JPEG, TIFF, BMP and PNG.

You can download Watermark Plus in the Mac App Store for $4.99.


If you find yourself frequently sending private information to your colleagues, Lockify is a great way to keep things secure. This Google Chrome desktop app gives you the ability to send and share private and confidential information in the form of a link that can be shared via email, SMS, chat and instant messaging platforms, and more.

With Lockify, the information you're sharing is encrypted and sent to the server via a link that you can share with whomever you like. The app features multiple layers of encryption so that your message never enters the cloud, and you can have recipients of your information authenticate their identities via email or Twitter, or by plugging in a password or security question response. The data is then deleted from Lockify's server after either one viewing or three days (whichever comes first). You can also track your links and get notified via email when they're accessed or when they expire, and customize your links' expiration limits.

Lockify is available for free in the Google Chrome Web Store.

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Brittney Morgan
Brittney Morgan
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