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Best Chrome Extensions for Work (2018)

Mona Bushnell
Mona Bushnell

Google Chrome is the most dominant web browser out there, and with thousands of optional extensions to make the online experience more customized and convenient, it's easy to understand why. You can browse available extensions through the Chrome web store, but unless you're looking for an add-on to a product you already use (like Evernote Web Clipper or Office Online) the sheer variety of extension options can be overwhelming.

We examined the most used, talked about and recommended Chrome extensions for work use and compiled a list of our favorites for 2018.

Credit: AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate

It's pretty easy to guess what AdBlocker Ultimate does. This free extension allows users to eliminate ads on websites (including YouTube commercials) and browse freely without distraction or tracking. AdBlocker Ultimate also blocks domains that are suspicious or known malware.

Credit: Nimbus Capture

Nimbus Capture

There are lots of screenshot extensions out there, but Nimbus Capture not only allows users to capture and edit screenshots (full or partial), but also record screencasts or other videos (including webcam video and embedded videos) directly from your screen. Users can easily share saved screencasts on YouTube or Google Drive, but that requires a Premium membership. Luckily, the basic extension is free.

Credit: Kami


Kami is a handy PDF and document markup extension that runs offline and works with other Google products (like Google Drive and Google Classroom). Kami offers users lots of options for adding comments, highlighting text, drawing and editing, and the basic version is free.

Credit: PixelBlock


If you receive lots of promotional and sales emails, or if you just want to lock down your Gmail privacy, give PixelBlock a try. This free extension alerts you when someone is attempting to track an email you're reading (by displaying a small red eye icon) and automatically blocks the attempt.

Credit: Todoist


Perfect for multitasking entrepreneurs, Todoist is a fantastic app that lets you collaborate with team members, keep track of projects, manage deadlines, share and delegate tasks, save websites, access tasks offline and set SMS reminders and push notifications straight from your browser. Todoist also integrates with mobile devices and calendar apps, such as iCalendar, so it's accessible even when you're not on your computer. 

Credit: Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot is a well-named extension that makes it easy to capture full-page and partial page screenshots, blur sensitive information, record screen as video, annotate images and share what you capture via Google Drive. This free extension is a must-have for business users who frequently need to save and share info from website, video chats and webcasts.

Credit: Social Blade

Social Blade

If growing your social media influence (or tracking the competition) is a major part of your job, the Social Blade extension might just save you time and give you valuable insights. Social Blade allows users to track stats and growth across social media sites, and the extension automatically displays stats for videos and posts you consume (without having to click away from YouTube, Twitter, Instagram or TwitchTV).

Credit: Momentum


While it's not strictly a business extension, Momentum earned a place on our list because it's a great way to motivate yourself, stay focused and make your browsing experience a little softer and more personal. Momentum allows users to design their own dashboard, complete with inspirational quotes, calming imagery, to-do lists, reminders, focus times, local weather and more. The productivity dashboard can be accessed when you open a new tab, and while it may sound silly, lots of productivity pros (including Tim Ferriss) swear by it.

Credit: OneTab


If you regularly have a couple dozen tabs open at a time, you're overdue for an extension such as OneTab. Having lots of tabs open slows down your machine's performance, but with a click OneTab aggregates the URLs of every open tab into a list, which not only speeds up your computer (since less memory is being used) but also makes it way easier to see the links you need.

Credit: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

This extension from LinkedIn is great for lead development, and the free version (there is a Premium subscription available as well) is surprisingly valuable. With the free version, users can do things like view LinkedIn profile data for contacts directly in Gmail and view shared connections, experiences and interests.  LinkedIn Sales Navigator also lets users hover over email addresses and view LinkedIn profile information directly in Gmail.

Credit: Grammarly


Grammarly is a wildly popular Chrome extension that automatically underlines errors (spelling, word choice and grammar) as you type, and offers corrected suggestions. The free extension brings the power of Grammarly to everything you type online, from Gmail to social media, making it a great app for workers across all industries.

Credit: DocuSign


DocuSign is a free no-brainer extension that makes managing digital signatures super easy. With DocuSign users can add signatures to emails (in Gmail) and PDFs and send documents that require signatures. This extension is ideal for businesses with lot of internal or external contracts.

Credit: Honey


Technically, Honey isn't a business extension so much as a shopping extension, but the savings Honey users have access to makes it a must-have for business and personal shopping. When Honey users shop online, the extension automatically checks the internet for available coupon codes and enters any valid codes in the checkout field for you; there's really no downside.

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Mona Bushnell
Mona Bushnell
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