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5 Top Presentation Apps for Android

Anna Attkisson
Anna Attkisson

A good business presentation may be the quickest, most concise way for you to present a lot of information to your clients. And by combining your Android smartphone or tablet with the right apps, you can ensure you'll always have access to your presentations when you need them. Some apps even let you create and edit slideshows from scratch, right on your mobile device. When it's time to present to an audience, just hook your device up to a monitor and go. But picking the Android presentation app that's right for you depends on your individual needs. Read on to learn about five of the best.

MightyMeeting (Free)

MightyMeeting is a powerful presentation-sharing tool for Android tablets. To use it, first create a PowerPoint presentation on your desktop PC, then use the MightyMeeting app to upload it to the cloud. Once it's online, your colleagues or employees can join a virtual meeting to view your presentation from anywhere — whether they're in the same room with you, or they're halfway around the world. Viewers can watch your presentation, then discuss and share slides of their own. You can even open up an interactive whiteboard to share notes, diagrams and sketches. Once your meeting is done, the presenter can send out the full presentation as a PDF document for later review.

Microsoft PowerPoint (Free)

With Microsoft's familiar PowerPoint app, you can create, edit, view and share presentations in a snap. You can collaborate with others and track those changes. Presentation view is accessible on any device, making it easier to create appealing slideshows that wow your audience and impress your boss. If you have Office 365, your presentations can be synced across several devices.

PowerPoint Keynote Remote (Free)

PowerPoint Keynote Remote turns your smartphone into a smart remote for PowerPoint and Keynote presentations. It uses Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to connect your phone and computer, then lets you use your phone to control your slideshow. You can advance slides by swiping or tapping up and down on the volume rocker, or quickly jump to a specific slide with one tap. It lets you preview which slide is coming next so you can organize your thoughts, and gives you private access to your notes for each slide to keep the presentation moving along. The app also lets you use your finger as a virtual laser pointer to highlight specific words or images in your slideshow. PowerPoint Keynote Remote is compatible with Macs and Windows PCs.

Google Slides (Free)

For G Suite lovers, Google Slides is the app to get for Android presentations. It lets you create, edit, view and share presentations. You can present straight from your smartphone or tablet, either connected to a monitor or through a scheduled video call. It can even open, edit and save PowerPoint files.

Presentation Timer Pro ($1.99)

A good presentation is concise and to the point, and doesn't waste valuable meeting time. That's why an app such as Presentation Timer Pro could come a handy. The app can turn your smartphone into a handy timer to tell you how much time you have left to finish your presentation, and it automatically silences your phone during your presentation time to ensure you won't be interrupted. To use the app, just tell it how long your presentation should be and set your smartphone where you can see it. It will display a countdown of the remaining time, the current time and a graphical depiction of your progress. That way you can speed up when you're lagging behind, or slow down for a more in-depth presentation if you have a bit of extra time.

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Anna Attkisson
Anna Attkisson
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