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AdvancedMD Practice Management Review

Adam Uzialko
Adam Uzialko

After conducting our 2020 research and analysis of practice management software, we recommend AdvancedMD as the best all-in-one practice management software.

AdvancedMD Practice Management

AdvancedMD Practice Management

The Best Medical Practice Management Software of 2020

The Verdict

AdvancedMD offers practice management software that offers all the features needed for a medical practice's front and back offices. AdvancedMD is competitively priced at $729 per month.

We chose AdvancedMD from a pool of dozens of practice management software programs. To learn about our full methodology and for a more comprehensive list of practice management solutions, see Business News Daily's best picks.

Medical practice management software is essential to the administrative functions of a modern medical practice, particularly when it comes to scheduling and billing. Of course, to adequately perform these tasks, medical practice management software must seamlessly communicate with a practice's electronic medical records (EMR) system. For example, practice management software's billing tools are far more useful when leveraging clinical data captured during the patient encounter and stored in the EMR system. When EMR systems and practice management software communicate effectively, medical practices win.

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We chose AdvancedMD as the best all-in-one medical practice management software because it combines comprehensive EMR and practice management functions into one system. While many vendors offer an integrated EMR and practice management system, AdvancedMD is the most comprehensive and effective we reviewed. AdvancedMD is priced above average for the software products we reviewed, but the cost includes access to a wide range of features and an extensive reporting module. AdvancedMD is also the only company we reviewed to guarantee in writing a minimum first-pass claims rate of 95%, which means claims scrubbed through AdvancedMD's system will be successfully accepted by payers on the first submission 95% of the time.

Ease of Use

AdvancedMD is one of the most comprehensive pieces of medical practice management software we encountered in our research. As a result, it is not always easy to navigate and can take some time for new users to become familiar with it. However, the user interface is well organized and modern, making it easy enough to identify the tools at your disposal. AdvancedMD also offers multiple avenues to complete most tasks on the system, encouraging users to develop processes that best suit their personal preferences and workflows. While AdvancedMD's learning curve is somewhat steep, guided training from the company during the implementation phase can help. However, that does represent an additional cost beyond the subscription price of the software.

When you start out with AdvancedMD, it could take some time for your staff to ramp up its usage. You might experience some slowdowns at first, but as users become more proficient, the timesaving power of AdvancedMD will be evident. In case your staff members need a refresher or want to look up how to do something on AdvancedMD once training has concluded, the company maintains written how-to guides and videos on its website.

Don't let the learning curve intimidate you. If you want powerful, comprehensive practice management software integrated with an equally impressive EMR system, AdvancedMD is a great option for you. The trade-off is that learning the ins and outs of the system is a bit more difficult than it is for simpler systems.


AdvancedMD stands out with its scope of features. These are some of its most useful tools.


The dashboard is the central point from which you navigate the software. It offers a customizable overview of practice performance and outstanding tasks. The dashboard can be configured to each individual user and features access to both administrative and clinical data, provided the user has permission to access that data.

AdvancedMD incorporates a feature known as "donut filters" to offer information about various performance indicators at a glance. Named for their circular shape, donut filters are essentially visualizations of specific data or tasks. For example, clicking on the messages donut filter brings up your inbox, while the HealthWatcher donut allows you to review patients who require recurring visits, perhaps for a chronic condition. Through the HealthWatcher donut, you can also set recurring appointments, take additional notes about the patient, and send out automated appointment reminders by email, text or phone.


AdvancedMD's appointment scheduler is very easy to use and color-coded for quick reference. On the left-hand side of the screen, you can select the locations and providers you would like to view on the calendar. The providers and/or locations will appear in columns across the calendar. You can set the calendar to daily, weekly or monthly view, and different appointment types can be color-coded by user preference. Additional filters can be customized and added to the system during the implementation phase if your practice requires them.

Setting a new appointment is as simple as clicking in an open time slot under the appropriate provider or location. You can select an existing patient or register a new one without leaving the scheduler. You can select the location, provider and appointment type. To reschedule appointments, you simply drag and drop them to an open time slot. You can also run batch or individual insurance eligibility verification checks to ensure your patients are still covered prior to their visit. On the provider side, you can view a daily snapshot that shows you which appointments are assigned to you in which locations.

For a quick view of patient information, you simply hover over a patient's name on the calendar view. A pop-up box will display the patient's name, address, insurance and more. You can also review any notes associated with recent appointments and information about the patient's upcoming appointment. AdvancedMD's waitlist feature allows staff to set time slots to automatically fill based on patient preference in the event of a cancellation or reschedule.


AdvancedMD's billing module allows staff to effectively manage the revenue cycle of your medical practice, efficiently create and code claims, and, ideally, capture more money from payers. AdvancedMD integrates with Waystar and TriZetto clearinghouses, the fees for which are included in the subscription price of the software.

AdvancedMD maintains a complete ICD-10 diagnosis code library as well as a library of CPT codes. When a provider signs a clinical note in the EMR system, charges are automatically posted to the billing module. When billing in-house, medical billers can review the charges and the coding to ensure they are correct. After making any necessary revisions, they can put the claims through AdvancedMD's scrubbing tool and submit them to payers through the partner clearinghouses. Billers can also manage denied or rejected claims in the practice management software, along with any relevant communications from payers.

AdvancedMD also integrates with credit card processors to enable copays and payments of outstanding balances.


AdvancedMD's advanced reporting module grants data-driven insights into your practice's performance and patients' clinical data. The full reporting module is called AdvancedInsight.

Specifically related to the practice management software is the reporting module's financial dashboard, which shows details about claims generated, claims paid, days in accounts receivable and more. Like most dashboards in AdvancedMD, the financial dashboard is highly customizable and can be configured to show the most useful widgets on an individual user basis. The data is packaged in color-coded visualizations, such as bar graphs and pie charts, making it digestible at a glance. You can also create custom reports and set them to run on a recurring basis, meaning they will be consistently delivered to your inbox on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

Pricing and Fees

AdvancedMD has one of the most flexible pricing packages we encountered during our review of medical practice management software. Like most vendors, the company charges a monthly per-provider subscription rate, but it also gives the option of a per-encounter rate that is more suitable for small, low-volume practices.

AdvancedMD's medical practice management software can be purchased as a stand-alone application for $429 per provider per month. For access to the integrated practice management software and EMR system, the subscription rate is $729 per provider per month. If you choose to go with the per-encounter pricing model, you can expect to pay $1.42 per encounter for the stand-alone practice management system. The integrated EMR system and practice management software would cost $2.18 per encounter.

As another option, AdvancedMD includes the integrated EMR system and practice management software for free with its revenue cycle management services. Revenue cycle management refers to outsourced medical billing services, which cost a percentage of your practice's net monthly collections. When you sign up for AdvancedMD's billing services, you receive full access to its healthcare IT suite. The percentage you pay depends on your claims volume, claims value and the complexity of your billing needs. AdvancedMD medical billers will operate directly within your practice management software, granting you full, real-time transparency into their operations.

AdvancedMD charges extra fees for these features:

  • Advanced Patient Pro (patient portal, appointment reminders, etc.) $150 per provider
  • Advanced insights and benchmarking  $79 per provider
  • Telemedicine  $30 per provider plus $5 per encounter, or $150 per provider unlimited
  • Integrated fax  $29 per provider for 2,000 pages per month
  • Electronic prescriptions for controlled substances (EPCS)  $25 per provider
  • Reputation management  $49 per provider

Some of these features come standard with other practice management software or EMR systems we reviewed, so be sure to consider them in your comparisons when researching the market if you need any of these functions.

Implementation and Training

AdvancedMD offers several implementation packages, which are an additional cost to the monthly subscription. That means you'll have to make a significant investment to get the system up and running, especially if you purchase the integrated practice management software and EHR system. However, this is common within the industry, and AdvancedMD gives its clients options in service level and pricing for implementation. These are the three tiers of implementation:

  • Tier 1 – Limited ($1,995): This package includes application configuration and two hours of product training. Your practice is responsible for the configuration review and project management. This option is intended for a small practice with experienced staff who are content to rely heavily on webinar training.

  • Tier 2 – Standard ($2,995): This tier adds two more hours of training and shifts project management and configuration review responsibilities to AdvancedMD. It includes a training tracker, a comprehensive video training library, help materials, an onboarding webinar series, an implementation phone line, a partner interface collaboration, post-utilization follow-ups and a dedicated implementation consultant.

  • Tier 3 – Comprehensive ($3,995): The final package adds full application configuration and review, with 12 hours of product training. This is recommended for practices implementing a fully custom system that need time to learn how to navigate the software and integrate it with their daily operations.

AdvancedMD already maintains integrations with important institutions, including labs like Quest Diagnostics and LabCorp. However, if your preferred labs, pharmacies and hospitals are not automatically able to communicate with your AdvancedMD EHR, the company will extend APIs to do so during the implementation process, as long as you get buy-in from your desired hospital, pharmacy or lab.

Implementation and training takes 8-11 weeks from the time AdvancedMD receives your practice's insurance credentials, so it's important to allot the proper amount of time before your go-live date to ensure the system is fully functional and your staff adequately trained.

Customer Service

Our customer service experience with AdvancedMD was very good. We immediately connected with a representative who walked us through the features in the practice management program. At no time did the representative try to make a hard sell or push us to make any kind of commitment. He quickly followed up after the call with his contact information and some additional details.

AdvancedMD's customer support is included in the subscription price. There is a 24/7 help desk, so you can contact support anytime something goes wrong with the software, which sets AdvancedMD's customer service apart from many other vendors we reviewed. All customer support is in-house and ongoing after your practice completes the implementation process and training.


AdvancedMD's biggest limitation is its cost. While it is not the most expensive solution on the market, it is on the high end of the price range for companies we reviewed. It also charges add-on fees for several features that other systems include in the original subscription cost. Still, if your practice can afford AdvancedMD, it offers a great deal of implementation and technical support as well as excellent customer service. While the price might be prohibitive to some, the software does live up to its costs.

Ready to choose your practice management software? Here's a breakdown of our complete coverage:

Editor's note: Are you looking for medical practice management software that can help your office run more efficiently? Fill out the form below for more information from our vendor partners.


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AdvancedMD Practice Management

AdvancedMD Practice Management

The Best Medical Practice Management Software of 2020

The Verdict

AdvancedMD offers practice management software that offers all the features needed for a medical practice's front and back offices. AdvancedMD is competitively priced at $729 per month.

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