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7 Best Cybersecurity Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

image for Sitthiphong / Getty Images
Sitthiphong / Getty Images

If you're in the IT and cybersecurity field, we've identified seven podcasts that are full of insightful discussions, interviews, and guides on the latest trends and news. From the latest security technology to the rise of new malware, these podcasts are perfect for catching up on the news, gleaning helpful tips, not to mention that they're entertaining to listen to.

Whether you're on your commute, at your desk, or at the gym, press Play on one of these podcasts to stay on top of what's new in the cybersecurity field.

Hosted by renowned cybersecurity researcher and engineer Steve Gibson and tech broadcaster Leo Laporte, this long-running series called "Security Now" has covered a wide variety of topics on cybersecurity since 2005. 

The two discuss the latest news and a specific topic for each episode. Topics include the latest exploits found in software and cybersecurity as it relates to new tech, such as blockchain, VPN security, and hundreds of other subjects. Episodes are two hours long and focus primarily on personal computer security.

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The "Risky Business" podcast and blog is hosted by Australian tech journalist Patrick Gray. Listen as he interviews cybersecurity experts and discusses industry news and trends. Gray talks about the latest data breaches, state-sponsored cybercrime and how politics can affect information security.

Other entertaining topics include recruiting video game hackers for cybersecurity and how to avoid "snake oil" security solutions.

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In the "Defensive Security" podcasts, hosts Jerry Bell and Andrew Kalat discuss and break down the week's cybersecurity headlines, such as recent breaches or popular malware, and how they relate to your own cybersecurity.

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This show's tagline states that it's the security podcast that fills the gap between technical security podcasts and Security Now. Each week cybersecurity experts Andy Willingham, Martin Fisher, and Steve Ragan discuss the importance of information security and evaluate various solutions on the "Southern Fried Security Podcast." The crew covers more basic topics as well as unconventional cybersecurity subjects. 

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A quick and easy way to catch up on cybersecurity headlines, the "SANS Internet Storm Center StormCast" daily podcast is only five minutes long, but it quickly details the newest threats and solutions out there. The bite-sized episodes warn you about new exploits, which programs to avoid and details of important OS patches notes.

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The "IT Pro Show" podcast is hosted by IT professional veterans John and Mike Kresic who discuss varies topics about the IT architecture field. They discuss other topics, including how to embark on a career in the IT field. 

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