Secret Santa Gifts

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It's the most wonderful time of the year — well, almost. The office holiday party is right around the corner, and if your team does a secret gift exchange, you'll want to be prepared for the festivities!

Sometimes, shopping for co-workers can be difficult, so Business News Daily is here to help. We've rounded up 30 fun gifts that won't break the bank, but are guaranteed to put a smile on your officemates faces. The best part? Every item on this list is just $25 or less. Happy hunting!

Monthly planner

Credit: Blue Sky
Help your office stay organized! A weekly or monthly planner is a useful addition to any workspace. Even in the digital age, nothing aids the memory like handwritten notes. Available at Blue Sky ($19.99)

Wine glass charms

Credit: Amazon
If your secret Santa is a wine connoisseur, give them this "charming" little gift. Wine glass charms bring a certain character to every sip; find the right ones to match your co-workers personality! Available at Amazon ($14.99)

Boogie Board eWriters

Credit: Boogie Board
Do you have a co-worker who is always jotting down notes? Help them save some trees with the Boogie Board eWriter, a digital memo-pad that is easily erased and reused over and over again. At Boogie Board ($24.99)

Bright Endeavors candles

Credit: Bright Endeavors
Everybody loves candles, nearly as much as helping others. Bright Endeavors married the two, selling their candles to support young Chicago mothers obtain paid job-training opportunities. One hundred percent of the proceeds benefit Bright Endeavors participants. The company released pumpkin, pine, and citrus scents for the holiday season. At Bright Endeavors ($24.99)

Burt's Bees handcare gift set

Credit: Burt's Bees/Amazon
If your co-workers are always getting mani-pedis or just someone who always has a stick of Burt's Bees in their desk drawer, the Burt's Bees handcare kit is sure to please. The kit includes Almond Milk Hand Cream, Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, Shea Butter Hand Repair Cream and 1 pair of cotton gloves. At Amazon ($12.95)

Cat socks!

Credit: SoxEra/Amazon
For the feline fanatics in your office! These cute graphic socks will proclaim your colleague's love of cats for the entire office to see. Socks are sold in packs of five pairs, so your co-worker can wear a different cat each day of the week. Meow! At Amazon ($10.88)

LAGHCAT Mermaid blanket

Credit: LAGHCAT/Amazon
Whether your gifting an avid fantasy lover or just a big time snuggler, this mermaid-tail blanket will certanly do the trick. After all, who wants their feet sticking out of the bottom of a blanket? Problem solved, and they'll look cool at the same time. At Amazon ($23.88)

VicTsing wireless and waterproof Speakers

Credit: Amazon/VicTsing
For the office music and/or camping enthusiast, this bluetooth speaker combines the best of both worlds. Able to stand up to the outdoor elements (or even just a shower head) the VicTsing wireless and waterproof speaker allows the user to bring music wherever they go. Any co-worker who appreciates music wherever and whenever will be happy to unwrap this gift. At Amazon ($16.99)

Kikkerland magnetic decision maker

Credit: Amazon/Kikkerland
Do you have an indecisive co-worker who is constantly struggling to make decisions? Give them the gift of advice from the Kikkerland magnetic decision maker! It makes a great gag gift for the indecisive people in your life ... or maybe it's actually a useful tool for them. At Amazon. ($10.99)

Desktop dartboard

Credit: Office Playground
Help your co-worker spice up their desk with this desktop dartboard from Office Playground. This gift is a bullseye for any adult children in your office. At Office Playground. ($8.99)

Frolicat Laser Pet Toy

Credit: Amazon/BOLT
Is your secret Santa match a big time feline lover? The Frolicat by BOLT is a great way to entertain the cats (and sometimes even the dogs) without taking up too much of your own time. The small white tower emits a red laser dot that moves in automatic concentric patterns, providing kitty with an uncatchable prey for exercise or play time. At Amazon. ($17.95)

Monogrammed bottle stopper

Credit: Keira's Kloset/Etsy

Any wine lover will certainly appreciate a custom monogrammed bottle stopper. It's both practical and creative, and with several text, frame and color options to choose from, this wine stopper makes a great gift for anyone. If you really want to step it up a notch, include a bottle of wine, too. At Etsy. ($13)

Personal library kit

Credit: KnockKnock

For the literature-loving co-worker who's always lending everyone books, this personal library kit from Knock Knock is a great gift option. Complete with a date stamp and ink pad, 20 self-adhesive packets and matching checkout cards, this is a fun way to keep track of your favorite novels. At Amazon. ($12.05)

Cookie gift box

Cookie gift box, secret santa gift
Credit: Pacific Cookie
When in doubt, food is the answer. Your co-worker will certainly appreciate a sweet treat like these cookie gift boxes from Pacific Cookie. For your gift box, you can choose two different cookie flavors from options like ginger spice, chocolate chip, lemon drop and snickerdoodle (among several others). At Pacific Cookie. ($19.95)

Bike multitool keychain

Bike multitool keychain, secret santa gift
Is your co-worker a cycling enthusiast? This keychain and multitool is the perfect gift for the co-worker who rides his or her bike to work every day or is always talking about taking long rides on the weekend. While it's shaped like a bicycle, it can be used in various ways during an emergency situation and even includes a bottle opener. At ($16.50)

'Tequila Mockingbird' recipe book

'Tequila Mockingbird' recipe book, secret santa gift
Whether your co-worker loves books or drinks, this quirky recipe book from ModCloth is sure to impress. "Tequila Mockingbird" (Running Press, 2013) includes 65 cocktail recipes with literary pun-filled names like the "Gin Eyre," "Gone with the Wine," and "Moby Drink." At ($10.73)

TV memo pad

TV memo pad, secret santa gift
For the co-worker who's always forgetting to write things down, this adorable color- TV memo pad is an inexpensive but useful gift. Shaped like a vintage TV with sticky-notes in six different colors, this memo pad is a fun addition to any desk. At ($9)

Truffle tasting set

Truffle tasting set, secret santa gift
Everyone can appreciate a good piece of chocolate. This six-piece "ultimate dessert" theme truffle tasting set from Godiva features truffles in the following flavors: chocolate éclair, crème brûlée, red velvet cake, chocolate lava cake, tiramisu and strawberry crème tart. At Godiva. ($16)

Ticket stub diary

Ticket stub diary, secret santa gift
Have a co-worker who's constantly going to concerts or games? A ticket stub diary can help him or her keep track of event mementos. This book is made from 100 percent recycled paper and has space to preserve ticket stubs and write comments. At ($12)

Personalized business card holder

Personalized business card holder, secret santa gift
Give your co-worker a simple but classy way to carry and display his or her business cards with a custom business card holder. These maple-and-rosewood business card holders can be engraved with a personal message or name, so this gift is as thoughtful as it is functional. At ($12)

Dinosaur desk organizer

dinosaur desk organizer, secret santa gifts, co-worker gifts
Help your co-worker never miss a memo again with this playful dinosaur desk organizer. Shaped like a Tyrannosaurus rex, this organizer features a spring-loaded mouth to hold memos as well as a space to hold pens. It also comes with a notepad, which can be easily stowed away in the back of the organizer. At ($11)

Smartphone Micro Stand

Smartphone Micro Stand, co-worker gifts, gifts under $20
Credit: Joby
We all have that one co-worker who is always on the phone. This Micro Stand works with any iPhone and most smartphones, giving your phone-obsessed co-worker a more easily accessible place to put his or her device without fear of it falling and breaking. At Amazon. ($16.88)

Vanishing vase

Vanishing vase, co-worker gifts, gifts under $20
Credit: MoMA Store
If your co-worker loves to have fresh flowers in the office, this vanishing vase is a fun and unique way for him or her to show them off. And don't worry, it works even for the clumsiest co-workers — it looks like glass, but it's actually made of durable plastic. At MoMA Store. ($20)

Hand-shaped office organizer

Hand-shaped office organizer, co-worker gifts, gifts under $20
Credit: Vat19
Lend a hand (literally) to your co-worker with this unique desk organizer from Vat19. It features a place to hold all of your colleague's pens and other office supplies as well as a magnetic back that's perfect for storing items like paper clips. At Amazon. ($17.89)

Bourbon marshmallows

Bourbon marshmallows, co-worker gifts, gifts under $20
Credit: Wondermade
These bourbon-infused gourmet marshmallows are guaranteed to be a hit with the recipient, whether your co-worker is a foodie or an alcohol enthusiast. You can get a box of 16 for $7.95. And if you're not sure about the booze, don't worry — you can always go with other flavors like honey pear, pumpkin pie and chai. At Wondermade. ($7.95)

Scrabble coasters

Scrabble coasters, gifts
Credit: Wild and Wolf
Logophiles will love this Scrabble coaster set from Wild and Wolf. The 56 cardboard coasters include two full alphabet sets and come packaged in a decorative tin. If you can persuade the recipient to keep the coasters in his or her desk, you can take over the conference room table and hold an officewide Scrabble tournament. At Amazon ($16.88)

Stylus pen set

Stylus pen set, gifts
Credit: Mobling.
It seems that everyone has a smartphone and tablet these days, and a stylus pen is a great gift for someone who's constantly using a mobile device, especially in the office. Like regular pens, stylus pens are often misplaced — this pack of 11 multicolored pens from Mobling ensures that your co-worker will always have one pen handy.  At Amazon. ($12.99)

Mug warmer

Mug warmer, gifts
Credit: Bed Bath and Beyond.
Do you have co-workers who make their tea or coffee in the morning, only to rush off to a meeting and come back to a cold beverage? With this mug warmer from Mr. Coffee, they won't have to waste time running to the office microwave to heat their drinks. They can plug in the warmer right at their desk and let their mug warm up while they work. At Amazon ($7.99)

Office emergency kit

Office emergency kit, gifts
Credit: Pinch Privisions.
Headaches, chipped nails and stains happen in the office all the time, and yet many workers are unprepared for these little emergencies. With this "Minimergency" kit (targeted to women) in her desk, your co-worker will be ready for anything. This convenient pouch includes pain relievers, hairspray, clear nail polish, a sewing kit, lip balm and more. Don't worry — there's a kit for the men in your office, too. At Pinch Provisions. ($16) Brittney Helmrich also contributed to the reporting and writing in this article

Voodoo Notepad

Credit: Amazon/Knock Knock
Let's face it: Work is stressful. This voodoo doll notepad from is a cute gag gift for the co-worker who's always complaining. Plus, you're almost guaranteed to be hex-free for being so thoughtful. At Amazon. ($7.40)

Apple Cider Caramels

Credit: Lake Champlain Chocolates
Chocolates have always been a popular holiday gift. If you want to try something different from the standard truffles or molded chocolate, give your co-worker these apple cider-infused caramels from Lake Champlain Chocolates. This seven-piece gift set of milk-chocolate-covered caramels is made with Vermont-brewed Citizen Cider and Happy Valley Orchard apples. At Lake Champlain Chocolates. ($13.75)

Engraved luggage tags

Credit: Pottery Barn
If you have co-workers who are constantly going on business trips, these engraved luggage tags will help them easily keep track of their suitcases at the baggage claim. The silver-plated tags with leather straps are more durable than paper or cardboard tags, and your colleague will surely appreciate the personalized engraving. At Pottery Barn. ($12)

Gift card

Credit: Pixel Embargo/Shutterstock
Of course, there's always the gift card. What if your secret Santa is a co-worker you just don't know very well? You wouldn't want to risk getting them something they wouldn't like very much. For that instance, there's always the no holds barred prepaid gift card. Additional reporting by Brittney Morgan (Helmrich).