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The Only Resume Cheat Sheet You Will Ever Need

The Only Resume Cheat Sheet You Will Ever Need
Credit: schatzie/Shutterstock

Creating a resume might be more complicated than you think. Every detail, from font type to layout, will be judged by potential employers. It's crucial to perfect this document before applying to a job. This infographic contains everything you need to know about producing an impressive resume.

Credit: Anita Rahman

Need some more guidance? Here's a breakdown of some important elements you should (and shouldn't) include on your resume, as well as a few dos and don'ts:

Communication:  writes clearly and concisely, speaks effectively, listens attentively, openly expresses ideas, negotiates/resolves differences, leads group discussions, provides feedback, persuades others, provides well-thought out solutions, gathers appropriate information, confidently speaks in public

Interpersonal Skills:  works well with others, sensitive, supportive, motivates others, shares credit, counsels, cooperates, delegates effectively, represents others, understands feelings, self-confident, accepts responsibility

Research and Planning:  forecasts/predicts, creates ideas, identifies problems, meets goals, identifies resources, gathers information, solves problems, defines needs, analyzes issues, develops strategies, assesses situations

Organizational Skills:  handles details, coordinates tasks, punctual, manages projects effectively, meets deadlines, sets goals, keeps control over budget, plans and arranges activities, multi-tasks

Management Skills:  leads groups, teaches/trains/instructs, counsels/coaches, manages conflict, delegates responsibility, makes decisions, directs others, implements decisions, enforces policies, takes charge.

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  • Influenced
  • Invented
  • Guided
  • Ordered
  • Trained

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  • Cliche buzzwords (responsible for, dynamic, results-driven, etc.)
  • References Available Upon Request
  • GPA

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  • Arial
  • Calibri
  • Century Old Style

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  • Write a "career snapshot" summary
  • Watch your keywords
  • Go beyond your job tasks

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  • Including an objective
  • Making it too obvious
  • Providing outdated contact information
  • Using poor formatting

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