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How to Post a Job on LinkedIn: 3 Steps to Finding the Right Employee

How to Post a Job on LinkedIn: 3 Steps to Finding the Right Employee
How to recruit great hires on LinkedIn. / Credit: Recruitment image via Shutterstock

Looking to hire? You can post job listings on job search websites and wait for job applicants to come to you. Chances are, you'll end up with tens or even hundreds of applicants, giving you a wide pool of qualified, unqualified and irrelevant job seekers from which to choose. Or you can save your inbox — and yourself — from résumé and spam overload by looking for the perfect candidates yourself.

Whether you are looking for an entry-level recent college graduate or an established professional, LinkedIn's recruiter tools and advanced search features can help you find the perfect candidates in far less time than wading through digital piles of cover letters and résumés. As the most popular professional social network with more than 250 million members, LinkedIn is a treasure trove of qualified job candidates that can help grow your small business. [What is LinkedIn?]

There are several ways to recruit employees on LinkedIn. One way is to join a LinkedIn group for job seekers and spread the word. Another way is to upgrade to one of LinkedIn's Premium Recruiter accounts, which gives members access to advanced tools like enhanced filters, search alerts and InMail Messages for contacting prospects. Businesses can also post highly targeted LinkedIn job ads, such that only the most qualified candidates will apply.

Joining a LinkedIn Group to find job seekers is easy:

  1. Find a group using the search bar on top of any LinkedIn page. Use general keywords, like "job seekers" or "job hunters," focus on your industry with keywords like "IT jobs" or "creative jobs," or filter by location, like "New York jobs" or "San Francisco jobs."
  2. Post your job opening in a discussion thread. Include the job description and contact preferences. Keep an eye on the thread for additional replies.

Upgrading to a Premium Recruiter account gives employers the tools they need to search for and contact the best talent for their business. Here's how:

  1. From your profile or the LinkedIn homepage, click on the Upgrade button on the upper right corner.
  2. Click on the For Recruiters tab. Choose a plan and pay with your credit card.
  3. Once your account has been upgraded, you will have access to recruiter tools such as prospect tracking, candidate organization, full network and out-of-network visibility, team collaboration, premium search — including advanced filters and search alerts — and InMail, LinkedIn's direct messaging feature that lets users contact any LinkedIn member without needing a connection, introduction and contact information.

Unlike posting job openings on major job search websites, such as Craigslist, CareerBuilder, Monster and Indeed, LinkedIn's job boards do a great job of automatically filtering out unqualified candidates. Instead of job postings being visible to just anyone, they are automatically matched with targeted members. LinkedIn Jobs also gives employers access to real time analytics and applicant profiles and connections.

Employers can post a job openings on LinkedIn Jobs in three steps:

  1. From your profile or the LinkedIn homepage, click on the Jobs button located on the top navigation menu. Click on the Post a Job button on the top right sidebar.
  2. Fill out the job posting form. Enter your company and job opening information. Target members by entering your desired skills and expertise, then indicate how you'd like members to apply. Choose the job location and select a pricing plan.
  3. Click Continue to enter your billing information and proceed with the posting. You can also Preview the posting or Save as a Draft for later.

Employers using LinkedIn Jobs can also sponsor their job postings, which features the job ads to targeted audiences on sidebars and via email.