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20 LinkedIn Groups Every Entrepreneur Should Belong To

Julianna Lopez
Julianna Lopez

If you're a working professional, there's a good chance you're on LinkedIn, a social media network used to connect with industry experts, highlight your professional successes, find new job opportunities, and join groups with like-minded professionals.

LinkedIn's groups are one of the most overlooked tools the site has to offer. If you're an entrepreneur, these groups can be an invaluable and inexhaustible resource to help you improve and grow your business. Here are 20 LinkedIn groups all entrepreneurs should consider joining.

1. Executive Suite

This group is all about connecting executives so they can share advice on leadership, decision-making and more. As a member, you'll join more than 321,000 others and gain access to their web-series, discussion boards and practical advice.

2. A Startup Specialists Group

With more than 281,000 members, this group, catering to startups, mentors, founders and investors, is a great resource for entrepreneurs. Here you'll find support, tips for building your business, crowd funding, best business practices, networking and so much more.

3. Band of Entrepreneurs

This "non-profit organization of, by, and for entrepreneurs" group has close to 27,000 members and provides support on topics like legal help, human resources, public relations, technology and more.

4. Bright Ideas & Entrepreneurs

This group facilitates discussions between entrepreneurs all over the world. With more than 22,000 members, this group invites you to share ideas and connect with other likeminded professionals.

5. Digital Marketing

The 1.1 million members of this group discuss areas of the digital marketing landscape, including social media marketing, mobile marketing, search engine marketing, online advertising and more. It also provides updates to industry reports and white papers to keep members abreast of trends, innovations and best digital marketing practices as well as organizes social and networking events and conferences.

6. Entrepreneurs Meet Investors

With almost 5,500 members, this group is great for entrepreneurs seeking startup funding or for more established businesses in need of capital for further growth.

7. Entrepreneur's Network

Founded in 2008, this group with nearly 46,000 members aims to connect current and aspiring entrepreneurs to find answers, ask questions and connect with similar professionals.

If you're looking to connect with fellow trend hunters and visionaries in a variety of industries, such as marketing, consumer insights, strategic planning and trend tracking, then this group is for you. Join the more than 500,000 members and start sharing your ideas.

9. Leadership Think Tank

Committed to collaborating for the improvement of leadership, this group, with more than 263,000 members, aims to identify the relationship between leaders and followers through open discussions about leadership concepts and practices.

10. On Startups

This group of more than 644,000 members gives entrepreneurs the chance to discuss marketing, sales, finance, operations, recruiting and other startup-related topics.

11. Private Equity, M&A, and Venture Capital Investments

This community of "private equity, mergers and acquisitions, and venture capital professionals" is perfect for entrepreneurs seeking to learn more about funding and to discuss best practices, articles, books, events and deal flow from more than 272,000 members.

12. Social Media Marketing

With 1.8 million members and 20 subgroups, this group has dubbed itself the largest and most active social media marketing group on LinkedIn. Moderated by industry experts, members join interactive discussions about social media marketing, non-profits, etc.

13. Start-Up Phase Forum

This community of more than 18,900 members provides information and support to entrepreneurs and small business owners in the startup phase. Topics range from marketing, recruiting and financing to telecommuting ideas, slogans and branding.

14. Linked Business

The almost 11,000 members of this group come together to discuss difficulties small businesses face, gain perspective and share their experiences.

15. COSE (Council of Smaller Enterprises)

Based in Chicago, this group of nearly 2,300 members aims to provide support to organizations and small businesses. COSE fights for small business owners' rights and provides a forum for small business owners to connect with and learn from each other.

16. Entrepreneur & Small Business Forum

With almost 49,000 members, this group connects entrepreneurs who are "focused on growing, building and scaling" their business. Moderated by "Growth Architect" Beate Chelette, the group provides active support for its members with tips and resources.

17. Startup Mastermind

This group, boasting more than 5,800 members, is "dedicated to providing networking opportunities and collaboration among startup founders, founding team members, and startup advisors."

18. Small Business Evolution

Approaching 26,000 members, this group of experienced professionals is ready to discuss the latest business trends and share tips to help make your business more successful.

19. Entrepreneurs HQ

This group of more than 162,000 members is a network for entrepreneurs, founders, and small business owners to find possible financial backing and share ideas and advice about web design, SEO, SEM and other marketing strategy and tips.

20. Digital Marketing: Social Media, Search, Mobile & More

With more than 405,000 members, this group is for professionals in all sectors of marketing, PR and advertising to come together to share strategies, advice and tips with each other. 

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Julianna Lopez
Julianna Lopez
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