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Updated Sep 25, 2023

Splashtop Review

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Jeff Hale, Business Operations Insider and Senior Analyst
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Editor Reviewed
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Table of Contents

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Editors Score:9.6/10
Simple, secure, and cost-effective, Splashtop is the best remote computer access solution for small businesses with teams that split their work time between home and the office.
Plus Sign Pros
  • Splashtop supports all major operating systems and devices, along with a variety of accessories that connect to your devices, so you can work smoothly whether in or out of the office.
  • Splashtop can handle demanding graphics with up to 60 fps.
  • Splashtop keeps data safe with stringent security measures.
Minus Sign Cons
  • Most Splashtop plans require an annual billing commitment.
  • You have to install Splashtop software on both devices to establish a remote connection.
  • You'll find limitations when controlling a device from a Linux machine.

Looking for more options?

For more options, check out the rest of Business News Daily's picks for The Remote PC Access Software: Our Top Picks for Small Businesses.

  • Splashtop is an affordable and reliable solution for remote access for small businesses and independent contractors.
  • Splashtop allows multiple users to access the same unattended remote computer and work simultaneously.
  • Splashtop prioritizes security with breach prevention and 24/7 intrusion detection.
  • This review is for small business owners who are considering using remote access software.

The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped how many professionals work, with millions of employees transitioning to full-time remote work from home or a hybrid schedule. Supporting these employees requires a secure, reliable and fast connection to unattended or shared office computers. Splashtop’s range of available service plans and features make it a suitable solution for accessing your computer to grab a quick file, print a secure document or use a piece of licensed software for hours at a time. Splashtop’s plans are priced competitively, with an easy-to-use remote desktop tool that supports high-definition video and sound as well as multimonitor view and multiuser access to ensure efficient work is possible from anywhere.

Splashtop Editor's Rating:

9.6 / 10

Ease of use

Why Splashtop Is Best for Hybrid-Remote Access

Whether working in a company office or home office, or on a hybrid schedule, there’s no doubt modern business requires high-speed computer performance. In particular, many creative and media industries utilize demanding graphic design and video processing programs to properly execute their roles, with employees who are constantly switching between devices and operating systems. Splashtop serves these needs perfectly by being among the best remote access solutions in terms of frames per second (fps) and compatibility, with support for all major operating systems and many remote systems as well.

Splashtop remote access

Use Splashtop to access your remote computers and devices easily, quickly and securely with a few clicks. Credit: Splashtop

Splashtop customers can also enjoy a seamless stylus-and-pen tablet experience during remote sessions. Along with a multimonitor view, this feature makes it much easier for creative professionals to recreate their office computer setup from home to work productively when out of the office. Splashtop also provides HD-quality streaming and sound with the ability to remotely use USB devices with minimal lag. All of these features are absolutely imperative for anyone who works remotely in post-production, video editing or game development.

using a stylus with Splashtop

Working with a stylus during a remote session is simple with Splashtop’s support for devices and accessories. Credit: Splashtop

If device and operating system compatibility is a high priority, consider Zoho Assist, as it supports even Raspberry Pi devices. Get all the details in our Zoho Assist review.

Splashtop’s compatibility is vast, allowing you to access Windows, Mac and Linux computers from Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome browser/Chromebook devices. Splashtop also supports a long list of virtual machines, including AWS, Azure, Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and Windows. All of your remote session data is protected with two-factor authentication and AES 265-bit encryption, alongside auto-screen lock, screen blanking and antivirus program integrations so you never have to worry about cybersecurity. You can also set remote connection notifications to inform you and your team of any new remote computer sessions.

Key TakeawayKey takeaway
Unlike most remote access tools, you'll need to complete two separate software installations – one on each device – to establish a remote connection via Splashtop.


Getting started with Splashtop is simple and straightforward, regardless of your level of computer or IT experience. You simply download and install the streamer application and business applications on all of the devices you’re going to use to establish connections and adjust a few security permissions along the way. The software does an excellent job walking you through the entire installation process, which doesn’t require the support of an in-house IT team.

With secure performance-focused features, Splashtop allows users to perform a variety of tasks at the same time, like accessing both audio and multimonitor navigation, drawing with a whiteboard during a shared connection, or transferring files while on a call. Everything from connecting to a registered device to drag-and-drop file transfer and remote printing feels intuitive thanks to the system’s simple dashboard and navigational tools.

Transfer files with Splashtop

You can seamlessly transfer files between devices with easy-to-navigate features and tools. Credit: Splashtop

Splashtop Features

PerformanceEnjoy up to 60 fps in 1080p and up to 30 fps in 4K resolution for Windows machines.
CompatibilityConnect to every major operating system, mobile devices and many virtual machines.
SecurityA full range of encryption and protection tools keeps sensitive data secure.
Two users on one computerGrant two members of a team simultaneous access to a computer.


We liked that Splashtop is designed for high-performance use. According to the provider’s lab data, Splashtop can support up to 60 fps in 1080p and 30 fps in 4K resolution for Windows. When operating on a Mac machine, Splashtop can support up to 30 fps in 1080p and 15 fps in 4K resolution. The only other major remote access software provider to offer similar levels of performance is RemotePC. Both vendors are an excellent choice if you regularly work on high-definition media, including remote graphic design and video production work. Learn more in our full review of RemotePC.


As with most remote access solutions, Splashtop is compatible with all major computer operating systems. That means you can access any configured Windows, Mac and Linux computers from any of your Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chrome browser/Chromebook devices. What sets Splashtop’s compatibility apart is its support for virtual machines and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), including AWS, Azure, Citrix, Microsoft, VMware and Windows. As long as the Splashtop Business app is installed on both devices, you’ll be able to access any machine. [Check out these free AWS online training resources.]


While the best security features come with Splashtop’s Enterprise plan, the system is still a high-secure remote access tool regardless of which package you purchase. Its security measures include TLS and 256-bit AES encryption, device authentication, granular individual and group-based permission, single sign-on, and two-step verification. The platform’s enhanced security features are part of the reason it’s compliant with the GDPR, HIPAA, FERPA, SOC 2 and PCI. Other functions, like screen blanking, session idle timeout and screen auto-lock, provide additional protection when working remotely with an unattended computer.

Splashtop privacy measures with blank screen or mic input

Whether you want to blank your screen or redirect a mic input, you’ll have full control over privacy during a remote connection facilitated by Splashtop. Credit: Splashtop

Two Users on One Computer

We loved that hybrid companies with remote workers and in-person staff can reduce many hardware and software licensing expenses by sharing in-office machines with out-of-office employees. On Splashtop’s Pro and Enterprise plans, two registered users can remotely access the same computer at the same time. This feature has the potential to let team members collaborate more effectively, store sensitive data in fewer physical locations and share access to licensed software. With other tools like chat capabilities, remote reboot and remote wake, you’ll always be able to start up your computer and begin working quickly alongside your colleagues regardless of location.

Splashtop Cost

Splashtop has one of the widest collections of remote access and support offerings on the market. The company sells multiple service and support options designed for businesses and individuals, managed service providers, education facilities, and IT support and help desks. With prices that begin at only $5 per month for the Business Access Solo plan, Splashtop is among the more affordable remote access vendors we reviewed.

Here is how the Business Access plans break down.

  • Business Access – Solo: $5 per month when billed annually; monthly billing is not available. The Solo plan allows a maximum of one user and two computers. Features include file transfer, remote print, audio, logging, multilanguage console, the ability to view one monitor at a time, and support for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and Chromebook.
  • Business Access – Pro: $8.25 per monthly user billed annually; monthly billing is not available. The Pro package is for one user and 10 computers per user, though you can purchase additional user accounts. In fact, Pro volume discounts are available for teams with at least four accounts. This plan includes everything in the Solo option, plus multi-to-multi monitor view, multiuser access to unattended machines, user management, web-based access, chat, session recording, whiteboard annotations, priority technical support, and remote wake and reboot.
  • Business Access – Enterprise: There is no upfront pricing for the Enterprise plan, which is not uncommon with enterprise-grade software and services. We recommend reaching out to the company at the end of the month or fiscal quarter to see if you can get the best deal possible from a Splashtop sales representative. The Enterprise package includes everything in the Pro plan, plus active directory, single sign-on, granular user privileges, group-based access and scheduling, with cloud and on-premises options available.

Splashtop also has a standalone unattended remote support option starting at $40 per month for unlimited technicians, concurrent sessions and unattended support.

The company offers a seven-day free trial, which should be enough time for you to test the tools and features to your satisfaction. However, most competitors with trial demo accounts provide access for two to three weeks. Given the lack of a monthly billing option for Splashtop’s plans, some customers may want more time with the trial before making a yearlong commitment or may prefer partnering with a vendor with monthly billing. In that case, see our review of ConnectWise Control, which gives a two-week trial and has monthly plans.

Did You Know?Did you know
Monthly billing options are not available for Splashtop's entry-level Solo plan or middle-tier Pro plan, even though most other vendors in the remote access space offer flexible payment options with all service levels and plans.


Getting your Splashtop account up and running is a pretty straightforward process, which is fairly standard for remote access platforms. You will, however, need to install two different programs to use this platform. The streamer application is required for your target or unattended computers, while the business application is required for the computer from which you’re connecting during a remote session. Fortunately, Splashtop includes easy-to-use deployment streamers to help get all of your computers connected quickly and easily, with simple instructions to guide new users through the installation.

Select a higher frame rate on Splashtop

When using Splashtop, you can select a higher frame rate for demanding applications or choose a lower frame to match your internet speed. Credit: Splashtop

Customer Service

As with most of the remote access providers we evaluated, Splashtop did a good job in terms of customer service and support when we reached out for help. Splashtop Business Access subscribers can reach a customer service representative through live chat, open a support ticket online or call a support specialist by phone with local numbers in the U.S., Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Plus, if you sign up for the Pro plan, you’ll enjoy priority technical support to ensure your issues are resolved as fast as reasonably possible. Splashtop also has on its website several video tutorials, on-demand and live webinars, demo videos, case studies, blog posts, e-books, FAQs, a community forum, a knowledge base, and a robust support center.

Splashtop integrates with third-party apps, including some of the best CRM software.


One of the biggest downsides with Splashtop is the annual billing structure for most plans. For lean businesses that prefer to avoid long-term financial commitments, Splashtop may not be the best solution. See our reviews of Zoho Assist and ConnectWise Control to explore competitive remote access vendors with more flexible billing options.

Another limitation to keep in mind is that while computers and devices operating on Linux can be accessed remotely through Splashtop, you may struggle with some errors when connecting from a Linux machine – an issue not totally uncommon for this software category. If you operate a significant number of Linux computers, you may want to consider partnering with ConnectWise Control instead.


To find the best remote PC access and support tools available, we researched and compared many products on the market. Over dozens of hours, we experienced live demos, tried different services through trial accounts, posed as customers to communicate with customer service teams, and tested software on various operating systems and devices.

We looked at each platform’s pricing, features, integrations, usability, setup and other aspects. To determine the best system for hybrid companies, we paid particular attention to ease of access for remote employees, collaboration functions, performance capabilities and security tools.

Splashtop Control FAQs

Yes, Splashtop is safe. The vendor implements a wide variety of safety measures to ensure your remote connections are secure. In addition to industry-standard security measures like two-factor authentication, Splashtop offers advanced tools like 24/7 intrusion detection and defense, remote connection notifications, and proxy server authentication.
Splashtop works on Linux, but there are limitations. Users can remotely access and control a Linux machine using their Windows, Mac, Chromebook, iOS or Android device. However, they cannot remotely access other devices from a Linux machine.
Yes, Splashtop is HIPAA-compliant. The company helps ensure your business's compliance with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act by not processing, storing, or accessing any medical and patient data, as well as by using authentication features, password encryption and session logging. Splashtop also monitors and flags suspicious activity in real time 24/7. [Learn more about medical records retention and HIPAA.]

Overall Value

We recommend Splashtop for …

  • Media-focused companies working remotely with visually demanding software and applications.
  • Businesses with a significant number of remote or hybrid workers.
  • Organizations looking for reliable and affordable software and that don’t mind an annual commitment.

We don’t recommend Splashtop for …

  • Linux users who want to control other computers and devices with a full set of remote access features.
  • Companies that want an equal balance of features for unattended access and remote support in the same platform.
  • Businesses that prefer to avoid annual commitments for software and services.
author image
Jeff Hale, Business Operations Insider and Senior Analyst
Jeff Hale is a communications and content marketing expert with extensive experience leading teams as a managing editor. He has deep knowledge of B2B communications technologies, including business phone systems and customer relationship management (CRM) software. Jeff is also an entrepreneur who knows the realities of launching and managing a small business, where he serves as a Content Director and SEO Consultant. In his role as an entrepreneur and professional, Jeff has identified new market opportunities for Fortune 500 clients and developed communications strategies and digital branding for tech startups and small businesses. Jeff holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of California, Irvine, and an MBA from Chapman University.

Looking for more options?

For more options, check out the rest of Business News Daily's picks for The Remote PC Access Software: Our Top Picks for Small Businesses.

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