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Updated Oct 26, 2023

GoTo Resolve Review

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Jeff Hale, Business Operations Insider and Senior Analyst
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This guide was reviewed by a Business News Daily editor to ensure it provides comprehensive and accurate information to aid your buying decision.

Table of Contents

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Editors Score:9.4/10
GoToAssist is an effective, lightweight remote support solution for live end-user support and unattended computer access that comes with every feature you need to resolve customer issues quickly.
Plus Sign Pros
  • The GoTo Resolve remote support and unattended access platform is easy to set up and use.
  • The conversational ticketing system with integrations for Slack and Microsoft Teams helps streamline service issues.
  • The camera-share feature greatly simplifies complex hardware support for offsite technicians.
Minus Sign Cons
  • Some features like mobile support and camera share are only available as paid add-ons that come with a relatively high price tag.
  • A few features, including reboot and reconnect, reverse screen share and annotation tools, are limited for macOS clients.
  • The free version's limitations make it work more like a trial account for all practical support purposes.

Looking for more options?

For more options, check out the rest of Business News Daily's picks for The Remote PC Access Software: Our Top Picks for Small Businesses.

  • GoTo Resolve has a user-friendly look and feel for an IT support tool.
  • GoTo Resolve offers a very limited free plan for up to three agents.
  • GoTo Resolve facilitates web-based livestreaming to help troubleshoot hardware issues through an end user’s mobile device.
  • This review is for small business owners considering purchasing remote access software.

GoTo Resolve (formerly GoToAssist by LogMeIn) is an updated all-in-one IT solution with the same remote support and unattended access features as GoToAssist, plus new tools for device management, background access, ticketing and workflow automation. In fact, the Basic entry-level tier for GoTo Resolve has all the same web-based remote support features and conversational ticketing at the same price as GoToAssist. While the updated platform is focused on supporting IT professionals, it’s also user-friendly with a consumer look and feel. With GoTo Resolve, you can quickly and securely take over your registered unattended devices to access software and files or perform regular maintenance.

GoTo Resolve Editor's Rating:

9.4 / 10

Ease of use

Why GoTo Resolve Is Best for No-Download Live Support

The less you have to ask of a customer or colleague who’s reaching out for technical support, the better. GoTo Resolve’s instant remote support doesn’t require the end user to download any software or adjust any major permissions on their device. Instead, remote sessions are initiated securely with a nine-digit key and hyperlink you can share directly or via email. For mobile sessions, you can also send a text invitation from within the application. Either way, the end user only needs to accept your invitation from their chat window and agree to the level of access you require to begin a remote control or remote view session.

For customers with potential hardware issues, a camera-share add-on lets you take control of the end user’s mobile device and see what they’re seeing without a download required on their end. Factor in its other desirable features like third-party integrations and the ability to save time by automating tasks, and GoTo Resolve is a standout remote access program. Even better, it operates entirely from a web browser.

Did You Know?Did you know
GoTo Resolve's sister product GoTo Meeting is a top video conferencing service that allows thousands of people to participate in one meeting. Learn more in our detailed GoTo Connect review.

GoTo Resolve invites
Quickly invite users to a secure support session with a nine-digit key and direct link – no downloads necessary. Source: GoTo Resolve


GoTo Resolve ranks high on our list for ease of use thanks to its in-app resource center and consumer software look and feel. While no remote support or unattended access software is particularly difficult to navigate, GoTo Resolve is especially intuitive and simple for a new user to learn. With no download required, connecting to an end user’s computer or mobile device for a support session is almost immediate with a direct link, in-app text message or out-of-app email.

The collaboration feature lets you toggle between sessions or join other technicians’ sessions at any time to offer additional support or training All you need to do is enter the active session number. Other advanced tools, like remote execution, have helpful menus to walk you through job creation steps, including restart, shutdown, folder creation and javascript execution. In total, you’ll find 34 bulk deployment steps available for Windows and 21 for macOS.

GoTo Resolve browser-based support

Start a new browser-based support session quickly and securely from the platform’s main menu. Source: GoTo Resolve

In unattended access settings, you can choose between remote control, which facilitates a full computer takeover, or work behind the scenes with the manage feature to launch the file manager or terminal manager using your signature key. In our experience, connecting through either option was fast, but accessing files on the desktop of your managed device does require remote control takeover. Regardless, we liked that at the end of an access session, you’re prompted with the opportunity to add notes about the session and the account for future reference.

GoTo Resolve Features

Conversational ticketingSend IT requests over chat with platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams for easy service.
IT automationEliminate tedious tasks and free your staff to spend time on more meaningful activities by automating workflows.
Camera shareThis add-on helps technicians remotely troubleshoot hardware issues as if they were onsite.
IntegrationsAccess about 75 helpful third-party integrations from popular providers like Salesforce, Zendesk and Google.

Conversational Ticketing

As the name implies, conversational ticketing allows you to submit a support ticket over chat as if you were requesting help in a conversation. With support for business messaging platforms like Slack and Microsoft Teams, customer service and IT teams can easily convert chats into tickets for resolution. Users can create tickets in a number of ways: by directly engaging with the program, selecting an emoji, using an action button or invoking a slash command. You can easily check on the status of any ticket through the platform and add comments during the resolution process. [Learn tips and tricks for using Slack at work.]

GoTo Resolve notes section

You can add notes at the end of every session for reporting and oversight and to resolve issues faster in the future. Source: GoTo Resolve

IT automation

GoTo Resolve has several timesaving automation tools. You can use remote execution to automate software installations, patches, updates, new employee provisioning, and routine tasks like file batch distribution and remote command execution. You can also implement any number of prewritten scripts using GoTo Resolve’s predeveloped steps for popular tasks like installing software, running a remote command, running a batch file and automating your registry setting updates. With zero-trust security protocols, you can ensure only authorized users are creating and running any minor or system-wide automated tasks.

Camera Share

Camera share is an add-on option for GoTo Resolve’s Basic and Standard subscribers. It allows you to turn an end user’s mobile device into a one-way livestream to remotely troubleshoot disconnected devices or other computer hardware – without downloading any additional software. Once the technician is connected via text, email or a direct link, they can take a good look at the problem or help guide the installation of a new piece of equipment. The technician can mute the end user’s mic, mute the volume and add annotations that can be seen by the individual holding the mobile device. Notably, competitor ConnectWise Control offers a similar feature.

GoTo Resolve text invites
Send a text invitation and connect to a mobile device’s camera in seconds to provide immediate support via livestream. Source: GoTo Resolve


While GoTo Resolve might not have the largest collection of native integrations, it may have the best assortment of supported third-party applications. GoTo Resolve lets you connect with highly rated CRM platforms like Salesforce and Zoho, office essentials like Microsoft 365 and Google Workplace, as well as niche tools like Curve Dental and VetPawer. You’ll find around 75 possible integrations for collaboration, customer support, education, events, sales, marketing, scheduling and security. If you don’t see the exact integration you need, try using Zapier to connect with other apps and automate workflows.

If integrations matter the most to you, look at our review of ConnectWise Control, which offers more than 100 free extensions and integrations.

GoTo Resolve Cost

In addition to a free plan, GoTo Resolve is available via two packages with monthly and annual payment structures. See how the plans compare below.

  • Free: At no charge, this plan includes support for three agents, three devices, three remote sessions per month, file transferring, reboot and reconnect, multi-factor authentication, device quick view, and remote view sessions.
  • Basic: With a cost of $55 per month when billed annually or $69 when billed monthly, the Basic plan is limited to one agent, allowing one connection for one licensed user without purchasing additional agent licenses. You’ll get access to 25 unattended machines, with more available for purchase. The package includes unlimited remote support sessions, unlimited desktop ad-hoc remote support, mass deployment, live customer support and many third-party integrations.
  • Standard: Priced at $190 per month when billed annually or $239 when billed monthly, the Standard plan builds on the Basic package with support for three agents (and more available for purchase) and access to 100 unattended machines, again with more available for purchase. It also adds agent screen share, session transfer, multiagent collaboration, remote execution and GoTo branding removal.

With the Basic and Standard plans, you can also add on the aforementioned camera-share feature for $31 per month and mobile device support for $20 per month – both when billed annually. Altogether, GoTo Resolve’s subscription packages are comprehensive but pricey.

GoTo Resolve doesn’t have any unattended access-only plans for businesses that don’t need remote support. Companies interested in an access-only package should check out our review of Zoho Assist, which offers two such plans.

Did You Know?Did you know
The Basic version of GoTo Resolve includes all of the remote support features and conversational ticketing functions GoTo Assist customers were used to for the same price.


The setup process for GoTo Resolve is relatively easy and is one of the aspects we appreciate most about the system. As a new user, you’ll be greeted with notifications leading you to the resource center where you’ll find onboarding walkthroughs, announcements and on-demand training options. These helpful guides show you how to add devices, support customers, use ticking and find additional resources to get you up to speed quickly.

Even during the remote session invitation process, the system walks you through a checklist to enter a remote view or remote control session with your end user. Installing the unattended computer software only takes a few minutes – all you do is download the client and change a few permissions when prompted. Once the software is installed, you can verify the machine with your personal security or signature key. From there, you can access it through remote control or explore its files in the background through the Manage view.

As previously noted, we love that no downloads are required to implement GoTo Resolve for the end user receiving assistance. Everything is browser-based.

Key TakeawayKey takeaway
GoTo Resolve is among the easiest remote access and unattended computer solutions to set up and use.
GoTo Resolve personalized keys

GoTo Resolve takes a zero-trust approach to security with personalized keys to access major features you’ll want to establish during setup. Source: GoTo Resolve

Customer Service

GoTo Resolve Basic and Standard subscribers get access to 24/7 customer support through email, phone and chat. Unsurprisingly, free users are limited to the vendor’s support center and community support area to resolve any potential issues.

From within the program, you can access training options, including live and on-demand webinars. The training curriculum includes material like courses for administrators, and tutorials for simple tasks like creating a ticket or integrating the solution with Slack. The in-app resource center also features onboarding guides with pop-up windows to explain how to get started with the platform as well as links to detailed articles from GoTo Resolve’s online resource page.


You may need to increase your budget significantly if you want to support mobile devices with GoTo Resolve or use features like camera share. These features are add-ons for GoTo Resolve’s plans, but some of them are included in the base price of competitors’ packages. Even with the vendor’s highest-priced Standard plan, you’re limited to 100 unattended devices unless you want to pay for more, which is not something we’re used to seeing with top-tier plans. And here’s another potential cost to keep in mind: When GoTo Resolve releases antivirus software for its product, it will also be done as another separate add-on for which you will need to pay a fee.

While the company’s free edition seems like a great way to get started with ticketing and remote support, the limit of three remote sessions per month means it’s little more than a demo program. GoTo Resolve offers a 14-day trial of its Standard package, further signaling the immediate need to upgrade beyond its free plan if you want to use the platform in any ongoing business settings.


In searching for the best remote access software and support tools, we compared and contrasted numerous products on the basis of features, usability, setup, security, price and other factors. Our investigation included testing the different software on different devices and operating systems via free trials, participating in live demonstrations from vendors, and contacting customer service posing as customers.

GoTo Resolve set itself apart from the competition because it’s entirely browser-based, which makes the platform simple to implement and use and means it saves companies and their clients time.

GoTo Resolve FAQs

Yes, GoTo Resolve has a free but limited version of its platform that could suit very small teams and independent contractors looking for basic help desk and remote support features. However, the plan is restricted to three remote support sessions per month, so it's a poor solution in most business settings.
Yes, GoTo Resolve is safe, embracing a zero-trust security architecture. That means everyone using the platform must verify their identity before getting access to certain parts of the program. Even if someone breaches the backend or phishes an employee's credentials, the hacker won't be able to create new automation for endpoints to disrupt any major systems.
Yes, GoTo Resolve offers a 14-day free demo of its Standard plan and even includes the camera share and mobile-device support features to try out. When the trial period concludes, you'll need to either sign up for the paid Basic or Standard packages or limit yourself to the free plan.

Bottom Line

We recommend GoTo Remote for …

  • Businesses that want to offer technical support without asking customers to download anything.
  • Companies that want to deliver the best offsite technical support for servers, computers and other machine hardware.
  • Organizations looking for a free, bare-bones remote support and unattended access solution.

We don’t recommend GoTo Remote for …

  • Businesses with a limited budget that want to offer technical support to mobile customers.
  • Companies that need unattended access without remote support.
  • Organizations that want advanced reporting options from their support tools.
author image
Jeff Hale, Business Operations Insider and Senior Analyst
Jeff Hale is a communications and content marketing expert with extensive experience leading teams as a managing editor. He has deep knowledge of B2B communications technologies, including business phone systems and customer relationship management (CRM) software. Jeff is also an entrepreneur who knows the realities of launching and managing a small business, where he serves as a Content Director and SEO Consultant. In his role as an entrepreneur and professional, Jeff has identified new market opportunities for Fortune 500 clients and developed communications strategies and digital branding for tech startups and small businesses. Jeff holds a Bachelor’s degree in English from the University of California, Irvine, and an MBA from Chapman University.

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For more options, check out the rest of Business News Daily's picks for The Remote PC Access Software: Our Top Picks for Small Businesses.

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