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ActivTrak Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley
  • ActivTrak has cloud-based free and paid plans, and there is a 14-day free trial.
  • ActivTrak workforce insights help you identify employee productivity, efficiency, workload and tech usage.
  • The software lets you easily compare insights across employees and teams.
  • This review is for small business owners who are considering purchasing ActivTrak for their employee monitoring needs.

ActivTrak is our pick as the best employee monitoring software for analytics because it offers comprehensive workforce insights such as activity tracking, website and app monitoring, content filtering and alerts. The software is easy to install, set up, and use, and its dashboard grants keen insights into user activity and productivity across your team. The cloud-based software is compatible with Windows, Mac, Chrome, terminal services, and even virtual desktop infrastructures. Managers can use iOS and Android mobile apps to view simplified dashboards and usage reports. 



The Verdict

ActivTrak is an easy-to-use employee monitoring solution that provides digestible insights into how productive and efficient your workforce is. It offers transparent employee monitoring with user-friendly dashboards.

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Cost 1.6/2.0
Features 1.9/2.0
Compatible OS 1.8/2.0
Usability 2.0/2.0
Customer support 1.9/2.0
Editor's score 9.2/10

ActivTrak Pricing and Terms

In addition to its free version, ActivTrak offers paid plans and add-ons (though you must already subscribe to an annual contract). If none of these plans suit your needs, though, ActivTrak can create a custom plan and quote based on your requirements. In April 2021, ActivTrak is releasing a new Premium plan with advanced insights. The pricing for the new plan is included below.

Here's a look at the standard plans and what each one offers:

  • Free plan: This plan, which supports three users, includes employee monitoring features for viewing user activity and gauging overall productivity. The free version comes with 3GB of storage space and a central dashboard that displays an overview of captured data, website blocking, real-time reporting, and scheduled monitoring.

  • Advanced plan: This plan requires a minimum of five users. It is $9 per user per month (there's an option for a monthly or annual contract), and it supports an unlimited number of users and includes unlimited data storage. It has advanced employee monitoring functions like website blocking, risk-level scoring and management, a team productivity pulse, working hours analysis and advanced Slack alerts.

  • Premium plan: This plan costs $15 per user per month (annual contract). It can also support an unlimited number of users (you will need a minimum of five users, though), and it includes unlimited data storage. In addition to the features that come with the Free and Advanced plans, this option comes with premium workforce monitoring insights like employee efficiency, employee workload balance and technology use, historical and team benchmarks, team and personal productivity dashboards, and executive dashboards with organizational indicators. Users can try it free for 14 days.
  • Enterprise plan: Large enterprises often need customized employee monitoring plans. ActivTrak can tailor an employee monitoring plan with custom pricing to meet your needs.
  • Add-ons: ActivTrack offers add-on features for plans with annual contracts. These include ActivConnect for exporting data, application integrations and prebuilt productivity dashboards.

Key TakeawayKey takeaway: ActivTrak plans typically cost between $9 and $15 per user per month, or you can access a free plan for up to three users.

ActivTrak Features

ActivTrak offers comprehensive tools to help you transparently monitor user activity and employee productivity, while also maintaining employee privacy.

Here's an overview of ActivTrak's features: 

  • Application monitoring: ActivTrak includes an application monitoring feature, which keeps tabs on the programs users access, when they are doing so and for how long. On the dashboard, the most frequently accessed applications appear in a chart, showing how much time your team or a given user spends on certain applications.
ActivTrak provides charts that break down top applications, sites and categories
  • Productivity monitoring: When configuring the software, you can select websites or applications that you deem "unproductive." These settings are used to gauge the productivity of individual employees and your team as a whole. Using the productivity monitor, you can quickly tell who spends most of their time on task and who is otherwise unengaged while on the clock.

Users can classify activities as productive or unproductive.
  • Web content filtering: If tagging a website "unproductive" simply isn't enough, ActivTrak allows you to block access to specific types of web content altogether. This can be useful for preventing employees from navigating to particularly problematic content (e.g., anything related to drugs, pornography or gambling) and maintaining network security. You can also establish user risk scores to better understand who is conducting high-risk activities outside of established company policies.
ActivTrak offers risk scores for each user.
  • Workforce insights: ActivTrak has announced new analytics it is including with its software, and these insights can be as general or granular as you need them to be. You can see activity like productive versus unproductive behavior, employee focus and efficiency, tool and application use, workload balances, and technology usage. You can see side-by-side comparisons of how employees and teams compare with each other to identify who is excelling and who needs additional guidance or assistance. You can use past behavior and activity to set future usage and performance goals.

ActivTrak offers a variety of workforce insights, such as which activities are leading to the most inefficiency.
  • Alerts and reporting: Managers can get a real-time view of employee performance. You can run reports to help you analyze the daily, weekly, monthly, or annual productivity of individual employees, your team, or your entire organization. This data can be used for future decision-making.

  • Mobile app. Managers can use ActivTrak's app to keep tabs on their team using a simplified dashboard that shows activity and usage reports. 

TipTip: ActivTrak, you can use prebuilt notifications or you can tailor the alerts to notify employees when they are violating company policies (e.g., if they've been surfing social media for an hour) or to trigger other automatic actions.;

ActivTrak Pros

ActivTrak makes it easy for employers and managers to track how productive their workforce is on an employee, team, and companywide basis. You can view a wealth of employee data, and the software makes it easy to break it down it into usable insights.

ActivTrak is incredibly easy to use, from installation to daily tasks. Its user interface is streamlined and uncluttered, making it easy to navigate, even for first-time users. Everything is neatly organized under well-labeled tabs, so you never have to hunt for what you need. To begin using ActivTrak, install the software and download agents onto the devices you wish to monitor. Once installed, the agent can feed data back to the central dashboard, where admins can monitor it in real time. 

The ActivTrak dashboard has a clean interface and is easy to navigate

Since ActivTrak has roughly 90 to 95% of user activities predefined as productive or unproductive, the software is quick to implement. It doesn't take very long to become familiar with ActivTrak's intuitive interface. With just a half-hour of clicking around, you should feel comfortable using the software. This ease of use means you can get up and running quickly without much of a learning curve.

ActivTrak Cons

One potential limitation of ActivTrak is that it does not offer keystroke logging. Keystroke logging can be useful for tracking what users type in web browsers and in applications. While ActivTrak does not monitor precise keystrokes, it does track mouse and keyboard activity to gauge user productivity. 

Customer Support

ActivTrak offers several ways you can reach customer support. The company's tech support team responds to email requests for assistance, or you can access live chat or call the company's toll-free number for immediate assistance. ActivTrak offers 24/7 coverage and multilanguage support. You can also access a dedicated team of experts for more help with onboarding, training or classes. In addition, ActivTrak offers a series of online resources, including FAQs, how-to videos, case studies, blogs, white papers, templates and webcasts.

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The Verdict

ActivTrak is an easy-to-use employee monitoring solution that provides digestible insights into how productive and efficient your workforce is. It offers transparent employee monitoring with user-friendly dashboards.

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Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley
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