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Teramind Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley
  • Teramind offers cloud-based and on-premises monitoring plans.
  • With Teramind, you can block certain user activity, track keystrokes, record all user activity, and access employee devices remotely.
  • Every plan comes with user behavior analytics like insider threat detection, abusive or malicious behavior detection, and interactive productivity reporting.
  • This review is for small business owners who are considering buying Teramind as their employee monitoring solution.

Teramind is our pick as the best employee monitoring software for security threat protection. It goes beyond the core features of employee monitoring software to provide a truly comprehensive solution that is easy to learn and use. Whether you need to track which apps employees are using, block or filter website access, audit or investigate user activity, or prevent data loss, Teramind has you covered, and then some. It is more expensive than other employee monitoring software we evaluated, but it's well worth the cost if security is your top priority. 



The Verdict

Teramind is the best employee monitoring software for security threat protection. Its tools let you view employees' screens in real time, block access to harmful content, and ensure your company's data is secure.

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Cost 1.5/2.0
Features 2.0/2.0
Compatible OS 1.9/2.0
Usability 2.0/2.0
Customer support 1.9/2.0
Editor's score 9.3/10

Teramind Pricing and Terms

Teramind has three cloud-based and three on-premises monitoring plans. The cloud plans are charged per user per month, and they come with a seven-day free trial. On-premises plans are charged per endpoint per month and come with a 14-day free trial. Volume discounts are available if you plan to have more than 50 users or more than 250 endpoints.

Here's an overview of what Teramind's plans cost. 

  • Teramind Starter: This plan includes access to core employee monitoring features like website and application tracking, chat and social media monitoring, as well as admin remote control and activity-blocking capabilities. You also have limited access to some behavioral analytics, policy management, and audit and forensic tools.
    • Cloud: $10 per user per month, billed annually. There is a five-user minimum ($50).
    • On-premises: $5 per endpoint per month, billed annually. The minimum number of endpoints is 10 ($50).
  • Teramind UAM: The UAM edition includes all of the features in the Starter plan, as well as activity monitoring tools such as email and file transfer monitoring, keystroke logging, print monitoring, and optical character recognition, which can read the text on a user's screen and flag suspicious or prohibited behavior.
    • Cloud:$20.83 per user per month, billed annually. There is a five-user minimum ($104.15).
    • On-premises: $10.42 per endpoint per month, billed annually. There is a 10-endpoint minimum ($104.20).
  • Teramind DLP: The data loss prevention plan includes all the employee monitoring features of the Starter and UAM plans, as well as tools to prevent the loss or theft of sensitive company data due to negligence or malicious internal activity. It also includes compliance tools to ensure your company meets the legal standards established by laws like HIPAA and GDPR.
    • Cloud:$25 per user per month, billed annually. There is a five-user minimum ($125).
    • On-premises:$12.50 per endpoint per month, billed annually. You need a minimum of 10 endpoints ($125).

Key TakeawayKey takeaway: Teramind has three cloud-based plans ranging in price from $10 to $25 per user per month and three on-premises plans ranging from $5 to $12.50 per endpoint per month.

Teramind Features

Teramind offers a long list of effective features for monitoring employee actions and responding to (or preventing) violations of company policy. Its activity monitoring tools keep administrators fully apprised of employee activity and can flag anomalous behavior or high-risk activity. 

Here's a look at some of the tools Teramind uses to keep tabs on employees:

  • Webpage and application monitoring: This tool reports on the software applications that are launched or webpages a user accesses. Each component on the list is filterable and includes a video segment of the user accessing the program or webpage. A bar graph displays the most frequently accessed applications and websites among active users. Preset classifications allow Teramind to determine whether a user is being productive or unproductive based on their use of a particular application or webpage.

  • Email and IM monitoring: The software tracks all incoming and outgoing emails, and monitors live chats across multiple platforms, including Facebook, Skype, Google Hangouts, WhatsApp and Slack. Admins can review the content, the participants, and the date and time at which the communication occurred.

Teramind can track employees' incoming and outgoing emails.
  • File transfer monitoring: All file transfers are tracked, including local files, web files or those transferred with a removable device, such as a USB drive. Again, each instance is time stamped and tagged with a video of the user's screen during the transfer.

  • Print monitoring: The printing tool shows all print jobs a user initiates on any printer they can connect to. A scanned copy of the printed document is saved for admin review.
Teramind tracks print jobs with details like the employee name, frequency, document name, time, and number of pages and copies.
  • Search tracking: The search tool shows all online or offline searches conducted by users.

  • Keystroke logging: This feature tracks everything a user types and notes where that activity occurred. It can detect regular key characters, complete words or phrases, special commands and keys, hidden symbols and more. For example, if a user Googles "cute cat pics," an admin can view the search, along with the time stamp and a video clip. Although keystroke logging can be considered invasive, it can be useful for maintaining company security.

Teramind can track each keystroke an employee makes.
  • Screen snapshots: Snapshots are taken in 10-minute increments and help admins review employee productivity and company security. You can view the user's activity in real time or toggle through their screenshot history. Admins can also take control of a user's device remotely and freeze or lock it, if needed.

  • Silent or transparent mode: Teramind, like most leading employee monitoring software solutions, has a stealth and freelancer mode. Stealth mode runs silently so your employees are unaware the software has been installed on their device. Freelance mode runs in the open and can serve as a deterrent to misbehavior or as a tool for part-time and freelance workers who use their personal devices.

  • Mobile app for managers: Teramind's Android app lets you keep tabs on your employees when you're away from the office. It's free for both cloud and on-premises plans, and with it, you can view real-time productivity reports and live views of users' desktops and video records. 

TipTip: As an admin, you can view live screenshots of employees' activity and remotely access employee devices.

Teramind Pros

There are a lot of things that Teramind does right, particularly in the security space. Teramind can help you successfully monitor employees and maintain company and cybersecurity. If an employee is misusing your devices or company information, you'll know about it.

Security Settings and Alerts

Teramind allows administrators to set various rules and policies that automate the employee monitoring process. These rules can flag or block prohibited behavior and deliver warnings to users who are running afoul of company policy. There are dozens of templates within the system for creating these settings, but if none of them meet your needs, you can create your own policies. 

Behavioral alerts can be set for any of the activity monitoring tools, ensuring that no violation goes unnoticed, even if no admin is monitoring the system when the violation occurs. In addition to the alert, archiving measures let admins review the incident. Teramind is always on and always watching, even if you're not. 

Teramind lets you configure and track behavior policies.

Behavioral rules and company policies can also be configured to automatically block certain activities. For example, if you don't want users sending personal emails or live chats during work hours, you can tailor the system to block access to the related platforms. You can also block certain webpages by setting filters to cover both general categories as well as specific sites. You can also restrict users' ability to use removable devices. 

Customized Reporting Capabilities

Teramind's reporting capabilities keep administrators fully in the know, allowing them to review individual employees, groups and the organization as a whole from different angles. The software uses color-coded graphs and charts that are easy to understand. 

Reports can be tailored to present the data in virtually any way that is useful to admins. For example, one set of reports breaks down violations by department, showing where the most frequent or egregious offenses occur. Other reports show employee activity/inactivity time, illuminating which users are most productive. 

Teramind has helpful risk reports that can be broken down by department.

Risk-Analysis Tool

Teramind includes an embedded risk-analysis tool that can determine your organization's risk level based on the behavioral rules and policies you've set. This tool is especially useful for businesses operating in highly sensitive or regulated industries, such as the healthcare space, which is subject to federal HIPAA privacy laws. If employees' behavior is putting your business at risk, Teramind alerts you and helps you tighten user activity to prevent a potential disaster. 

Easy-to-Use Dashboard

Teramind wraps its comprehensive features into a user-friendly and intuitive dashboard. With a modern interface and a well-organized layout, it doesn't take long to become familiar with the software. 

An overview of all the captured data flows through the central dashboard, which can be customized with a variety of widgets to prominently display whatever information is most important to your administrators. The default dashboard shows security metrics, productivity metrics and who among your employees is currently online. Each widget can be viewed in more detail by clicking on the data displayed. 

Available tools are displayed in a series of tabs on the left side of the screen. The tabs on this menu include monitoring, risk, productivity, behavior, employees, computers, configure and system, and you may see more or fewer depending on the Teramind package you selected. Most of the core employee monitoring features appear under the monitoring and productivity tabs, but it's relatively simple to find other tools with just a few clicks.  

Key TakeawayKey takeaway: Teramind exceeds other employee monitoring applications in terms of configurable security settings and alerts, customized reporting capabilities, and risk-analysis tools.

Teramind Cons

Teramind has a mobile app for managers to monitor and track employees from their Android mobile device, but Teramind can't monitor employees' mobile devices. That means if your company issues smartphones or tablets to workers, you can't use Teramind to monitor their activity. 

Customer Support

If you need help, you can reach the support team 24/7 via phone, email and live chat. One of the nicer features of Teramind's customer support is that it provides installation assistance at no additional cost. The company also provides a strong assortment of self-help resources, including FAQs, a knowledgebase, video tutorials, e-books and case studies, on its website.

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The Verdict

Teramind is the best employee monitoring software for security threat protection. Its tools let you view employees' screens in real time, block access to harmful content, and ensure your company's data is secure.

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Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley
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