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InterGuard Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley
  • InterGuard's pricing framework, although competitive within the industry, works differently within its platform offerings.
  • The software offers a variety of valuable features, including email, social media and instant chat monitoring.
  • InterGuard is available as an on-premises or cloud-hosted solution.
  • This review is for small business owners who want to learn more about InterGuard's comprehensive employee monitoring software and why it's our best pick for remote teams.

InterGuard is robust employee monitoring software that includes nearly all of the features and tools businesses look for in an employee monitoring solution. The software works on all types of computers and devices, can track when employees are active and when they are idle, is able to block dangerous or unproductive applications and websites, and offers several security prevention tools. It is because of all of this and more that we've picked InterGuard as the best employee monitoring software for remote teams.  



The Verdict

InterGuard is a full-featured employee monitoring software solution that captures a great deal of data on a variety of user activities, but it has a cluttered and dated user interface. It is an effective tool, however, once you master the learning curve.

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Cost 1.7/2.0
Features 2.0/2.0
Compatible OS 1.9//2.0
Usability 1.8/2.0
Customer support 1.8/2.0
Editor's score 9.2/10


InterGuard offers a one-week free trial that allows you to try out the software before buying. Once the free trial expires, you can choose one of two pricing plans: Business Cloud or Enterprise On-Premises.

  • Business Cloud: This is InterGuard's cloud-hosted service. Pricing for this plan starts at $9.99 per user, per month for 11 to 25 users. If you have fewer than 11 or more than 25 employees, you should contact InterGuard directly for specific pricing information.

  • Enterprise On-Premises: The Enterprise On-Premises plan is hosted, managed and maintained on your own company servers. This plan requires an SQL server and integrates with your organization's Active Directory. You have access to 24/7 tech support on this plan. You'll need to contact InterGuard's sales team for a custom price quote.

Key TakeawayKey takeaway: InterGuard offers a lot for its price compared to other software platforms within the industry. Although the two options, Business Cloud and Enterprise On-Premises, are essentially for two different types of customers, their pricing seems to be competitive.


Although InterGuard has been around since 2002, it has kept improving its platform as the industry has evolved. InterGuard offers various solutions to record user activity, both on and off the corporate network.

InterGuard also enhances an organization's ability to mitigate data loss. It highlights vulnerabilities such as risky keywords and UAM alerts, and its remote incident response service helps companies reacquire lost files and deleted or stolen assets. It can also lock devices down if ever needed, such as in cases of theft.

InterGuard's monitoring tools and features break down into several different focus areas.

Employee Productivity

The software allows you to monitor computer activity in real time or after the fact via screenshots and video playback. Additionally, you can receive reports on how employees are spending their time. Specifically, the reports look at the applications they use and the websites they visit, showing how much time they spend on each. These features allow you greater insight into how your employees spend their time, which is especially helpful for remote team members who aren't in the office on a regular basis.

InterGuard users can view employee activity, including whether they are currently active or idle.

Insider Threat Protection

Specific options here include the ability to limit access to certain programs and websites, USB storage, and email attachments. You can set alerts to be triggered by keyword, attempted policy violations or other behavior that deviates from the norm. Additionally, the software can take hold of remote devices, such as a remote employee's computer. In these instances, you can use the software to retrieve sensitive files, delete stolen assets and lock down devices completely.

Investigations and Compliance Audits

The software can serve multiple purposes in terms of investigation and compliance. If an employee isn't acting within the guidelines, such as by spending time on websites they shouldn't be, the software can provide the necessary proof for disciplinary purposes. These records and logs can help in the case of discrimination or wrongful termination lawsuits. Additionally, the software can provide detailed compliance reports for businesses that must follow certain regulations, such as HIPAA and PCI.

Web Filtering and Website Blocking

InterGuard shows detailed web and search activity and allows you to block access to specific websites. You can also create role-based web access policies to ensure each employee can access the websites they need for their role.

One of the more advanced features InterGuard touts is its geolocation capabilities, which are useful for businesses that maintain a fleet of vehicles (and drivers) or have multiple locations throughout a city or even the country. Extensions of this oversight include "suspicious behavior alerts," which allow you to acquire a remote view of an employee's desktop. InterGuard's ability to track and monitor office and non-office personnel make it a dynamic provider in this category.

User Activity Monitoring

InterGuard can monitor many different aspects of your team's digital activities, including emails, social media, instant messages, application use, file transfers, print jobs and keystrokes. The system can also take screenshots of employee devices in use so you can see exactly what employees are looking at.

Overall, InterGuard's layered monitoring allows you to monitor, govern, and respond to needs to protect your business.

InterGuard can track user activity, including details like time stamps, activity time and type, window title, and productivity value.

Key TakeawayKey takeaway: InterGuard has too many features to note here, as it is a comprehensive platform that allows businesses of all kinds and sizes to monitor their employees' whereabouts and activities. Admins can turn off features that are not appealing to them, while enhancing the features that mean the most to them with detailed reports.

InterGuard Pros

InterGuard's user interface features a series of dropdown menus for simple, timesaving navigation. The dashboard includes pie charts and bar graphs to simplify reviewing data such as which employees are productive and unproductive.  

InterGuard simplifies data by displaying it in pie charts and bar graphs.

Deployment is another area where InterGuard stands out from the rest. It not only allows smooth cloud, SaaS, and web-based interfacing, but also supports both Mac and Windows and has a mobile deployment offering for Android and iOS devices.

The extensive settings tool allows you to govern overarching computer usage policies. For example, you can restrict employees' access to certain websites or set "alert words" that tip you off when a user might be breaching company policy. InterGuard's endpoint lockdown capabilities allow you to locate employees' devices via geotechnology, remotely retrieve or delete files, and recover all monitored devices.

InterGuard's dashboard makes it easy to run and view valuable reports.

InterGuard includes 30 preset reports and gives you and other admins the ability to create custom reports of your own. It can generate and send out reports automatically.  

Overall, InterGuard is a heavy hitter in the class of holistic employee monitoring software. It has many attributes that enhance an employer's ability to track, assess, and manage employee performance and behaviors. Its ability to help prevent nefarious activity and track work efficiency make InterGuard a complete employee monitoring solution for growing businesses of any size.

Did You Know?Did You Know? One of the features that greatly improve the software's ease of use is its imagery and reporting, which not only allow real-time employee monitoring but also help you track trends over time.

InterGuard Cons

InterGuard's most sizable challenge is its initial lack of intuitive discovery. That is, while it's perfectly navigable once you have learned the software, finding the right tools can take a while when you are unfamiliar with the system.

Customer Support

InterGuard offers plenty of options for customer support. You can reach the support team by phone, email and live chat. Tier 1 support is available 24/7, while Tier 2 support is available during normal business hours.

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The Verdict

InterGuard is a full-featured employee monitoring software solution that captures a great deal of data on a variety of user activities, but it has a cluttered and dated user interface. It is an effective tool, however, once you master the learning curve.

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Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley
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