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12 Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs

image for AntonioGuillem / Getty Images
AntonioGuillem / Getty Images

For those who think that Facebook has little to offer besides functioning as a convenient way to remember friends' birthdays, Facebook Groups might just change your mind.

According to Facebook, Groups "… allow people to come together around a common cause, issue or activity to organize, express objectives, discuss issues, post photos and share related content," so it makes sense that entrepreneurs should take advantage of this opportunity to connect with and learn from like-minded entrepreneurs.

Here are the 12 best Facebook Groups for entrepreneurs to join.

With almost 2,000 members, the Read with Entrepreneurs Book Club– which usually posts at least once a day – connects like-minded people. Join to share the knowledge and wisdom you've gained from books you've recently read and learn from others what books you should read next.

The Intrepid Entrepreneurs Community of more than 14,700 members posts about five times a day and alternates topics of discussion per week. According to founders Hannah Martin and Nathan Buchan, the group is for "people who are here to answer questions, give feedback and provide support." The group also says it's most important purpose "is for people who are totally dedicated to becoming location independent and firing their bosses' asses!" This group is extremely interactive and encourages members to be helpful and respectful of each other.

The group Freedom Hackers Mastermind, comprising more than 45,000 members, defines a freedom hacker as "an individual who lives their life in accordance to their own free spirit, specific to online entrepreneurship." 

Kimra Luna, the founder, started the group so "like-minded entrepreneurs can help and support each other, ask questions, build relationships and celebrate each other's wins in business."

With more than 10,000 members, the Humans of Online Business group is for "rule breakers, for trailblazers, for humans," and is "open to anyone who is interested in running a successful, humanized business online." This admin-regulated group is a dedicated space for learning and growth.

The Coffee with Dan group of more than 12,500 members posts on average 10-plus times per day and is for entrepreneurs who want to get stuff done, have more fun and make a profit while doing it. There are some prerequisites, though to join the group. You have to already be friends with the founder, Dan Meredith, know five or more members of the group, and provide proof of your entrepreneurial efforts on your personal profile.

With more than 48,000 members, the Entrepreneur Hustle marketing group is for entrepreneurs who "understand that hustle is part of the game and want to take their business to the next level." Founder Danny Veiga claims to have helped businesses and entrepreneurs grow their businesses to six and seven figures through his Facebook group,  coaching program, digital courses and speaking engagements.

To join the Rising Tide Society, which has more than 74,300 members, you must be a Rising Tide Society member. The group is dedicated to "educating and empowering creative entrepreneurs to thrive in the spirit of community over competition," and for members to "engage in healthy, robust conversations about business-related topics." All posts are reviewed and approved first before being published to the group page to ensure a positive and professional group atmosphere.

If you're looking to meet up and connect with even more entrepreneurs from all over the world, the Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs group is for you. With more than 30,500 members, the group is dedicated to creating "real-life events and meetings around the world" for members to expand their network and grow their business.

The Digital Nomads Around the World group of more than 72,000 members is "a place for digital nomads to share advice and tips related to living the digital nomad lifestyle." Members are encouraged to share their experiences and knowledge with each other. 

If you're a blogger or a writer looking to expand your business or client base online, Blogging Boost, comprising nearly 27,000 members, was created to help you "connect with other bloggers, share your posts, and learn the ins and outs of working online!" The group has designated times and topics to post for specific days of the week, so you'll want to pay attention to the group's format to get the most of your interactions with other members.

For millennial entrepreneurs looking for a place to connect, collaborate, and share strategies with others, check out the Millennial Entrepreneur Community. With almost 51,800 members, entrepreneurs in this group are encouraged to contribute and share posts, pictures, videos, tips and anything else they think might bring value to the group as well as network and collaborate with each other.

The Entrepreneur Mastermind group of more than 6,400 members is touted as a great online meeting place for entrepreneurs, startup company founders and venture capitalists to "build relationships and learn from other innovators and entrepreneurs." Members often post about ideas they're working on, current innovations or collaborate together to use their combined knowledge and expertise to develop new and exciting ventures.