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Want to Keep Your Customers? Be Proactive
By Leslie Pankowski | October 26, 2023

Customer relationship maintenance isn't just a to-do-list item. Learn to keep tabs on customer satisfaction by collecting and analyzing feedback regularly.

Predictive or Prescriptive Analytics? Your Business Needs Both
By Nicole Fallon | October 24, 2023

Learn how both predictive and prescriptive analytics are essential data strategies for running your small business.

happy officeworkers
Gamifying Your Workforce: How to Make Employee Engagement Fun
By Nicole Fallon | October 24, 2023

Gamification is a newly popular tactic to promote employee loyalty and engagement by making work processes fun and rewarding.

Should You Ditch That Nightmare Client?
By Nicole Fallon | October 24, 2023

When clients make outrageous demands and don't communicate, it may be time to fire them. Learn how to ditch nightmare clients tactfully.  

8 Free SWOT Templates for Small Businesses
By Shayna Waltower | October 24, 2023

A SWOT (strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats) analysis helps entrepreneurs make better business decisions. Find eight free SWOT templates online.

Strategy, Marketing and More: HR Functions Are Expanding
By Max Freedman | October 24, 2023

HR functions now comprise longtime HR roles and newer duties. Here's what you should know, whether you're outsourcing HR or hiring in-house.

Copyright Infringement: Are You Stealing Intellectual Property?
By Adam Uzialko | October 23, 2023

Copyright infringement can lead to serious financial and legal consequences. Find out how your business can avoid violating intellectual property rights.

What Is a Unique Selling Proposition?
By Jordan Bishop | October 23, 2023

Every business must define a unique selling proposition to show what sets the brand apart. Learn everything about USPs, including how to identify yours.

What is a Gantt Chart?
By Elaine J. Hom | October 23, 2023

This guide introduces Gantt Charts and explains how they're useful to businesses from a project management standpoint.

Happy colleagues laughing
Establishing a Company Mission for a Better Business Culture
By Jennifer Dublino | October 23, 2023

It's crucial to establish a company mission. Learn how to write a company mission statement and use it to create a positive company culture.

Which Gender Excels at Teamwork? Both … With a Catch
By Shayna Waltower | October 23, 2023

A diverse team can improve productivity and produce more effective results.

The ‘Art of the Pivot’: 9 Tips to Successfully Shift Your Business Strategy
By Tejas Vemparala | October 23, 2023

Executing alternate strategies to achieve your business goals are what startup entrepreneurs call “the art of the pivot.” Here’s how to pivot your business.

What Is a BCG Matrix?
By Marci Martin | October 23, 2023

Learn how to analyze the current and future competitive landscape of your company with a BCG matrix.

What Is Value Chain Analysis?
By Dock David Treece | October 23, 2023

Learn how you can improve your business's processes and products with value chain analysis.

Blue Ocean Strategy: Creating Your Own Market
By Max Freedman | October 23, 2023

The blue ocean strategy encourages tweaking your products to push them into their own market with low prices and no competition. Learn its pros and cons.

What Is Project Resource Management?
By Sean Peek | October 23, 2023

Resource managers are responsible for allocating the appropriate resources to ensure a project is completed on time and within budget.

What Are Core Competencies for Business?
By Max Freedman | October 20, 2023

Core competencies are your business's abilities, products and services that set it apart from the competition. Learn how to identify core competencies.

Small Business Impacts of USPS Delays
By Bassam Kaado | October 20, 2023

Delays caused by U.S. Postal Service policy changes and COVID-19’s impact have hurt the business sector. Here is how your company can develop a workaround.

Key Performance Indicators: Setting and Measuring KPIs
By Alex Halperin | October 20, 2023

Small businesses can effectively track their performance with key performance indicators. Find out how to use KPIs.

Social Responsibility: Why PayPal Pays It Forward (and You Should Too)
By Jeanette Mulvey | October 20, 2023

PayPal is an excellent model of corporate social responsibility and charitable giving. Get tips on socially responsible acts and why they're important.

10 Local Legislative Issues Small Businesses Should Be Watching
By Adam Uzialko | October 20, 2023

Entrepreneurs must be aware of state and local regulations that affect their businesses. Learn about recent legislation that may affect your organization.

How Cultural Anthropology Can Inform Business Strategy
By Adam Uzialko | October 19, 2023

A corporate anthropologist shares how social sciences and business intersect. Learn how to apply anthropological ideas to gain a competitive business edge.

What Is Corporate Social Responsibility?
By Nadia Reckmann | September 05, 2023

Corporate social responsibility is imperative for businesses that want to appeal to modern consumers. Learn what it is and how to maintain it.

How to Do a Competitive Analysis
By Mark Fairlie | August 31, 2023

Learn how to perform a competitive analysis to see where your business is performing well, where it can improve and how to capture a bigger market share.