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7 Wedding Businesses to Help Couples Plan Their Beautiful Day

7 Wedding Businesses to Help Couples Plan Their Beautiful Day
Credit: Ververidis Vasilis/Shutterstock

Weddings bring families and friends together to celebrate a lifetime of love and happiness. There's also, of course, a lot of planning that goes into the wedding activities and events.

Many people plan their weddings long before they have a potential life partner, researching venues and browsing dresses on Pinterest. Because so much thought and time goes into weddings, most couples hire companies to assist their endeavors. Entrepreneurs in this thriving industry often feel that helping engaged couples plan their special day is a highly rewarding experience.

Here are some unique businesses that were started to help couples make their pre- and post-wedding plans as stress-free as possible.

Though not all couples choose to have one or both spouses change their last name after marriage, those that do often find the legal process intimidating. MissNowMrs.com simplifies the cumbersome process by streamlining all of the paperwork you need in one place for a flat fee.

Newlyweds looking to make the switch answer some questions about their current and married names and various accounts they hold. Then, these answers are used to complete the appropriate forms. Proofread, print, sign and file, and your legal name change is well underway.

Kristen Rocco, founder of Love Notery, has always been a communicator. Her passion for storytelling led to a fruitful public relations career (even working with Gary Sinise, better known as Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump).

Like any good romance, she took a leap of faith with Love Notery to tell great love stories. Rocco's journalistic skills help her craft a customized "love story" through in-depth interviews with couples. The stories are then printed out as an heirloom keepsake.

This app is a multilayered wedding tool, with checklists for the engaged couple leading up to the wedding, vendor lists, ways to stay on budget and tools to create a wedding site and registry.

 The Knot, which also published a print bridal magazine, even has answers to various social and etiquette questions answered by experts. In addition, the app provides a countdown to the day, so nearly newlyweds can stay excited and organized.

The quality of smartphone pictures has greatly improved, but collecting guests' wedding photos, though worthwhile, can be a pain. WedPics is a free app that aggregates wedding photos captured by guests.

Users can keep photos organized with the Albums feature, which is great for capturing photos of all wedding events, such as the engagement party, wedding shower, rehearsal dinner, reception, ceremony and more.

Registering for wedding items often means signing up with multiple brands to create the best registry. Zola consolidates the process by allowing couples to register for a variety of brands, curated experiences and cash funds on a single page, according to the site.

Zola goes a step further by giving you autonomy with shipping: Each time you receive a gift, the site notifies you to ship now or later, or in the case of cash gifts, transfer to your bank or convert to a Zola store credit.

Wedding invitations are a major detail of every wedding. Brides (and grooms) likely want to use sophisticated designs and unique stationery to send to their guests. Bella Figura creates vintage wedding invitations that cater to their customers' preferences – couples can choose their color scheme, letterpress design as well other customizations to make their invites personal and intimate. Each invitation is envisioned to unfold the buyer's love story.

Many couples have destination weddings at their favorite place, like an exotic island or peaceful lake. Planning the event is stressful enough, but finding affordable rooms for all of their guests might feel impossible. They can leave it to Skipper, a service that helps book hotels for as many guests as needed – and at a cheaper price.

Wedding parties save about 15 percent for their group by using the site, and there are options for every guest to choose from.

Additional reporting by Shannon Gausepohl.

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