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8 Ways to Put Pokemon Go to Work for Your Small Business

Adam Uzialko
Adam Uzialko
Business News Daily Staff
Updated Jan 23, 2023

Pokemon Go has evolved a lot since it burst onto the scene in a big way. The augmented reality game could offer some easy marketing opportunities for your business.

  • Pokemon Go is an augmented-reality mobile game that allows players to capture digital Pokemon in the real world.
  • There are techniques you can use to attract Pokemon Go players to your store and convert them into paying customers.
  • Host events or leverage social media to capture players’ interest and increase your business’s visibility.
  • This article is for business owners who want to understand the features of Pokemon Go and how to use them in marketing.

By now, you’ve probably heard of the augmented-reality mobile game Pokemon Go, in which players move throughout the real world to hunt for and capture digital Pokemon. This might seem trivial or irrelevant to your business at first glance, but since the game is geographically based, there are multiple ways you can use it to attract some of the 800,000 active players to your location and, hopefully, convert them into return customers.

Two types of fixed locations in the game are important to most of these strategies. The first are PokeStops, real-world buildings or places of note around a city where players visit to grab extra Poke Balls and potions in the game. Many of these stops are the site of a business, but even if your business isn’t a PokeStop, there’s probably one nearby.

The other type of fixture is called a Pokemon Gym, where players battle their Pokemon in a bid to gain control of the location for their team. Both PokeStops and Gyms regularly attract players throughout the day, and both can be leveraged into generating more patronage for your business. After extensive, tireless weekend research into Pokemon Go, Business News Daily has worked out a few ways to capitalize on the craze. [Related: What Is Geofencing?]

1. Host a lure party.

One item that can be placed on PokeStops is called a lure module. Once activated, lure modules attract wild Pokemon (and more importantly, players) to that location. Consider buying a package of lure modules and advertising a particular night as a Pokemon Go lure party. If your business is on or near a PokeStop, a lure party could be a great way to bring players to your establishment. It’s a cheap and easy form of marketing. All you need to do is create a Pokemon Go account by downloading it for free from Google Play or the App Store, buy a package of lure modules for a few dollars, and set them up at your nearest PokeStop. Each lure is active for 30 minutes, so you can use them in succession to create a lure party that lasts as long as you’d like. [Related: How to Choose the Right Location for Your Business]

If you couple a lure party with some special deals, that could be a great way to bring in extra money. Since the launch of the game, multiple types of lures have been created, each attracting a different type of Pokemon. These different lures allow you to be more specific in your event planning, such as pairing certain types of foods or drinks with the type of Pokemon you’re luring.

2. Drop incense.

Similar to a lure module, incense is an item that can be used to draw Pokemon to your location. The difference is that you don’t need to be near a PokeStop. Previously, the item had a duration of 30 minutes, but the limit was recently raised to 60 minutes. Incense can be a good alternative to lure modules for making your store or business a Pokemon Go destination. A single incense costs 40 Pokemon Go Coins (that’s 40 cents in real currency), and you can drop multiple incense items one after another to extend their effects and make your location a hot spot for longer.

3. Host Gym battle tournaments.

Maybe your business is closer to a Pokemon Gym than a PokeStop. In that case, there’s another way to incentivize players to patronize your business. Advertise that you’ll be hosting an event or tournament in advance. Maybe even offer discounts to Gym battle winners. Then, on game day, players who successfully become Gym Leaders (with proof of gamer ID) will be entitled to that discount. Keep in mind that to hold Gyms, teams need multiple members to defend that location. So, while you’re giving discounts to the Gym Leaders, their teammates will be there alongside them, most likely as full-paying customers.

4. Capitalize on raid battle gatherings.

Having your business close to a Pokemon Gym could benefit you in more ways than you might think. Raid battles happen when a Gym is temporarily occupied by a Boss Pokemon. The Boss Pokemon could be at any number of difficulty levels, and usually requires a large number of players to team up to defeat the Pokemon.

Boss Pokemon are usually shown as an egg waiting to hatch, which takes a certain amount of time. Once hatched, the Pokemon will stay at the Gym until another period of time passes. This can be a great opportunity for your business because the set time frame allows you to be creative. For example, a nearby restaurant could offer half-priced discounts on appetizers while players wait for the egg to hatch, or a dollar off the customer’s meal if they beat and capture the Pokemon.

You can also capitalize on what is called an EX Raid, a battle that requires an invitation to participate. What better place to house an exclusive raid than your establishment?

5. Celebrate Community Days.

Pokemon Go developed Community Days, monthly live events where a particular Pokemon will be spawning more frequently for a limited time. This is usually an incentive for players to catch as many of that particular Pokemon as possible. Your business can combine Community Days with lures and incense to bring as many of that Pokemon. That, in turn, will pull in as many players as possible.

Your establishment can hold special events on that day that coordinate with the highlighted Pokemon, including deals or special dishes. If you’re a restaurant that wants to celebrate Bulbasaur Day, how about a Bulbasaur-inspired burger or dessert? The great thing about community days is that they happen regularly and can present a wide array of marketing opportunities. There are many ways to take advantage of national days for advertising.

6. Advertise a PokeHunt.

Hosting a community-wide Pokemon Go hunt that starts and ends at your business’s doorstep is a strategy that’s not contingent on the proximity of gyms or PokeStops. All you have to do is advertise the date and time of your family-friendly PokeHunt, wait for players to gather, and depart together for a stroll around your neighborhood. Your staff might even join the hunters in branded shirts to make sure your business is visible through the entire event. With any good PokeHunt, there should be an after-party. Invite the hunters back to your establishment for some trainer talk and to compare their hauls. This is an especially effective tactic for restaurants.

7. Create Pokemon Go social media deals.

Use Pokemon Go to increase your visibility on social media. Offer customers a few dollars off to take a screenshot of a Pokemon in your store or restaurant, post it on social media, and tag your business. While the tactic might result in just a few dollars off for them, for you, it spreads your brand online. It also shows other nearby players how many rare and exotic Pokemon are crawling around your establishment, which might encourage them to visit and maybe spend some money of their own.

8. Hold a Pokemon Go trading event.

After years of speculation and teasing, the ability to trade Pokemon was finally added to the game. Trading requires two players to be in close proximity, giving your business another potential game feature to focus on. Your business could have an event for Pokemon trading, like “Pokemon Trading Tuesdays,” where customers that engage in a trade get a perk or small discount. Some experienced players can engage in special trades or even have lucky trades, which you can award with greater perks and discounts.

The future of Pokemon Go

The rumor mill is full of talk of future Pokemon Go updates that will allow players to trade items. If and when these updates come, the added features will open new doors for businesses to harness the immense appeal of this augmented-reality phenomenon. If more AR games prove to be as popular as Pokemon Go, businesses might have a new local marketing strategy at their disposal. Luckily, these strategies cost virtually nothing to employ.

Bassam Kaado contributed to the writing and reporting in this article.

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Adam Uzialko
Adam Uzialko
Business News Daily Staff
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