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New Freelance Services for E-Commerce SMBs

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nortonrsx / Getty Images
  • Freelancer platform Fiverr has revamped its e-commerce services to help more SMBs enter the global online market, which is slated to make up nearly 14% of global retail sales.
  • Fiverr's new e-commerce services are platform agnostic, letting users take advantage of the company's freelancers regardless of the marketplace they use.
  • Officials say the new additions will help small businesses leverage the increase in direct-to-consumer brands to make their mark in a growing e-commerce climate.

Getting your small business noticed online takes more than a strong social media presence and a website. To really garner interest and get your products in front of the billions of people surfing the web every day, you need to embrace modern digital marketing and e-commerce growth techniques. Starting today, Fiverr is looking to make it possible for entrepreneurs to build e-commerce businesses using freelancer help from its new industry store.

With Fiverr's second industry-focused store designed to ease the transition from physical store to e-commerce business, CEO Micha Kaufman said today's announcement puts the company in a strong position to help many small businesses successfully sell their products online.

"We have seen rising demand for e-commerce-related services on our marketplace, and the launch of a dedicated industry store allows us to address this growing market with a more verticalized experience and enable our buyers to bring their e-commerce business to the next level," he said.

According to a CNBC survey from 2017, approximately 45% of American small businesses did not have a website. Couple that data with the fact that e-commerce is expected to make up nearly 14% of all global retail sales and it's easy to see why being online would be a boon to any small business.

"The e-commerce industry is a trillion-dollar market with consistent and rapid growth," Kaufman said. "There's a huge opportunity for many of these businesses to capitalize on the growing e-commerce trend."


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These days, there are multiple players in the e-commerce world. Platforms like Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento have been around for years, with scores of small and midsize businesses using these online store builders to start selling online. That's not even to mention major third-party marketplaces like Amazon Marketplace and eBay that have e-commerce tools baked in.

While those platforms make it relatively easy for newcomers to create online stores, Fiverr hopes its pool of freelancers can further simplify the process. The company said it plans to do this through its industry-specific store that offers services like "web design and development, dropshipping services, and SEO" from one spot.

For companies that already have their products on major marketplaces, Fiverr says its freelancers can also help with things like "product research, photography and descriptions, Photoshop editing, and channel advisors." The company's new marketplace also features a "dedicated e-commerce marketing hub" for help with digital marketing.

According to one Fiverr representative, the idea behind this move was that it doesn't matter where a small business's products are sold, since most of the services apply to all types of e-commerce platforms.

With today's e-commerce-based launch, Fiverr has taken another step in its bid to help small businesses outsource their various needs. The company's first industry-specific marketplace, which launched in July, targeted the gaming world, with service categories including game development and videography. At the time, the company said it was leveraging its "service-as-a-product" model to "democratize access to services."

Earlier this summer, the company also launched Fiverr Studios, which COO Hila Klein touted as the "natural evolution" of the company. Through Studios, freelancers can organize in groups to "create projects combining their different skills and experience to offer full-service solutions to tackle larger and more complex assignments for businesses."

Since Fiverr's inception in 2010, the Tel Aviv-based company has become a force in the online gig economy, with more than 830,000 freelancers, or "sellers," from 160 countries offering their skills in 200 categories.

"We have elevated our marketplace from a platform of single-contributor gigs to teams of talented freelancers collaborating as a small agency to serve all businesses," Klein said.

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