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How to Write a Great 'About' Section for Your Company's Website

Business News Daily Editor
Business News Daily Editor

First impressions make or break your company. Follow these tips on writing an effective "About" page for your business's website.

  • E-commerce is a critical component of any business, increasing the importance of a great website.
  • The About Us page of your website is a vital opportunity to capture the interest and attention of the site visitor
  • The information and presentation of information on the About Us page can contribute to the success of your business

Your company's website is an important digital asset that allows you to be discovered and connect with customers more easily. That being said, it's important to include an About Us page on your site that introduces and defines your business. Here’s how to write a great About section for your brand.

What is an About Us page?  

One of the most important sections of your website is the About page, which introduces your business to the public. This page should offer insight to consumers on who you are and what you do and provide a first impression that will welcome new customers. As Shopify points out, "If anyone wants to quickly understand your brand, your About Us page should be the single link you send them." 

Elements to include in your About Us page

Whether you're writing this important webpage from scratch or updating your existing one, experts shared their tips on how to set up an effective About page. The About Us page should do the following:

  • Tell the origin story for your company and why you started it.
  • Describe the customers or target market you serve or the need you fill.
  • Explain your business model, including how your products are made if applicable.
  • Introduce yourself and your management team, using pictures so potential customers feel like they know you.
  • Use content here that you don’t want to take up space on the Home page (video, links to blogs, explanations). 

Set common ground for customers

You want to attract customers by telling them why you're the right choice, and relating to them on both a personal and professional level.

"Like every page on your website, the About page has one single goal: to convert visitors to leads," said Tim Cameron-Kitchen, founder of Exposure Ninja digital marketing company. "Use your story as a chance to explain to visitors why they should buy from you rather than your competitors."

You don't want to overdo it on the self-promotion, though: Rather than rave about how great your company is and why you're the best in the market, allow your experience and success to speak for you.

"Promoting yourself comes through showing off your passion and values," said Cameron-Kitchen. "Think about what is most important to you and your business, and what gets you excited about your market. Don't be afraid to be honest and let your passion show."

Set the right tone

Your tone has a major impact on the impression you give consumers. While you don't want to come off as unprofessional, you should write in a conversational tone that welcomes readers. Remember, your consumers are human, and you don't want to speak to them like they're robots who understand industry jargon.

"Try not to sound like a wise old orator – this can come across as boring and overly corporate," said Cameron-Kitchen. "Use the tone that you would use if you were telling a potential customer about your company in a face-to-face interaction."

"If you're offering a service that people will pay for, you have to come across as professional and trustworthy," added Kamran Mirshahi, founder of PPI claims management company Canary Claims. "Don't use slang or colloquial language. You have to be understood by everybody."

Professional copywriter and marketing consultant Susan Greene recommends using the About Us page to forge a connection with the customer by offering a "peek behind the curtain." Let the person see who you are, use your authentic voice and seek to inspire trust. The potential customer needs to know what makes you different from your competitors, and the best way to get that response is to demonstrate shared values.

Greene also points out that visitors to your About Us page will spend 80% of their time on the top half of the page, so she strongly suggests putting critical content there. Lead with your best attribute, whether that is your product specifications, your value proposition or perhaps your credentials.

Keep it simple

You don't need an over-the-top introduction to lure in customers. Cover the basics in the most efficient way you see fit.

"The most important thing is to include what you do or offer," said Mirshahi. "Try and explain it as swiftly and simply as possible, so if people are quickly scanning your page, they know exactly what you do."

Don't feel the need to cover everything in your "about" page. "It's likely that people will have further questions, but these can be answered in an FAQ page or elsewhere," said Mirshahi.

Ask yourself what people want to know right away, and mention the most important things at the top of the page, he added.

Include testimonials

Hearing what previous customers have to say about your company is a great way to recruit new ones. It offers an outside voice that assures people they are choosing the right business to work with.

Mirshahi explained that "having testimonials is crucial, as people need this to know you are a trustworthy company."

In a highly competitive business world, having supporters offer their praise might just be the extra boost you need. Along with customer support, the About page is the place to list awards, honors and community involvement. If your business is contributing to local philanthropic organizations, mention it here. If your product is Green, highlight it on the About page.

Use your About us page to lead your potential customers to other pages, and to increase their connection with your company. Invite them (with links) to your social media accounts, and to subscribe to your email. Make sure if you have a career section, that it is linked on the About Us page as well.

For more tips on what to include on your business website, check out this Business News Daily guide.

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