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10 Best Jobs for People Who Love Celebrities

Charell Star

Life in the celebrity fast lane looks like fun. Unless you're starring in the next summer blockbuster or have a hit single hidden away, stardom isn't in the cards for most of us.

A-List Jobs

Being a celebrity has its perks. You travel to exotic places, dine at five-star restaurants and probably never get tired of adoring fans screaming your name. It's a sweet gig, but not one most people are fortunate enough to land.

Even if you can't become a celebrity, there's no reason why you can't have a great time working for one. From dog trainers to makeup artists to event planners, stars need help keeping their world spinning – and providing that support has led to many independent successful businesses and brands.

Here are 10 careers that could land you a gig working for a celebrity, plus advice from industry experts currently loving these jobs.


If becoming famous is hard, staying famous is an absolute herculean task. A good publicist who continually keeps their clients in the limelight is a must for stars. Talent only gets you so far, and it's the people behind the curtain – i.e., publicists – who keep the names of A-listers top of mind among press, fans and consumers.

"I am responsible for managing the public image of my clients," said Kayla Rose, CEO of The PR Rose. "My job consists of securing interviews with local and national media; developing publicity and social media campaigns; and issuing press releases, media alerts, and event recaps on client happenings and events."

Rose, who has worked with "Black-ish" star Anthony Anderson and celebrity hair stylist Andre Walker, has done everything from landing coverage in major magazines to walking her clients down red carpets. To succeed as a publicist, you have to treat your celebrity clients "like the human beings they are. As a publicist, my job is not to fan girl over the celebrities I work with. My job is to assist with their public image."

Studio manager

It is possible to work around celebrities who aren't human at all, and it can be just as exciting. Ashley Priselac, studio manager for Madame Tussauds Orlando spends her days creating experiences that mimic real life and brings fans closer to A-list celebrities, music stars and athletes than they might have thought possible.

Prieselac and her team work daily to maintain Madame Tussauds' standards for larger-than-life celebrity wax figures, including Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift, and take pride in the joy they bring to guests daily.

She performs touch-ups on the hair, makeup, and wardrobe of each celebrity wax figure in addition to staying up to date on celebrity news to ensure the museum portrays their lives as realistically as possible. When Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie separated, for example, Priselac and her team moved the wax figures apart from each other. After all, art imitates life.

And Prieselac spends time with the occasional, in-the-flesh star. "It's always a joy when the studio team is able to meet the celebrities in person for the reveal of their wax figures," says Priselac. "The reactions from (them) are absolutely priceless!"

Social media coordinator 

Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat are great ways for celebrities to connect with their fans, which has led to a booming business for stars and the brands they work with.

Celebrities and influencers often post updates, ads for projects they're working on, and products they've partnered with.

Luis Sanchez, the social media coordinator for the e-retailer, Ruggable, manages social media partnerships for her company, coordinating celebrities and Instagram influencers. She works with celebrities on social media campaigns that showcase her brand's products positively. Knowing what will resonate with consumers on social while staying true to the celebrity's brand is a must for a social media role.

Sanchez said, "Communication is key throughout the process of working with influencers and celebrities. You also have to carefully choose the influencer or celebrity so you can trust their content. It's important to let them present the product in a way that makes sense to their followers and, most importantly, that looks authentic so it can have a bigger impact for both parties."

She recently did a social media segment with celebrity yoga and Pilates instructor Kristin McGee. During the filming, McGee's kids woke up "from their nap and decided to steal some of the show by making cameos in the video." Social media coordinator jobs require people who are comfortable with their talent veering from the script when life happens. "It actually worked out perfectly and showed great engagement," says Sanchez. "That non-scripted moment ended up being a true authentic connection to everyone watching along."


Stars love a good meal and the people who prepare them. If you enjoy baking or cooking and want to spend some quality time with A-listers, then working as a celebrity chef may be your dream job.

Chef Jayda Atkinson spends her days developing creative menus based on dietary restrictions, cooking interesting dishes, and catering celebrity parties and events. This type of job is not a cakewalk though. "This role comes with a lot of pressure, as people are just genuinely picky," said Atkinson. "You have to have a tough skin and can't break under pressure."

Being a chef is a demanding job, but there are plenty of opportunities to let off some steam with your celebrity clientele as well.

Atkinson, who has catered for Ne-Yo, Diana Ross and Nicki Minaj, recently joined other celebrities in playing a board game after catering singer Faith Evans' birthday party. "They invited me and my staff to play Taboo with them," said Atkinson. "If you've played that game before, you know it was a hilarious time."

Wardrobe stylist

What celebrities wear is sometimes scrutinized more closely than how they perform on the screen or stage. Having someone with a discerning eye to help celebrities dress for the flashing lights on the red carpet or snapshots with adoring fans is a requirement for any celebrity wanting to stay on the A-list.

Celebrity stylist Sam Russell has dressed some of biggest names in Hollywood, including Sophia Bush, Stevie Wonder, Chuck Lorre and Colin Farrell. He recommends that anyone wanting to join the celebrity styling ranks be confident about their passion for fashion without letting go of their humility.

"Too much ego can kill your talent," said Russell. "Keep grounded, laugh a lot, and be very confident in every piece of clothing and jewelry you brought on set." He also warns that not every star will be a perfect client for you and that's ok.

"If you are ever approached by a difficult actor needing your services, decline. You can't get to the grateful clients that adore you when you are at the wrong mansion."

Marriage proposal planner

When A-listers decide they want to pop the question to their significant other, they sometimes need help determining the perfect way to do it. Luckily, they can turn to a marriage proposal planner who can take care of all the details for them.

Michele Velazquez, owner of The Heart Bandits, designs custom proposals for celebrities – and any client in love. It is critical "to make sure my clients' proposals go smoothly and that the vision is executed properly," said Velazquez. "Celebrities do not like to hear 'no,' as they are used to getting what they want. Instead of saying 'no,' always say, 'I will find out how to do it and make it happen.'"

Velazquez is tightlipped about her current celebrity clients, which makes sense as confidentiality is a requirement for this type of work. Playing such an instrumental role for such memorable life moments for clients is more than enjoyable for Velasquez. "I love making dreams come true. My clients want to make sure their girlfriends get the marriage proposals of their dreams, and I make that happen."

Beauty expert

Celebrity beauty expert, Kerry Spindler provides hands-on treatments and skin care advice to television, music and fashion icons like Daymond John, Snoop Dog and Bailey Chase.

Spindler provides esthetician, microblading, skin care and makeup services to her star clients with the personal goal of helping them appreciate their personal beauty. "What I love most about my job is that everyone is different and perfectly imperfect," said Spindler.

Being the go-to beauty guru for celebrities has led to some fun moments with clients. One of her most memorable was having "Snoop bust a move or two even when music wasn't playing. His lighthearted nature always lights up any room."

Dog trainer

Celebrities expect the best for everyone in their circle, and their pets are no exception. When they need to teach a puppy some new tricks or break an old dog of some bad habits, they call an expert.

Russell Hartstein is a sought-after dog behaviorist, nutritionist and trainer for the stars. He counts Naomi Campbell, Steve Guttenberg and Dwyane Wade as clients. To be a trainer of his caliber requires teaching dogs the basics, like how to sit and stay, as well as how to properly board and exit private jets and yachts.

Obviously, loving dogs is a prerequisite for being a celebrity pet trainer, but so is the ability to service clients at the drop of the hat. "Being flown around the world to private islands and estates to help with a dog's training, behavior or pet sitting" is all in a day's work for Hartstein.


Even the busiest celebrity likes to slow down and enjoy a good joke now and then. Comedian to the stars Dan Nainan has performed for President Barack Obama, Michael Bloomberg, Hillary Clinton, Arianna Huffington and Ashley Judd. Nainan spends his days bringing luminaries and dignitaries to tears after fits of laughter and enjoying every minute of it.

When it comes to entertaining celebrities, Nainan believes it is best is to treat them "with the respect that they deserve, but at the same time, don't put them on a pedestal and treat them like they are gods. They are just regular people like us who have a talent as well as a passion for hard work and discipline."

The funnyman is on the road as much as any A-lister and has performed in every state in the U.S. and 27 foreign countries. He's done voiceover work for the animated series "Family Guy" and appeared in one of Apple's "Get a Mac" commercials.

Makeup maven

Makeup artists are an integral part of a celebrity's entourage. They keep stars looking their best on and off screen.

Beauty boss Tiffany Herrmann is the one-stop glam squad for popular television and film stars, including Alysia Reiner, Mozhan Marno, Amy Paffrath (who starred in "The Purge: Anarchy"), and Kimberly Magness. Herrmann took her skills one step further and created her cosmetics line, Sheree Cosmetics.

Herrmann offers this advice to budding makeup artists wanting to build celebrity clientele" "Remember, [stars] are people, just like yourself. Share your story and get to know them." She stresses that becoming a go-to artist takes time, and you must invest in the process. "I get to know [my clients] and build a relationship – whether it's in person [or] through messages on social media, email, or text message/phone."

The makeup maven also highlighted the importance of being available to help clients out of beauty jams day or night. "One celebrity didn't know how to take our liquid lipstick off and had to send me a message on social media in the middle of the night. Luckily, we got the problem resolved (it comes off with oil). She loved the product and still wears it to this day."

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