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How to Back Up Your Entire Computer to Google's Cloud

Google Online Storage
Google Backup and Sync can store a computer's worth of data / Credit: Google

There's now a simpler way for businesses to back up data on Google Drive. Google has recently launched Backup and Sync, a new tool that lets users easily save different types of files stored on their computers. Previously offered to personal users, Backup and Sync is now accessible to businesses using Google Drive and G Suite.

Available on Mac and PC, Backup and Sync replaces both Google Drive for Mac/PC and Google Photos by combining them into a single tool. Backup and Sync is designed to be an easier and faster way to upload documents, photos and all types of files to Google Drive and Google Photos.

“It's a simpler, speedier and more reliable way to protect the files and photos that mean the most to you,” Google says.

The company also claims Backup and Sync will keep your files safe and organized on Google's servers, so they are no longer "trapped" in your computer and other devices.

To use Backup and Sync, simply install the Backup and Sync client on your computer, then select which folders in your computer you'd like to back up. You can also choose to back up and sync files from SD cards and USB drives, including cameras and mobile devices. After the initial setup, files in selected folders and data sources will be automatically uploaded to Google's servers and synced any time you make changes.

Backup and Sync also creates a folder on your computer named "Google Drive" – any files you put into this folder are automatically uploaded to and sync with your My Drive folder on Google Drive and accessible on all Drive-enabled devices or over the web.

Since Backup and Sync upload and sync files to your Google Drive account, it would be wise to keep an eye on your storage space. Google gives all users 15GB of Drive storage for free. Depending on the types of files you backup, you could easily surpass 15GB, especially if you're backing up photos, videos or your entire computer.

To check if you have enough storage available, go to google.com/settings/storage. From there you can also purchase additional storage, starting at $1.99 per month for 100GB or $9.99 per month for 1TB.

You can also check and purchase storage from the Backup and Sync client. Just open Preferences, click on Settings and select Upgrade Storage.

For more information on Backup and Sync, visit the Google Drive Help Center or G Suite blog.




Sara Angeles

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