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Open Office vs. Private Office: Which Type of Office Layout Is Right for Your SMB?
By Skye Schooley | November 16, 2021

Here's what to consider when deciding on the right layout for your small business.

Destination Dream Job: Creating a Career Roadmap
By Nicole Fallon | November 16, 2021

Whether you want to run your own company or snag the corner office at your current job, you probably have an end-goal for your career.

6 Types of Office 'Politicians' and How to Handle Them
By Business News Daily Editor | November 16, 2021

Many workers participate in some form of office politics, with most doing so as a way to get ahead.

The Real Reasons Employees Are Late for Work
By Marisa Sanfilippo | November 12, 2021

Employee tardiness can affect business productivity and cost money. Learn valid reasons for being late to work, and how workers should communicate lateness with their managers.

The End of a Controversial Era: Is the Open Office Dying?
By Business News Daily | November 12, 2021

The open office is battling backlash for causing inefficiencies and distractions. But does this mean it's the end?

Buying Cubicles: How to Choose the Right Ones
By Chad Brooks | November 12, 2021

While some companies are transitioning back to a more open office floor plan, the cubicle remains a popular option for many businesses.

Grasshopper Review
By Chad Brooks | November 11, 2021

Grasshopper is our favorite virtual business phone service for a mobile workforce because of its ease of use and flexibility.

8x8 Review
By Chad Brooks | November 11, 2021

8x8 is our favorite phone system for small businesses because of its features, reliability and customer service.

Dialpad Review
By Jeff Hale | November 10, 2021

Dialpad offers voice calling, video conferencing and text messaging. This flexibility helps small businesses connect with clients in ways that work best for both customers and businesses. This VoIP...

Are Workplace Politics Destroying Your Business? Here's How to Fix It
By Skye Schooley | November 10, 2021

Learn how to properly identify and overcome office politics in your workplace.

What Will the Workplace of the Future Look Like?
By Nicole Fallon | November 10, 2021

What does the future hold for workplace technology, office layout and company culture? Experts weighed in on what the American workplace will look like in the coming years.

Texting Friends From Work Makes Employees More Productive
By Chad Brooks | November 09, 2021

Why smartphones can equal increased productivity.

Having Friends at Work Leads to Longer Life
By Jeanette Mulvey | November 09, 2021

Work friends are good for employee stress levels.

A Record Number of Employers Give Two-Day Thanksgiving Holiday
By Chad Brooks | November 08, 2021

Many companies give a four-day weekend for Thanksgiving.

Disrespectful Employees? How to Fix a Toxic Workplace
By Sean Peek | November 08, 2021

Employees who are treated poorly by co-workers often start feeling entitled to treat others the same way. Here's how to stop it.

Workplace Conflicts? 5 Tips to Improve Communication
By Kiely Kuligowski | November 08, 2021

Use these five communication strategies to effectively resolve workplace conflict.

Why It's Good to Have a BFF at Work
By Business News Daily Editor | November 04, 2021

About 65% of people maintain close friendships with at least one co-worker, according to a study by Good&Co. What do workplace friendships mean for productivity and company culture?

5 Workplace Confidence Killers and How to Beat Them
By Max Freedman | November 03, 2021

Maintaining confidence is key to succeeding in your career. Here's how to stay confident and accomplish your goals.

Caught on Video: Employees Behaving (Very) Badly
By Chad Brooks | November 03, 2021

Some companies create videos they hope will go viral. Others have video greatness thrust upon them. These five companies wish they could recall videos that made them look very, very bad.

Nap Time? Sleeping at Work Boosts Productivity
By Chad Brooks | November 02, 2021

Sleeping at work isn't always bad. Here's when it can be good – and when you can and can't discipline employees for it.

Does My Company Own My Intellectual Property?
By Adam Uzialko | November 02, 2021

If you create something at work, does your company own it? What if you create it using company equipment? Here's what you need to know about your workplace and intellectual property rights.

10 Distractions That Kill Workplace Productivity
By Brandi Calero-Holmes | November 02, 2021

Smartphones, the internet, social media and email are among the 10 biggest workplace productivity killers. Here's how to get your team back on track.

In Most Countries, Freelancers Earn More Than Average Workers
By Business News Daily Editor | November 01, 2021

How much do freelancers really make? Global payment platform Payoneer asked more than 23,000 freelancers around the world.

10 Michael Scott Quotes Every Leader Should Live By
By Sammi Caramela | October 29, 2021

Michael Scott of "The Office" was a quirky yet valuable leader. Believe it or not, we can all learn a thing or two from him. Here are 10 Michael Scott quotes to lead by.

10 Notorious Office Romances
By Chad Brooks | October 28, 2021

As many as 30 percent of office romances end in marriage. Many more, end in disaster. Here are some of the most famous – and infamous – office romances of all time.

How to Stay Productive in a Loud Office
By Sammi Caramela | October 25, 2021

Are you easily distracted by noise? Here's how to stay focused in a loud work environment.

RingCentral Review
By Chad Brooks | October 15, 2021

RingCentral is our favorite phone service for businesses because of its wide array of features, reliability and multiple service plans.

Unified Communications: Make Your Phone System Work Harder
By Chad Brooks | October 15, 2021

You might be surprised by the myriad features your business phone system offers.

GoToConnect Review
By Jeff Hale | October 15, 2021

GoToConnect combines the power and reliability of Jive's cloud VoIP phone systems with GoToMeeting's web, audio, and video conferencing into one simple, reliable, and flexible solution.