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5 Mobile POS Success Stories

Sara Angeles
Sara Angeles

Not convinced that a mobile point of sale (POS) system is right for your business? These success stories could change your mind.

Traditional POS systems — typically a standalone terminal with a cash register, credit card reader and receipt printer — may be the most familiar, but replacing them with tablets and mobile phones can mean a world of difference in fueling growth and sales. So much so that mobile POS is expected to grow 95 percent in 2014. From increased profits to more flexibility and autonomy over your operations, a mobile POS system may be the solution your business is looking for.

Success story No. 1: Paleo drinks company increased their sales

Company: Amara Beverage Co., raw fruit drinks company

Mobile POS solution: PayPal Here mobile credit card reader

Would you ever turn away paying customers? For Amara Beverage Co., accepting only cash meant they would be losing 18-20 percent of their sales. Instead, PayPal's mobile POS system enabled them to easily accept credit cards and increase sales. [5 Ways POS Systems Are Changing (and Why It Matters)]

"It's extremely painful for an early-stage business to turn away customers who want to buy your product because you can't accept cards," said Greg Connolly, founder and CEO at Amara Beverage Co.

After implementing PayPal Here, Amara was able to increase sales by 20 percent. Having a mobile POS system also allowed them to sell Amara products anywhere, from gyms to CrossFit events and more.

"We've had nothing but amazing results," Connolly said. "I really enjoy the solution that makes a strong impact on our company's bottom line."

Editor’s Note: Considering a POS system for your business? If you’re looking for information to help you choose the one that’s right for you, use the questionnaire below to get information from a variety of vendors for free:

Success story No. 2: Restaurant chain improved the customer experience

Company: Honest Burgers, gourmet burgers restaurant chain

Mobile POS solution: BarPass mobile POS ordering system

Mobile POS systems can make running a business faster and easier. In an effort to maximize the speed of service at their six locations, Honest Burgers adopted the BarPass mobile POS system. Their biggest successes include improved customer satisfaction, flexibility of sales channels and less pressure for the restaurant staff.

"BarPass allowed customers to order their lunch or dinner before they had even arrived at the restaurant, minimizing wait times and reducing the pressure on waiting staff," said Ben Larcey, head of marketing at BlueBird Global, makers of BarPass. "The flexibility of the system also allows them to offer a takeaway option, which they were previously unable to do." Related Content: 5 Reasons You Need a Mobile POS System for Your Restaurant.

Success story No. 3: Niche shop took control of inventory control

Company: City Beer, beer shop and tasting bar

Mobile POS solution: Revel Systems, an iPad POS station provider

Unlike traditional POS systems, mobile POS systems go beyond merely completing transactions — they can also integrate front- and backend processes, which results in an efficient, streamlined reporting system. For businesses like City Beer, this means being able to take full rein over their operations. A case study by Revel Systems reveals how its mobile POS station helped City Beer take control of their inventory.

"Instead of coming into the office and taking hours to count inventory, items purchased are automatically withdrawn and the inventory is updated in real time," said Patrick Donnelly, director of marketing at Revel Systems, in the study.

Automating inventory control also resulted in lower labor costs, the case study revealed.

"Revel has saved me 5-10 hours a week on inventory and planning, giving me more time to run my business and make better decisions," said Craig Wathen, owner of City Beer. Related Content: Find the Best POS Systems for your Business.

Success story No. 4: Hardware store can now remotely manage sales and operations

Company: American Home and Garden (Ace Hardware), hardware and garden products retailer

Mobile POS solution: Epicor Mobile Manager, a smartphone app that lets businesses remotely manage orders and sales

A mobile POS solution can eliminate the need to physically be at the office to keep an eye on sales. Epicor's Mobile Manager enables stores like American Home and Garden to remotely manage sales and gauge performance using a smartphone.

"At anytime and anywhere, I can check the sales of the store and see whether sales are spiking or declining," said Ryan Lindner, store manager at American Home and Garden, in a statement. "I can keep tabs on what items I am selling throughout the day [and] during the weekends I can look at my phone to see whether the store needs me to come in or whether they’re managing fine on their own."

Epicor's mobile POS solution also enables Ryan to manage the orders remotely. He uses his smartphone at home to review and finalize orders, as well as add top-selling items to their orders. "Now I can ensure the orders are more accurate and better reflect what we are selling. Mobile Manager has made it easier for me to be more involved in the ordering process," Ryan said.

Success story No. 5: Selling at tradeshows and events became a breeze for this boutique

Company: Ay Dios Mio, a San Jose, Calif.-based Latino heritage boutique

Mobile POS solution: PayPal Here mobile credit card reader

One of the biggest benefits of a mobile POS system is inherent in its name — it's mobile. This doesn't just mean being able to conduct sales anywhere inside a store, but anywhere there is an Internet connection. For Ay Dios Mio, part of their success can be attributed to using a mobile POS both inside their permanent retail location at the San Pedro Square Market and at street festivals or trade shows.

"I use PayPal mobile when I do events and selling CasaQ products at wholesale trade shows and online," said Ay Dios Mio shop owner Rose Mendoza."It is convenient to use a mobile device because you are not dependent on hookups and sometimes having to pay electricity fees at trade shows," Mendoza said.

Moreover, compared to a traditional POS system, using a mobile POS system has made running the shop much easier for Mendoza and her staff.

"We can charge customers on the spot instead of going back to the office and running the cards, track the sales by individual items [and] immediately send customers an invoice," she said. "It's also safer than carrying cash and being open to getting ripped off — the list goes on."

Editor’s Note: Considering a POS system for your business? If you’re looking for information to help you choose the one that’s right for you, use the questionnaire below to get information from a variety of vendors for free:


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