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Workers Have Entrepreneurial Bug but Lack Confidence

start-up . / Credit: Starting a Business Image via Shutterstock

Workers are craving more entrepreneurial experience at their jobs, a new study has found. In fact, an overwhelming 70 percent of workers said they wished their jobs provided them with experience that could be used if they wanted to start their own business.

While workers sought more entrepreneurial experience, they were also hesitant about stepping out on their own.  Just 15 percent of respondents said they think they have what it takes to go out and start a business.  Support from a company would help to ease some of those fears for aspiring entrepreneurs. Thirty-seven percent of respondents said that they would feel better about starting their own business with the help of a business or other person. Twelve percent, however, said that they would still want to start a business without help. 

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A number of things prevented workers from jumping into entrepreneurship. Overall, workers were most afraid of losing personal savings and not having a safety net in their endeavor.  Other reasons why people feared starting a business on their own included losing benefits, decreasing their work-life balance and not having support. 

The research also found that almost more workers trusted entrepreneurs than a CEO. More information can be found in the below infographic compiled by Edward Jones. 

Supporting America's Entrepreneurs Credit: Edward Jones

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