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AccurateNow Review

Best Background Check Service for Very Small Businesses

A Business News Daily Review

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Editor's note: We updated the review on April 8, 2019, to reflect the company's one-time setup fee of $25. A previous version of the article incorrectly stated that there were no setup fees. 

After much research and analysis, we recommend AccurateNow as our 2019 pick for the best background check service for very small businesses. To understand how we selected our best picks, you can view our methodology, as well as a comprehensive list of background check services, on our best picks page.

If you are looking for our review of GoodHire (formerly our best pick for very small businesses), please go here. GoodHire is now our best pick for small businesses overall. 

AccurateNow offers affordable pricing, the option to purchase background checks one at a time and excellent customer service. AccurateNow's background checks cost between $24.95 and $63.95.

AccurateNow, a division of Accurate Background, is designed specifically for small and midsize businesses. It allows you to purchase background checks on an individual basis, and there are no monthly minimums.

There are three different levels of background checks to choose from, plus a variety of add-on services that can be tacked on to any of the plans. Here is a breakdown of its offerings:

  • Cost: $24.95 each
  • Includes: Social Security number trace, current county criminal courts search, national criminal database search and national sex offender registry search
  • Cost: $44.95 each
  • Includes: Social Security number trace, current county criminal courts search, national criminal database search, national sex offender registry search and a global watch search
  • Cost: $63.95 each
  • Includes: Social Security number trace, current county criminal courts search, national criminal database search, national sex offender registry search, global watch search, one education verification and one employment verification
  • Cost: $9.95 each
  • Options: Motor vehicle records search, one education verification, one employment verification, one professional license verification and a federal criminal search

AccurateNow also conducts drug screenings. The 10-panel tests are $27.50 each. However, there is also a charge to review the results. You have the option of paying an additional $5 for every test to have the results automatically reviewed or paying $25 only when a test returns a positive result.

Editor's Note: Looking for information on background check services? Use the questionnaire below and our vendor partners will contact you to provide you with the information you need:

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The only other cost, in addition to the $25 setup fee, is for electronic pre-adverse and adverse action notices. These notices are sent to candidates when something undesirable is found in the background check that could impact their hiring. For $5, you can automatically email both notices directly to the candidate.

We were pleased with how transparent AccurateNow is with its pricing. All of its costs are clearly listed on its website, which wasn't the case with many of the other providers we evaluated.

AccurateNow's online platform makes ordering and reviewing background checks an easy process. To get started, you need to register for an account by providing some details about your business, including its address, website, phone number and federal tax ID as well as some information about yourself. After electronically signing a user agreement, you can immediately begin ordering background checks.

To have a background check conducted, all you need to do is choose a plan and enter the job candidate's name and email address. The candidate is then sent login information to the system. Once they log in, they enter in the pertinent information that's needed for the background check, such as date of birth, Social Security number, address, past employers and education. In addition, the candidate is provided a consent form to electronically sign. We like that all of the responsibility of inputting the correct information and getting the consent form signed is in the hands of the candidate. Some of the other background check services we looked into required employers to handle these tasks.

Once the background check is underway, you can log in to the system to keep tabs on its status. Once it is completed, you are sent an email notification letting you know the results are ready for your review. On average, the background checks take between one and three days to complete.

AccurateNow's background check reports are simple to understand. The first page of the report features all of the candidate's information, when the report was ordered, who ordered it and when it was completed. It also provides a summary of the specific searches that were conducted.

The rest of the report offers details on each search. When nothing negative is found, there is a green circle with a checkmark inside it beside each search. If something negative or a discrepancy from what the candidate provided is discovered, there is a yellow circle with a question mark inside it next to the search.

For criminal records, AccurateNow provides the charge, case ID number, whether there was a date of birth match, if the incident was a misdemeanor or a felony, the date of the offense, the charge and if the candidate was found guilty. For verifications, the report shows the information the candidate provided and how that lines up with what the educational institution and employer reported.

Final reports are saved in the system for two years. If you need to access one after that, you can contact customer service to have it resent. You can also print or save the report as a PDF or HTML file.

AccurateNow's online system is mobile friendly, which allows you to order and review background checks from your smartphone or tablet.

We were pleased with the high level of service AccurateNow provided. To test the support offered, we called the company multiple times posing as a new small business owner interested in background check services.

Each time we reached out, a friendly and helpful customer service representative immediately answered our call. Some of the other services we contacted left us on hold or transferred us to a voicemail, which was often never returned. Most representatives we talked to answered all of our questions thoroughly.

During one of our calls, however, the representative had trouble providing the answers we were looking for. What impressed us though was that when he didn't know an answer to one of our questions, he admitted so, and asked to put us on hold for a second in order to get the answer from someone who did.

It is OK if representatives don't know everything, so long as they make an effort to get the answers from someone who does. During some of our calls with other providers, it was clear the representatives did not know the answers, but instead of trying to find them out, they talked around our question or just made up answers that didn't align with information posted on the services' websites.

AccurateNow offers support by phone and email between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. (EST) Monday through Friday.  While the AccurateNow website does not provide any additional resources, the Accurate Background website includes several support options, including FAQs, white papers, a glossary of important terms, FCRA information and sample forms.

AccurateNow is an accredited member of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners, the official accrediting agency of the background check industry. Becoming accredited requires background check services to comply with a variety of standards that are set forth by the Background Screening Credentialing Council. Accreditation lasts five years, after which companies must undergo the process again if they wish to remain accredited.

While AccurateNow's parent company Accurate Background is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, it does have an A+ rating. In addition, as of July, no complaints had been filed against the company in more than two years.

One potential downside with AccurateNow is that they charge for the preadverse and adverse action notices. While it is only a minor cost, some of the other services we examined did not charge for those letters.

In addition, customer support isn't available in the evenings or on the weekends, which could be a problem for some small businesses.

Editor's Note: Looking for information on background check services? Use the questionnaire below and our vendor partners will contact you to provide you with the information you need:

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