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15 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Resolutions

15 Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Resolutions
Credit: somchai rakin/Shutterstock

By the second or third week of January, many people have already broken the resolutions they made on New Year's Day. Diets have been cheated on, gym sessions have been skipped and home organization systems have remained unopened while last year's clutter stays piled up. 

But entrepreneurs who have made promises about their businesses are just beginning to work toward their goals for 2015. Fifteen founders and leaders shared their inspiring New Year's resolutions.

"When I was in high school, a jaded teacher once told me, 'Only 1 percent of the population makes a living doing what they love.' In that instant, I promised myself that I will be part of that 1 percent. I kept this promise last year when I quit my well-paying corporate job to start Lululosophy Artisan Chocolates. This year, I'm keeping the promise alive by challenging myself to triple last year's revenue and take one step closer to making a living doing what I love." – Lucia Liu, founder of Lululosophy Artisan Chocolates

"I hope to expand my business to women from all walks of life. I want women of all ethnicities to feel beautiful wearing my hair extensions. Your hair is your crown and I want every woman to feel beautiful no matter what length her hair is." – Ashley Chennel, founder of Ashley Chennel Virgin Hair

"My New Year's resolution is to stay true to our brand [by] only working with brands and clients that stay true to our mission of supporting other women." – Dara Kaplan, co-founder of Girlfluence

"We vow to make 2015 our best year yet by only working with clients that we are passionate about, respect our expertise and we can have a mutually beneficial relationship with. We'll make sure we focus on our own brand awareness so we are taking care of ourselves as we take care of others." – Gwen Wunderlich-Smith, president of Wunderlich Public Relations

"I plan to utilize technology to create more 'impact and fun' in 2015. More than ever, entrepreneurial success hinges on the knowledge, application, and collaboration of technology. Fremont College is launching a new digital marketing program that applies the latest social media technology and digital strategies, while operating a digital marketing agency where our students can work and learn through apprenticeship. I [also] installed a state-of-the-art karaoke system at home so that I could gather creative minds to share ideas, talk shop, and sing the BeeGees together." – Sabrina Kay, chancellor and CEO of Fremont College and Fremont Private Investments

"I have a personal growth plan — as I grow and expand on the way I act and behave, I naturally achieve the goals which I set out in front of me. If we focus our energies on improving oneself we will naturally achieve all our business and personal objectives. In 2015 I will continue to invest in me. That is the key to achieving every goal." – Mark Sephton, personal mentor to entrepreneurs and author of "Inside Job" (CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, 2014)

"Invest more. We work with incredible companies, meet brilliant entrepreneurs and all the while we haven't invested as a company. This year we hope to invest in companies we truly believe in, particularly women-owned businesses." – Jaclyn Johnson, founder of No Subject

"This year we'll strengthen our culture of purposeful development. We'll be sure all our team members (not just managers) understand how their development benefits themselves. Not only to meet our business objectives, but to increase their capacity to add value in all facets of their lives." – Edward Barnett and Karim Webb, owners of PCF Management

"In 2015, I resolve to appreciate my team even more and let each individual know the impact they are making in the world through their contributions to Punjammies. One practical way to do this will be to take our entire team to India to celebrate with the women who are employed by sewing our products, once we hit the $1.5M sales goal this year. It will be an important marker of how good social business can indeed change the world." – Shannon Keith, founder and CEO of Punjammies

"We've had a busy year during 2014 building our product in stealth. 2015 will be crucial for our success as we continue to build and reveal what we're doing. My resolution is all about simplicity and focus — less is more. – Tim Porter, founder and CEO of Gluru

"For 2015, I am looking to avoid marketing expenses without clear ROI — use the product as marketing platform and improve its discoverability. We will also focus on customer satisfaction — continuously improve product experience and strengthen support, and hire, hire, hire to get the right people and retain them. – Brian Berson, CEO and Founder of FileThis

"I will succeed by failing fast. Success is the iteration that didn't fail. When first starting out, it is critical to iterate and realize that what your business does today will not be the same thing if you are successful. Instead of focusing on your initial idea, focus on how you can build a product that serves a huge need and keep iterating until you get it right. You will know it when you do." – Jonah Goodhart, CEO of MOAT

"In 2015 we will continue our decade-plus resolve to do the very best for every single customer-every member of our Hope Paige and 4id family. To say thank you, we created 15 'Herb it Forward' scholarships, to be awarded in 2015 to a customer or their family member whose future leadership will continue to pay it forward in society." – Shelly Fisher, founder and CEO of Hope Paige Medical ID Marketplace and 4id Sports Identification Bracelets

"It is important, as the person leading the company, to recommit to your role as a mentor and a person who empowers those who work for them. With the hectic pace [of business], we sometimes lose sight of how important it is to support our employees so they become the best at what they do. If they succeed, the company succeeds." – Gerry David, president and CEO of Celsius Holdings

"As entrepreneurs, one of our business resolutions for 2015 is to continue to try to achieve a healthy work-life balance. November was a busy month as we both welcomed babies and launched our newest Bump Water initiative, our flat water flavors. As we continue to grow our business and family, it's trying to do it all, and do it all well." – Amber Wilcox and Stacy Rauen, co-founders of Bump Water

Nicole Fallon Taylor

Nicole received her Bachelor's degree in Media, Culture and Communication from New York University. She began freelancing for Business News Daily in 2010 and joined the team as a staff writer three years later. She currently serves as the assistant editor. Reach her by email, or follow her on Twitter.