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Start Your Business Business Ideas

10 Home-Based Business Ideas

10 Home-Based Business Ideas Credit: Light bulb idea image via Shutterstock

In her new book,  "Work Women Want: Work at Home or go Part-Time"  (Artisian House, 2013),  Jennifer Forest gives voice to a new generation of women who are finally finding the right balance between careers and motherhood. The book answers the questions, "Is it really possible to combine motherhood with a career and do both well?  Can I still make good money working from home?  How can I convince my boss that working part-time is win-win?  Is working at home or part-time right for me?"

In the book, Forest shares her journey to a successful home business and her experiences working part-time for an employer. Here, she gives BusinessNewsDaily readers 10 home-based business ideas that will help women – or men – achieve the perfect work-life balance.

Bookkeeping - So many people including  hate doing their accounts and tax returns. As a bookkeeper you are taking their pain away.

Media & Public Relations - Likewise many small business owners don’t know where to start with getting publicity or how to manage their social media. You can provide a solution to this problem.

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Human Resources & Recruitment  - From big to small business, many recruitment activities are outsourced to individual consultants or smaller firms. It’s a great opportunity if you are experienced in the field.

Professional Business Writing - This can take many forms from copywriting and media releases to big jobs like research reports and training documents. Source your clients through online sites and by real world networking.

Graphic Designer – It’s super easy to meet a client’s graphic design needs from a desk in your own home and there are diverse ways to find clients online or by word of mouth.

IT and Web Programmer – Many business owners aren’t skilled in designing their own websites or shopping carts and are very happy to outsource this.

Daycare - Working parents are actively looking for good quality care for their children. If you love kids and are skilled in education and creative play, this could be great work for you.

Online Retail - Finding your niche and the right platforms (e.g.: Etsy or eBay) may take time and practice but it can be highly flexible for moms who can also source good inventory.

Creative Teacher - From cooking and pottery to freelance writing and quilting, a dedicated and experienced teacher can book up the time she has by teaching at different sites online and offline.

Party Planning -  Working with an established and respected party planning company is great for women with a background in retail, keen to start their own business with support provided by the party planning team.

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