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15 Business Buzzwords You Need to Know

15 Business Buzzwords You Need to Know
Credit: Bloomua/Shutterstock

With every new year comes a new batch of business buzzwords to keep up with. Past years have seen terms like "phablets" and "wantrepreneur," but what words will professionals need to know this year?

Business News Daily asked business owners and experts what buzzwords would be popular in 2015. Whether you add them to your vocabulary or to your blacklist is up to you, just make sure you know what these terms mean. 

Remarketing: "This is a form of display advertising [that delivers an image or text ad for your company to a user] after [that user] drops off your website without converting. This has one of the best returns on investment for businesses and should be a term that everyone is familiar with for [2015]." – Jason Parks, owner, The Media Captain

Chief Culture Officer: "[This is] a role that is becoming more necessary as hiring becomes more competitive.  These people are responsible for making a company a place where everyone wants to work." – Ryan Farley, co-founder, LawnStarter

Momtrepreneur: "A woman who has children and [a] family [and runs] a business at the same time." – Lindsay White, founder, Lot 801

Conversation Marketing: "Marketing with the goal of having a direct one to one conversation with your customers through social media and other channels." – David Waring, editor, Fit Small Business

Goal Digger: "A goal digger is defined as an employee who pursues and successfully achieves company goals creatively, opportunistically, tirelessly, and, most important, legally." – Roy Cohen, career counselor and executive coach, Roy Cohen Career Management

H2H: "Instead of business to consumer (B2C) and business to business (B2B), brands will start throwing around H2H, which stands for human to human." – Brandon Seymour, owner, Beymour Consulting

Smarketing: "Smarketing is the process of integrating sales and marketing process of a business to unify the company goals and provide consistent messaging for your brand." – Todd Mumford, CEO, Riverbed Marketing

It Factor: "In business this essentially means the one special factor that makes any company new, or different, or interesting. In the past, this term has been known as the 'secret ingredient,' 'the special sauce,' and 'the X factor.' In other words, the 'It Factor' is basically an updated epithet or those previously aforementioned terms." – Ian Aronovich, CEO, GovernmentAuctions.org

Freemium: "Freemium is a pricing model that typically applies to software or web services with the option of a free limited version or a premium account with added features and functionality at an additional cost. The goal is to provide just enough functionality in the free version to hook customers, but limit them in a way that encourages an upgrade to premium." – David Scarola, vice president, The Alternative Board

 Newsjacking: "It refers to when a company leverages a current story in the news to put forth its own marketing or sales message." – David Bakke, writer and contributor, Money Crashers

Intuitive: "As a noun — a process, service [or] an offering that just makes sense. It's understood; it always should have been that way." – Tom Burnside, CEO, LendingPoint

mCommerce: "[mCommerce is] commerce carried out over a mobile device. Shoppers are browsing and buying more and more on mobile [devices]. Business owners should focus on making their online store fronts mobile friendly to create a truly omni-channel experience." – Alex McEachern, loyalty marketing specialist, Sweet Tooth

Growth Hacking: "Growth hacking is about finding innovative, inexpensive and often technical 'hacks' to significantly boost a company’s growth. Growth hacking can include building innovative features into a product that lead users to share it virally, doing something unique and buzz-worthy that gets a lot of free press, doing large numbers of guest blog posts to blanket an industry with your brand’s content, or tapping into communities or social networks in ways that boost attention in massive — not incremental — ways." – Tom Treanor, director of marketing, Wrike

Dashboard: "A dashboard should be a series of charts and graphs that incorporate a business's relevant data displayed in an easy-to-understand charts and graphs. When viewed together, it's easy for entrepreneurs to quickly gauge the financial health of their business." – Sabrina Parsons, CEO, Palo Alto Software

Mydeation: "It is using a group to help an individual solve a challenge specific to them (in an ideation or brainstorming session), most often to generate ideas for their own new product or new business venture." – Bryan Mattimore, co-founder, Growth Engine

Brittney Helmrich
Brittney Helmrich

Brittney M. Helmrich graduated from Drew University in 2012 with a B.A. in History and Creative Writing. She joined the Business News Daily team in 2014 after working as the editor-in-chief of an online college life and advice publication for two years. Follow Brittney on Twitter at @brittneyplz, or contact her by email.