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Home Office

Working from home will become the new normal for many businesses. Learn how to improve your home office.

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8 Tech Security Tips for Creating a Safe Home Office
By Sammi Caramela | June 02, 2020

ecurity is imperative in the digital age of business. Data breaches cost businesses time, money and their reputation. These security tips can make your home office safe.

Communication Technology and Inclusion Will Shape the Future of Remote Work
By Sean Peek | March 18, 2020

Working remotely has traditionally held a bad reputation, but more and more companies are adopting work-from-home policies. Check out the latest trends in remote work.

Remote Workers' Success Starts With IT Support
By Business News Daily Editor | January 31, 2019

The key to effectively managing remote workers is to make sure they have the technology they need to be productive, while making security a top priority.

25 Companies That Will Let You Work from Home
By Adam Uzialko | January 13, 2018

This year's list of the top companies for telecommuting jobs includes a mix of small, medium and large companies across a variety of industries.

Bad Remote Work Habits and How to Break Them
By Sammi Caramela | January 05, 2018

Does your company have a work from home policy? Avoid these bad habits.

Ready to Work from Home? Ask Yourself These 6 Questions
By Shannon Gausepohl | August 05, 2016

Are you cut out to work from home? Here are a few things to consider before you become a telecommuter.

10 Fun (and Affordable) Ways to Spruce Up Your Home Office
By Brittney Morgan | January 07, 2015

Want to refresh your home office? These fun finds will personalize your workspace and motivate you to be more productive.