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10 Unique Food Trucks Serving Up Business Inspiration

10 Unique Food Trucks Serving Up Business Inspiration
Credit: Andrey Saprykin/Shutterstock

They say that good things come in small packages, and the food truck industry is proof. You don't have to have a huge sit-down restaurant to give customers a delicious dining experience. Now more than ever, the best food often comes from tiny carts, stands and trucks. 

These 10 food trucks from around the country are serving up so much more than just mobile meals — entrepreneurs can learn a lot from their creativity and innovation, too.

Bacon is one of those foods that just about everyone loves — even some of the most dedicated vegetarians are likely to admit that bacon is one of their most-missed foods. But the crispy pork dish can do more than just top off breakfast platters and sandwiches, and that's exactly what San Francisco-based food truck Bacon Bacon is out to prove. The truck offers a dozen different bacon-centered dishes and several sides, including a bacon bouquet. There are even some interesting dessert options: candied bacon chocolate chip cookies, and chocolate-covered bacon. In fact, the only thing on Bacon Bacon's menu that doesn't include bacon is their french fries — and even then, you can order the truck's special "Porky Fries," an upgrade on the basic potato dish, which includes pork shoulder, pork belly, bacon and peppers.

Del Popolo is a mobile pizzeria in San Francisco, and it's one of several food trucks out there changing the way people see food trucks — literally. Del Popolo is a food truck created out of a repurposed trans-Atlantic shipping container, complete with a wall of glass doors so customers can see the interior. The truck comes with a traditional Italian-made wood-fired oven and serves "rustic Neapolitan-inspired pizza using ingredients sourced from small, generational producers," according to its website. Some of their mouthwatering pizza creations include an oven-roasted asparagus pie with green garlic pesto and fresh mozzarella and pecorino; a fennel sausage pie with crushed tomatoes, Calabrian chili and spring onion; and a traditional Margherita pie.

Fire Truck Crepes is another business that's reinventing the food truck. Made from a repurposed fire truck, the business is run by two emergency medical services professionals who were fascinated by the food truck industry. The Denver-based food truck serves nothing but crepes, but that doesn't mean you have to have a sweet tooth to enjoy it — the menu includes a variety of sweet crepes and savory crepes. Whether you've got a taste for cheesecake or chicken, this food truck has a crepe for every craving. You can even add ice cream to some of the truck's crepe creations by ordering them a la mode (though we wouldn't recommend it with the steak and cheese.) And if you want the truck all to yourself, don't worry — Fire Truck Crepes is available for events. According to the company's website, they can be booked for parties, company events, luncheons, concerts and even weddings.

If you ever find yourself in Atlanta on a hot day, there's one food truck you should track down: King of Pops. This truck is all ice pops, all the time — and not the boring, sugary, fake-fruit-flavored  treats you're used to from the grocery store. With both fruit- and milk-based options and flavors like blueberry lemongrass, cereal milk, creamy avocado, honeydew lime zest, Mexican chocolate and tangerine basil to choose from, you can't go wrong. The best part: If you've got food allergies, you're in luck, as the company's website lists which ice pops contain milk and gluten. And since King of Pops uses locally sourced ingredients, you can see exactly where the fruits, veggies, herbs and even dairy products come from on the website, as well. King of Pops also provides catering services for events. [7 Summer-Themed Business Ideas You Can Start Right Away ]

Love macaroni and cheese? Mac Mart Cart in Philadelphia puts its own unique spin on the staple noodle dish. You can order Mac Mart's classic seven-cheese mac 'n' cheese if you want to keep things simple, or turn things up a few notches by trying dishes like the Buffalo chicken cheesesteak mac or the "crabby mac," which includes crab meat dip, cream cheese and Old Bay-seasoned potato chip crunch. For the vegetarians out there, there are plenty of options like spinach artichoke mac, jalapeño popper mac and even tater tot mac. And you're not limited to a boring bowl of pasta — you can turn your macaroni and cheese order into a sandwich between Texas toast or hash brown patties, or order it on top of french fries or a hot dog. The varieties are about as endless as the calories, and it's clear that Mac Mart Cart is taking macaroni and cheese to a whole new level.

Seattle-based food truck Maximus/Minimus is all about options — that is, the option between hot and spicy foods, and sweet and tangy foods. Each item on the truck's menu comes in a hot variety ("maximus") or a mild, sweeter variety ("minimus") even down to the drinks. For main dishes, Maximus/Minimus serves up pulled pork sandwiches, vegetable sandwiches and grilled chicken sandwiches, with side dish options including coleslaw and macaroni and cheese. If you're more of a maximus kind of person, you can always order extra maximus sauce to further spice things up. And did we mention that the truck is designed to look like a huge metal pig? That might be why Maximus/Minimus is best known for its pulled pork. The truck's license plate even reads "some pig" — a reference to the classic children's book "Charlotte's Web."

Recess is a food truck that knows the importance of an actual lunch break. While the truck's menu features a delicious variety of sandwiches, salads, sides and sauces made from humanely raised and locally sourced ingredients, it's not the food that's most impressive. It's the San Diego food truck's "playground" that keeps customers coming back for more. Recess has a built-in high-definition 50-inch LCD TV complete with Xbox Kinect, a Blu-ray player and iPod connectivity, so customers can play games, music and movies while they eat or wait for their food. If you're in a hurry or just want more time to play, you can also order your food ahead of time and Recess will text you when your food is ready. Recess also has boxed lunches available for catering and you can book the truck for events, too — they'll even let you build a customized menu for your guests.

Snowday isn't just your typical food truck — it calls itself "a vehicle for social justice," and rightfully so. The truck is run by a New York organization called Drive Change, which helps to empower formerly incarcerated youth by helping them learn real job skills so they can go on to full-time employment or go back to school. And the truck serves up some seriously tasty fare, too. If you love maple syrup, you'll love Snowday: The entire menu is maple-centric, including the truck's "Famous Maple Grilled Cheese," which includes sharp cheddar, sourdough bread, maple syrup and optional additions like smoked ham and strawberry chutney. All of Snowday's ingredients are sourced from farms in upstate New York.

Vegans, rejoice — this food truck in Fort Collins, Colorado, should hit the spot. The Silver Seed is known for its healthy vegetarian food, with a menu that includes dishes like butternut squash tacos  with pickled cabbage and barbecue sauce, homemade beet lemonade and a vegan take on the famous Philly cheesesteak, complete with green chili nacho cheese and pickled cherry peppers. All ingredients are 100 percent plant-based and sustainable, so it's a great meal spot for environmentalists, too. The Silver Seed posts its upcoming locations on social media so you can find it easily, and the truck often makes appearances at local events.

Wafels & Dinges is one of the most well-known food trucks in New York City. The truck sells nothing but authentic Belgian, Brussels and Liege waffles (wafels) and toppings (dinges) — we suspect "Parks & Recreation" character Leslie Knope would be a big fan! The menu features both sweet and savory waffles, too, so you don't have to load up on sugar to enjoy the food. With toppings like dulce de leche, Nutella, Spekuloos cookie spread and various nuts and fruits, you can't go wrong. And for the savory waffles, you can order a waffle with bacon and maple syrup, pulled pork or even a chili con carne waffle. Wafels & Dinges has everything from hot cocoa and coffee to ice cream (with waffle cones, of course) and milkshakes, too, so there's something delicious for everyone. The truck is also available for catering. 

Brittney Helmrich
Brittney Helmrich

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