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eNannySource Review: The Best Background Check Service for Household Employees

After much research and analysis of background check services, we recommend eNannySource as the best background check service for household employees. We chose eNannySource from a pool of the dozens of background check services we considered. To read our full methodology and for a more comprehensive list of background check services, visit our best picks roundup page here. If you're still trying to get an understanding of what kind of background check service you need, check out our guide on how to choose a background check service

eNannySource specializes in background checks of household employees, offers a variety of search plans and abides by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

What separates eNannySource from many of its competitors is that it conducts background checks on more than just nannies. This service runs background checks on any household employee, including senior caregivers, housekeepers, etc. Most of eNannySource's competitors conducted background checks only on nannies and not on other types of household workers. 

Another appealing aspect of eNannySource is that it abides by the Fair Credit Reporting Act, which governs how background screenings of employees must be conducted. This helps protect you from potential lawsuits during the hiring process. 

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Of all of the services we studied, eNannySource had some of the best search options and most affordable pricing. The company offers three different background check plans, as well as additional searches that can be tacked on to any of the three options. Here is a breakdown of their plans:


The Basic plan costs $19 per report and includes:

  • A search of more than 300 million national criminal records.


  • The Gold plan costs $49 per report and includes:
  • A search of more than 300 million national criminal records.
  • Social Security number trace.
  • National sex offender registry search.
  • County court records search for the most recent county lived in.


The Platinum plan costs $89 per report and includes:

  • A search of more than 300 million national criminal records.
  • Social Security number trace.
  • National sex offender registry search.
  • County court records search for the most recent county lived in.
  • Additional county court records search for prior county lived in.
  • Driving record report.
  • National alias search.

A La Carte

  • County court record search: $30 per county.
  • Reference check: $25 per reference.
  • Degree verification: $25 per degree.
  • Driving record report: $30.

There is an additional $65 charge for New York searches and driving record reports are unavailable in Pennsylvania and New Hampshire.

One of the biggest advantages of using eNannySource is that it specializes in household employees. It knows exactly what red flags to look for, which often differ from what a regular employer might find concerning. For example, while a few speeding tickets might not matter for most employers, it probably would be of concern to someone hiring a nanny who will be driving children around. 

Using eNannySource is simple for household employers. You register for the service, select and pay for the plan you want, provide some basic information (your name, email address and phone number), and enter the job candidate's email address, all on the company's website.

The candidate is then emailed a link to eNannySource's secure online authorization form. This form obtains the household employee's consent to conduct a legally required background check, and gets all of the personal information — Social Security number, driver's license number, past addresses and former employers —that's needed to conduct the background screening. 

If the candidate doesn't have an email address, paper forms that can be completed and faxed back are also available. We like that this step of the process is handled completely by eNannySource and the job candidate. It not only protects you legally, but also makes sure that you don't make any mistakes entering the candidate's personal information. 

Background checks are normally completed within two to three days, however, the process can take a bit longer depending on the specific types of checks being conducted. Once the screening is finished, a final report is emailed to you. 

The background check reports, which are delivered as a PDF document, are extremely easy to read and understand. On the first page of the report is the basic information on the candidate — name, date of birth, Social Security number and the background package that was purchased — as well as a quick summary of each type of search that was conducted. Next to each search item, it says which page of the report those details can be found on and the status of those checks. For example, if no criminal records were found in a specific county search it will say "COMPLETE –clear" and be highlighted in green.  If a criminal record was discovered, the status will only say "COMPLETE." In those instances, you can refer to the page with those details to learn more about the specifics. 

When potential negative information is found, whether it be an arrest record or a driving record issue, eNannySource provides as much information as is given to them by the court system, the secretary of state's office, etc. That may include dates of incidents, charges, type of offense, the plea entered, the sentence handed out and current license status. Company representatives said the level of detail is all determined by how much information is available, which differs by county and state.

Overall, we were pleased with the level of customer service eNannySource provided compared with some of the other background check services we contacted. To test the level of support, we contacted eNannySource on several occasions posing as household employer.

The biggest problem we encountered was trying to reach the company by phone. Each time we tried to call, we were instantly sent to voicemail. However, when we reached out via email, which appears to be the preferred method of contact for many household employee background check services, our questions were quickly answered.

During our initial email exchanges, we talked about the types of employees eNannySource conducts searches on, the different plans available, the cost of each plan, how the search process worked and what the final background check reports included and looked like.

By far, eNannySource supplied the most detailed and thorough answers to our questions. While some of its competitors failed to even respond to emails, others provided incomplete answers to our questions. eNannySource gave in-depth responses to every question we asked. What was most impressive was the timeliness with which answers were provided.  Each time we emailed, the company's operations manager personally responded in less than a day.  Some of our emails were even answered in less than an hour. The other services that actually responded to our questions took at least two days to provide answers. 

During subsequent email exchanges we were provided with the same in-depth and timely answers to our questions. While it would have been even better to speak with someone by telephone, the rapid and thorough responses to our questions left us feeling very comfortable with the eNannySource support team.

eNannySource does not provide the hours its customer service is available.

One potential downside of this service is that it is not run completely through an online portal, like some of its competitors are. Instead of sending an email version of the final report like eNannySource does, some of the other household employee background check services we looked into allow you to both request and review background checks online. This ensures that the background check reports never get lost in transit and are stored in one convenient location.

Not being able to readily reach eNannySource by phone could pose a problem for some. If you do run into a problem ordering a check or understanding a report, it would be more comforting to know that you could reach someone immediately by phone. However, the quick responses we received via email provided us with a good level of assurance that our questions would be answered in a timely fashion.

Ready to choose a background check service? Here's a breakdown of our complete coverage:

Editor’s Note: Looking for a background check service? Fill out the form below to get free quotes from our vendor partners.

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Chad  Brooks
Chad Brooks

Chad Brooks is a Chicago-based freelance writer who has nearly 15 years experience in the media business. A graduate of Indiana University, he spent nearly a decade as a staff reporter for the Daily Herald in suburban Chicago, covering a wide array of topics including, local and state government, crime, the legal system and education. Following his years at the newspaper Chad worked in public relations, helping promote small businesses throughout the U.S. Follow him on Twitter.