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Whether you're bringing on employee number one, or one hundred; make sure you set them up for success.

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How to Create an Employee Application, and Which Forms You Need to Have
By Kiely Kuligowski | September 09, 2020

Here's what you need to do to begin hiring, and which forms you'll need.

How to Avoid Becoming a Micromanager
By Max Freedman | September 04, 2020

While appropriate in limited cases, micromanagement tends to hurt employee morale and lower job satisfaction.

Types of Organizational Structures to Consider for Your Business
By Max Freedman | September 04, 2020

An organizational structure helps you determine your company's leadership hierarchy and flow of information.

What Is an Affiliated Company?
By Kiely Kuligowski | September 04, 2020

Affiliated companies are a great way to minimize your risk in new markets and expand your company's value.

Salary vs. Hourly: What's Better for Your Business?
By Business News Daily | September 02, 2020

Overtime pay, and whether they are eligible for it, is one of the biggest factors in determining whether your employees should be hourly or salaried.

Employee Hiring Checklist
By Alison Grillo | September 01, 2020

A thoughtful onboarding process can help set new employees on the path to success.

Small Business Guide to Health Insurance
By Kiely Kuligowski | September 01, 2020

Here's everything you need to know about offering small business health insurance to your employees.

How to Write a Sales Plan
By Business News Daily | August 20, 2020

Writing a sales plan for your business doesn't need to be hard. These tips will help you write an effective sales plan.

Diversity and Inclusion Strategies for Startups
By Kiely Kuligowski | August 07, 2020

The best way to build a diverse and inclusive business is to do it from the beginning.

How to Terminate an Employee Remotely
By Jane Genova | August 05, 2020

Firing an employee is never easy; however, added complications are involved when doing so remotely.

Want to Boost Employee Productivity? Offer an Incentive
By Max Freedman | July 22, 2020

Offering employees a little incentive can go a long way in boosting productivity. This guide will give you ideas for workplace motivation that can have a material impact on overall productivity.

What Is Industrial-Organizational Psychology?
By Max Freedman | June 08, 2020

Industrial-organizational psychology analyzes how individual behavior impacts the workplace and how companies can improve their performance. Here's what you need to know about I/O psychology.

Good Leadership Is the Key to Adopting New Technology
By Business News Daily Editor | June 03, 2020

Technological innovation is more than investing in tech. It means preparing your team and fostering a culture that embraces the digital revolution.

Healthy Workplace Conflict Can Help Your Business Grow
By Business News Daily Editor | May 28, 2020

Conflict doesn't always have to be negative. Healthy debates and respectful disagreements can lead to business growth.

Popular Alternatives to Direct Deposit
By Sammi Caramela | May 26, 2020

Direct deposit is the predominant method by which employers pay their employees. However, these popular alternatives to direct deposit give employers a different way to pay.

What Employees Really Need From HR
By Business News Daily Editor | May 22, 2020

A survey by EmployeeChannel found that only 16% of employees feel connected and engaged. Here's why.

Internal Hires May Not Always Have the Inside Track
By Business News Daily Editor | May 20, 2020

While some companies prefer internal hires, the majority don't necessarily favor existing talent for open positions, according to American Management Association.

How to Hire New Employees During the Coronavirus Outbreak
By Kiely Kuligowski | May 20, 2020

How do you recruit and hire new employees if your company shifted entirely to remote work during the COVID-19 crisis? Here's how you can successfully adapt your employee recruitment strategy.

Retain Employees With Family-Friendly Workplace Policies
By Business News Daily Editor | May 15, 2020

Offering perks that support working parents could be the key to attracting and retaining top employees.

6 Tips for Writing an Effective Performance Review
By Sean Peek | May 12, 2020

Performance reviews have value for employees and employers alike, highlighting what is and isn't working, and keeping everyone on the same page.

Employee Freedom Breeds Loyalty and Commitment
By Business News Daily Editor | May 11, 2020

Giving employees freedom can lead to lower turnover.

Money Is the Top Motivator for Employees Who Quit Their Jobs
By Business News Daily Editor | May 08, 2020

Employees of all generations agree that being underpaid is the top factor motivating them to leave their jobs.

Why Gratitude Is the Best Employee Retention Strategy
By Lauren Wingo | May 04, 2020

Employee retention is important to keeping morale high and costs low. Here's why gratitude and employee appreciation are important elements of retention.

What Company Financial Data Should You Share With Employees?
By Business News Daily Editor | April 29, 2020

More than half of private employers now share how their organizations are faring financially with employees. Here's how to share this sensitive information.

Don't Burn Out: Pace Yourself to Avoid Workplace Fatigue
By Business News Daily Editor | April 28, 2020

Employees need to pace themselves during the day to avoid becoming overfatigued, which can result in lower morale and productivity.

Gen Y: Your Work BFF?
By Business News Daily Editor | April 20, 2020

According to one consultant, you should be cozying up to Gen Y at work.

Why Your Employees Hate Teamwork
By Business News Daily Editor | March 24, 2020

Working in teams is so frustrating to some employees that they have considered looking for new jobs because of it.

7 Questions That Could Help You Keep Your Employees
By Business News Daily Editor | March 18, 2020

Asking your employees about their career goals may be the key to retaining them.

Want to Inspire Employees? Share Their Peers' Successes
By Business News Daily Editor | March 16, 2020

New employees respond better to inspiring stories of their peers than those about company leaders.

Should You Offer Student Loan Repayment to Employees?
By Andrew Martins | March 12, 2020

Employee perks are a great way to attract and retain exceptional employees. Would offering student loan repayment give your business a significant leg up on the competition?