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TimeClick Review

Laura Handrick
Laura Handrick
  • TimeClick can be installed on a computer or your company's network so it replaces a physical timeclock.
  • Employers can easily see who is working and the number of hours an employee has worked. Mobile clock-in and out is available for the price of an additional license.
  • TimeClick starts at $99 and supports up to four employees.
  • This review is for small business owners who are considering using TimeClick as their time and attendance system.

We recommend TimeClick as the best on-premises time and attendance software for small businesses that don't want to pay for a monthly cloud-based subscription. You can install TimeClick on a computer or a network, so the software can replace a physical timeclock. You purchase the software license to get all of the features, such as the ability to clock in and out, time cards, paid and unpaid breaks, overtime calculations, and PTO balances and requests.



The Verdict

TimeClick is easy to use and includes some of the best time-tracking features and administrative tools in the industry.

If you're seeking a traditional timekeeping system to install on your network, TimeClick is a great option.


TimeClick offers five pricing tiers: Base, Prime, Premium, Pro and Enterprise. The Base starting price for one computer and four employees is $99. If you have more than four employees, you can purchase the Prime package for $199. Each TimeClick software package license requires a computer and a SQL database; you pay for your computer hardware separately.

  • Base: $99 for a TimeClick license for one computer and up to four employees
  • Prime: $199 for a TimeClick license for one computer and unlimited employees

If you have more than one location, you'll get volume discounts on additional licenses – one per computer. Here is the pricing for these plans:

  • Premium: $499 for licenses for up to five devices and unlimited employees
  • Pro: $999 for licenses for up to 50 devices and unlimited employees
  • Enterprise: $1,499 for licenses for up to 150 devices and unlimited employees

If you want to test out the software before committing to it, you can sign up for TimeClick's 30-day free trial. Once you purchase the software, you download and configure it. One year of tech support is included in the price. However, you will need to purchase a support package ($99 to $299 per year) or pay per incident if you need support after the first year.

Key takeaway: TimeClick offers an affordable, secure time and attendance system that's best for businesses that want an on-site timeclock. If you have only one location and one computer, this software may be cheaper than cloud-based timekeeping systems.

Best Features

TimeClick provides a database of your employees' personal information and has all of the features you'd expect in time and attendance software. For example, it tracks hours worked, overtime, night shifts, all pay periods, PTO and holidays.

For workers who start and stop at the same time, you can input and edit mass entries. You can also modify existing records and let employees submit an online request for missed time. All of the entries are visible on an audit trail.

Employee messages let you communicate with staff when they sign in or out, and employees can view their schedules, add their own time off for sick leave and track time worked by job or department.

On the administrative side, TimeClick lets you set up restrictions on what employees, managers and administrators can do. The software syncs client time to the server (if you purchase a Premium or higher license) and provides audit tracking for all time-entry modifications made by an administrator.

TimeClick lets you set overtime rules to accommodate different states' regulations, as well as set up accruals and notifications. You can accrue time per hour, year, pay period, month or year. This includes accruals for vacation, sick days and other time off. Employees can view their accrued time off and request PTO through the system.

TimeClick integrates with QuickBooks and Passport Software, and you can download a CSV timesheet from TimeClick to sync with almost any payroll provider.

Key takeaway: A TimeClick license includes all of the advanced features of a robust time and attendance system in a highly configurable, easy-to-audit system that doesn't require monthly fees.

Pros and Cons


For physical locations where workers clock in and out on-site, TimeClick offers a robust time and attendance system. It lets you know who is on location and what hours they've worked. If you wish to upgrade to support remote employees, you can pay for a license that gives you a mobile option for clocking in and out.

It takes only a few minutes per computer to install TimeClick and five minutes to install the database. You can purchase the software, set it up and begin using it the same day.

The software includes nearly two dozen standard reports, and you can sort them, adjust font sizes and add a signature line. You can choose which items to include before printing or exporting data in your reports.

The software is flexible. For example, the mass-entries feature saves time on tasks such as adding a paid holiday to everyone's timesheet at once. Additionally, you have the flexibility to give some employees, like salaried exempt workers, restricted administrative controls to modify their records while requiring hourly team members to contact a manager if they've made an error clocking in or out.


One downside of TimeClick is that, because it isn't cloud-based, you'll need to download regular software releases to keep it updated. TimeClick typically upgrades its software annually and issues smaller releases as needed for bug fixes and enhancements. Other limitations are that TimeClick doesn't provide an easy way to distinguish billable hours from nonbillable hours, and it lacks biometric options to prevent time theft.

Key takeaway: TimeClick is a flexible, easy-to-set-up option for any small business with on-site employees. However, it isn't hosted in the cloud and doesn't offer biometric options.

Customer Support

TimeClick offers support via phone, chat and email. The support hours are 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. However, in the middle of the day, the chat was sometimes offline.

TimeClick provides a free knowledgebase, FAQs and a troubleshooting tool. If you can't find the answers to your questions using those self-help resources, you can call the support team directly or complete a contact form online.

Users of TimeClick rate it solidly between 4.5 and 5 stars on third-party software review sites.

Key takeaway: TimeClick offers customer support by phone, chat and email Monday through Friday, and the company offers a wealth of self-help resources online.

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The Verdict

TimeClick is easy to use and includes some of the best time-tracking features and administrative tools in the industry.

Laura Handrick
Laura Handrick
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