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TimeClick Review

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley
  • TimeClick can be installed on a computer or your company's network, replacing a physical time clock.
  • TimeClick starts at a one-time cost of $199 and supports unlimited employees.
  • Mobile clock-in and clock-out is available for the price of an additional license.
  • This review is for business owners and managers who are considering TimeClick as their time and attendance system.

Some businesses only need one device for their employees to clock in on at a fixed location. Paying a monthly subscription might not make sense when on-premises solutions offer the same functionality for a one-time licensing cost. We recommend TimeClick as the best on-premises time and attendance software for businesses that have in-office teams. If you have an office staff that shares devices, it can be beneficial to have an on-premises solution, as opposed to a cloud-based subscription, because you only pay a one-time fee for each device. TimeClick is the only software we reviewed that offers this ability. Once you install TimeClick on a company computer or network, the software can replace a physical time clock. The one-time purchase of the software license gives you access to essential features, such as the ability for employees to clock in and out, timecards, paid and unpaid breaks, overtime calculations, and PTO balances and requests. If you're seeking a traditional timekeeping system to install on your network, TimeClick is a great option.



The Verdict

TimeClick is the best time and attendance software for businesses with in-office teams. Pricing is based on number of devices, not employees, so it is especially great for businesses with multiple employees clocking in on the same device.

TimeClick Editor's Score: 81/100

Cost 94
Features 80
Integrations 80
Usability 75
Customer service 75

Why TimeClick Is Best for In-Office Teams

The one TimeClick feature that stands out among the competition is the fact that TimeClick is an on-premises solution as opposed to a cloud-based subscription. TimeClick users only have to pay a one-time purchase for lifetime access to the software. Instead of charging per employee, the software charges per device. This means you can have multiple in-office employees use the same device to clock in and out, saving you money on time and attendance software overall.

Multiple employees can clock in and out on the same device.

In-office teams often consist of multiple departments, so TimeClick allows you to set up an unlimited number of departments. This is a feature we didn't see in many competitors, and it can be a useful way to organize your in-office team within your system. You can also create an unlimited number of accrued PTO categories for employees, which can help you manage your team's time off.

TipTip: To streamline your payroll process, set up custom time-off actions with TimeClick and automatically apply them to your team with mass entries. For example, you can add a paid holiday to everyone's timesheet at once.


  • TimeClick is a one-time purchase, instead of a monthly subscription.
  • TimeClick charges by device, not employee, so an unlimited number of employees can use the same punch-in devices.
  • TimeClick is the only on-premises time-tracking software that made it into our best picks.
  • You can assign an unlimited number of departments in the software.


  • Only one year of free customer support is included with each purchase. After that, you must pay for a support subscription or pay per incident.
  • You must continually download software releases and upgrades to keep it up to date.


Even though TimeClick must be installed on your database and each device, it is relatively simply to use. We like that once you purchase a package, the software automatically registers to your correct license size, so you are only paying for the correct number of devices you need.

The software is flexible, lending to its overall usability. For example, the mass-entry feature saves time on tasks such as adding a paid holiday to everyone's timesheet. Additionally, TimeClick lets you set up restrictions on what employees, managers and administrators can do. We liked the flexibility to give some employees, like salaried exempt workers, certain administrative controls to modify their own records. Similarly, you can configure settings to require hourly team members to contact a manager if they've made an error clocking in or out, rather than editing it themselves.

The software has other useful features to help you stay legally compliant, like automatic lunch deduction, clock-in restrictions, audit tracking for all time-entry modifications by an administrator, and custom reports.

Did you know?Did you know? TimeClick releases a new version each year, as well as small periodic updates, which will require you to update the software on your end. It doesn't take long, but you will need to keep up with it, in contrast to the automatic updates of cloud-based software.


TimeClick provides a database of your employees' personal information and all of the features you'd expect in time and attendance software. For example, it tracks hours worked, overtime, night shifts, all pay periods, PTO and holidays.

Here are some of the services you can receive with TimeClick:

Time tracking An unlimited number of employees can clock in and out on the same device, and managers can easily add and modify clock records.
Department and job tracking TimeClick lets you assign an unlimited number of departments and department heads, and track time spent on each job.
PTO management You can customize an unlimited number of accrued PTO categories for employees.
Mobile app The mobile app lets employees clock in and out from any location. Each mobile device on which the software is installed counts toward your license package.

Time Tracking

Employees can clock in and out of any device that TimeClick is installed on, whether that be a computer, tablet or mobile device. Because TimeClick charges per device (as opposed to per employee, like the other software we reviewed), you can have an unlimited number of employees clock in and out on the same device. The ability to track time this way can be a big money-saver if you have several employees using one device, which is why it's such a great option for in-office workforces.

For physical locations where workers clock in and out onsite, TimeClick offers a robust time and attendance system that is competitive with others on the market. For example, it lets you know who is on location and what hours they've worked. If you wish to upgrade to support remote employees, you can pay for a license that provides a mobile option for clocking in and out.

For workers who start and stop at the same time, you can input and edit mass entries. You can also modify existing records and let employees submit an online request for missed time. All of the entries are visible on an audit trail. To keep employees compliant with labor laws, you can set restrictions that prevent employees from clocking in outside their scheduled start times, track paid and unpaid breaks, and auto-deduct lunch breaks. 

Managers can modify employees' hours and input mass entries as needed.

Once employees' hours are recorded and approved, they can easily integrate with any payroll software that imports a CSV file. This is standard for software in the time and attendance industry.

Department and Job Tracking

One thing we really like about TimeClick is its ability to track departments and jobs. Although many competitors offer department and job tracking, what's different about TimeClick is that you can assign an unlimited number of departments as well as department heads who can access restricted admin settings. Employees can be added to various departments and job codes, which is a great way to keep your staff organized. You can get a clear view of what each employee is working on and track how much time is spent on each job or project.

Employees can clock in for various departments and job types.

If project tracking is your top priority and you have a hybrid team, you may also want to check out our Clockify review.

PTO Management

TimeClick lets you set overtime rules to accommodate different states' regulations, as well as set up accruals and notifications. You can set time off to accrue per hour, pay period, month or year. This includes accruals for vacation, sick days and other paid time off. Employees can view their accrued time off and request PTO through the system. If your business offers holiday time off, you can easily set up custom time actions and deploy mass entries for your team. We like this feature, as it simplifies your time-off management process and helps ensure accurate payroll processing.

Managers can track employee overtime and generate time-off reports.

Mobile App

If you want to give your employees the flexibility to clock in and out from a location other than the office, you can have them download the TimeClick mobile app (as long as you have a support subscription). Although this app counts as a license in your package, it is easy to set up and navigate. We like that the simple interface lets employees clock in and out, view their current time and status, and leave comments and messages. This is ideal if you have employees traveling for work or want to set up a mobile clock-in station in your office. 

TimeClick is compatible with mobile devices for mobile punching.

While some competitors do include mobile punching as an automatic feature with their platforms, it is not always essential for in-office teams. That's why we like that it's an optional add-on capability with TimeClick.


The TimeClick software is a one-time purchase, unlike its competitors' subscription plans. You can choose from four plans: Prime, Premium, Plus and Platinum. Each plan includes the same features and allows an unlimited number of employees. Where each plan differs is the number of devices you can access the software on.

  • Prime: $199 for a TimeClick license for one computer and unlimited employees
  • Premium: $399 for up to five devices, unlimited employees, and mobile clock-in/out access
  • Plus: $499 for up to 10 devices, unlimited employees, and mobile clock-in/out access
  • Platinum: $649 for up to 25 devices, unlimited employees, and mobile clock-in/out access

TimeClick offers custom quotes for businesses that want to install the software on more than 25 devices. Each mobile device counts toward your license. If you want to test out the software before committing to it, you can sign up for TimeClick's 14-day free trial. Once you purchase the software, you download and configure it. The software is easily scalable, so you can change your device count at any time.

Every plan includes one year of tech support. However, you will need to purchase a support package ($99 to $159 per year) for every following year. This support plan gives you access to unlimited support and free version upgrades.

Key TakeawayKey takeaway: TimeClick's affordable, secure time and attendance system is best for businesses that want an onsite timeclock. If you have only one location and a few devices, this software may be cheaper than cloud-based timekeeping systems


TimeClick is the only installation-based (as opposed to cloud-based) time and attendance software we reviewed. This means you will need to install the program onto each device you want to use for clocking in and out. Although this may sound complicated, it only takes two to five minutes to install TimeClick to your database, and less than two minutes per computer/client installation. You can purchase the software, set it up and begin using it the same day. TimeClick also offers a knowledgebase of resources to help you install and set up the software if you need guidance.

TimeClick can only run on devices with Windows 7 or newer, or you can sign up to use the mobile app with whatever credentials you initially set up within the desktop application. Using mobile is as easy as downloading the app and logging in, but you will also need to have a support subscription (free for the first year) to use the mobile app.

Setting Up for Multiple Offices

If you have multiple offices and want to set up the same database between them, TimeClick outlines a few options for you: You can use the mobile app, set up a VPN connection between your offices, or use remote access software. If you need to install a VPN or remote access software, this step may add time to your initial setup process.

If this step is too complicated, you may want to consider a cloud-based solution that doesn't limit locations. Read our review of QuickBooks Time if this sounds like a better fit for you. 

Customer Service

TimeClick provides a free knowledgebase, FAQs, video tutorials, calculators and a troubleshooting tool on its website. If you can't find the answers to your questions using those self-help resources, you can contact the support team directly. TimeClick offers support by phone, email and webchat. The support hours are 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. MST Monday through Friday. However, we noticed that the chat was sometimes offline in the middle of the day.

One thing to note with TimeClick customer support is that it only offers one year of free support with each plan, instead of unlimited free support like some competitors offer. After that, you will be automatically billed once a year for customer support, which can range from $99 to $159 per year. If you don't want to pay for customer support, you can opt out and only pay per incident. However, if you do so, you will lose access to the full benefits of unlimited support and free version upgrades. Keep in mind that you must have a support subscription if you plan to use the mobile app.

Key TakeawayKey takeaway: TimeClick offers one year of free customer support with each plan, but you will have to pay an annual support subscription fee after that.


One downside of TimeClick is that, because it isn't cloud-based, you'll need to download regular software releases to keep it updated. TimeClick typically upgrades its software annually and issues smaller releases as needed for bug fixes and enhancements.

Additionally, TimeClick charges extra for customer support. It does include one year of customer support with each plan purchase, but after that, you will either need to pay for a support subscription or pay per incident. Most competitors we reviewed include some form of customer support for free with their plans. 

If you are looking for a time and attendance solution that offers similar support hours, but for free, check out our review of OnTheClock or our review of Paychex Flex. Keep in mind that both of these are cloud-based subscriptions, not on-premises solutions.


We spent weeks researching and analyzing time and attendance systems to identify the top solutions on the market. We looked at features, pricing, integrations, usability, and customer support, and we even got hands-on experience with demos and product videos when possible. When looking for the best time and attendance solution for in-office teams specifically, we prioritized features like cost, on-premises vs. cloud-based models, time clock options, department and job tracking, time-off management, and usability.

What Is a Time and Attendance System?

A time and attendance system is a digital solution that employees can use to clock in and out via web browsers, mobile apps, and tablet kiosks. Although the specific features and hardware that each system has may vary, businesses often use time and attendance systems to track employees' hours and locations, schedule employee shifts, manage paid time off, track job and project expenses, and communicate with team members.


Which operating system does TimeClick support?

TimeClick works on any device that run Windows 7 or newer. It also has system requirements such as 1GB of hard disk space, and the company recommends that each device you install it on has at least 4GB of RAM.

Which mobile platforms does TimeClick support?

TimeClick supports both iOS and Android devices. In other words, if one of your employees wants to add their smartphone as a device on your TimeClick plan, it can be either Apple or Android.

Who are the typical users of TimeClick?

TimeClick serves a variety of clients, ranging from small to large businesses. The majority of its users are small and midsize businesses. The company can also serve various industries, including medical practices, health and wellness, hospital and healthcare, law practices, retail, automotive, construction, marketing and advertising, and business services. If you are wondering if TimeClick can work with your business, contact a representative.

Bottom Line

We recommend TimeClick for …  

  • Businesses that want their time and attendance solution to be a one-time purchase.
  • Businesses seeking on-premises software.
  • Businesses that don't need many clock-in devices.

We don't recommend TimeClick for …

  • Businesses seeking cloud-based software.
  • Businesses that need a lot of clock-in devices.
  • Businesses that want unlimited free customer support.

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The Verdict

TimeClick is the best time and attendance software for businesses with in-office teams. Pricing is based on number of devices, not employees, so it is especially great for businesses with multiple employees clocking in on the same device.

Skye Schooley
Skye Schooley
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