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4 Common Communication Failures (And How to Fix Them)
By Saige Driver | November 09, 2017

Despite the numerous ways workers communicate with each other, the process isn't always smooth. Here's how to fix common business communication breakdowns.

BambooHR Performance Management Software
By Adam Uzialko | September 21, 2017

BambooHR is a great option for a stand-alone performance management system because of its open API, which allows it to integrate with a variety of other human capital management software suites and...

By Adam Uzialko | September 21, 2017

For midsize and large companies, a versatile human capital management is a must UltiPro's performance management module and associated software deliver effective tools for managing your most valuable...

Halogen TalentSpace
By Adam Uzialko | September 21, 2017

Halogen TalentSpace is our best pick for performance management systems for small businesses for its high degree of customization, easily navigated user interface, and the other effective talent...

Entrepreneurs Answer the Question: 'Why Is Innovation Important'
By Chad Brooks | July 05, 2017

Coming up with new ideas is essential to success. There are several types of innovation.

What is a Non-Compete Agreement?
By Marci Martin | June 27, 2017

A non-compete agreement guards against employees leaving for a competitor, starting a competing business, or sharing trade secrets. Here's what you should know.

Fed Up! What Small Businesses Should Expect as Monetary Policy Changes
By Adam Uzialko | March 13, 2017

If the Federal Reserve hikes its rates as expected, in tandem with reducing its balance sheet, what will that mean for the economy and your business?

All in the Family: How to Tackle 5 Big Family Business Challenges
By Paula Fernandes | March 11, 2017

Family drama can be hard enough without the added element of managing a business together. Here's how to keep your family and your company running smoothly.

Support Your Employees by Creating a Family-Friendly Workplace
By Paula Fernandes | December 13, 2016

Your employees are people first. As their employer, it pays off in the long run for you to let them know it's OK to attend to personal family matters.

The 10 Best (and Worst) Cities for Starting a Business
By Chad Brooks | May 04, 2016

WalletHub research finds that the best parts of the country in which to start your business are the Midwest and the Great Plains.

9 Tips for Building a Referral Network for Your Medical Practice
By Adam Uzialko | April 25, 2016

Experts in the healthcare industry weigh in on how you can build a robust referral network to support your medical practice's revenue cycle.

9 Regulatory Issues That Will Affect Small Business in 2014
By Chad Brooks | January 01, 2016

As small businesses prepare for 2014, they shouldn't focus solely on increasing their bottom lines.

SWOT Analysis Tips and Examples for Your Small Business
By Nicole Fallon | December 27, 2015

Writing a SWOT analysis? Here are some tips (and a sample) from two small business leaders who have successfully written and used one.

6 Questions to Ask Your Business Attorney by Year-End
By Nicole Fallon | November 17, 2015

As you start to prepare your business for the end of the year, make sure you speak with your attorney about these six important issues.

Time to Grow Up? Taking Your Business to the Next Level
By Nicole Fallon | September 19, 2015

The majority of small business owners view growth as their top priority, according to American Express OPEN. Here's how they plan to accomplish that growth.

Gamifying Your Workforce: How to Make Engagement Fun
By Nicole Fallon | August 11, 2015

In an effort to create a more engaged workforce, many companies are starting to gamify their internal processes. Here's why it works and how you can do it.

Want to Fly Solo? 4 Unique Challenges of Sole Proprietorship
By Nicole Fallon | July 23, 2015

Sole proprietors face a unique set of challenges when running a business of one. Here's how to overcome the biggest obstacles of 'solopreneurship.'

9 Documents Your Business Should Keep Forever
By Chad Brooks | April 30, 2015

Tempted to clean out the old filing cabinet? Make sure you don't throw these documents away.

Should You Ditch That Nightmare Client?
By Nicole Fallon | April 17, 2015

Every service-based business will have to deal with one or two difficult clients. But is it time to drop them completely?

Samoas to CEOs: 5 Things Girl Scouts Can Teach Businesses
By Nicole Fallon | March 17, 2015

They may be young, but Girl Scouts can teach you a lot about leadership and business. Here's how these entrepreneurial girls build future skills through the Girl Scout Cookie Program.

Super Bowl Psychology: What Winning Teams Do Right
By Business News Daily Editor | January 28, 2015

Three experts: an ex-Giant, a former Eagles manager and a sports psychologist tell you how to put Super Bowl psychology to work for your business.

5 Business Problems Solved (In One Page or Less)
By Jeanette Mulvey | January 15, 2015

Need help getting started in social media or making your meetings more exciting? Five experts tell you how.

Can You and Your Spouse Run a Business Together? Making It Work
By Nicole Fallon | November 19, 2014

Thinking about a business partnership with your spouse or significant other? Take this advice from an entrepreneurial couple who makes it work.

Outsourcing Human Resources: 10 Companies to Consider
By Nicole Fallon | October 23, 2014

Are you looking to outsource your human resources operations? Here are 10 companies that specialize in HR management for small businesses.

The 20 Most Annoying, Overused and Meaningless Business Buzzwords
By Chad Brooks | September 05, 2014

Managers say that employees use a horde of common buzzwords and clichés every day — such as 'dynamic, 'deep dive' and 'leverage' — that really get under the bosses' skin.

9 Things to Consider Before Outsourcing Your HR Department
By Chad Brooks | July 14, 2014

To help find the right partner, several experts weighed in on what small businesses should look for in a PEO provider.

Subscription-Based Business: Be Engaging, Never Pushy
By Nicole Fallon | July 09, 2014

How do you get customers to pay for a subscription to your service? Be friendly and engaging — never pushy.

Getting More Customers, Without More Work
By Elizabeth Peterson | June 30, 2014

What time-strapped business owners need is a strategy that lets them attract more customers without logging in more hours at work.

It's Time for Businesses to Rethink Long-Term Investment Decisions
By Business News Daily Editor | June 04, 2014


Grow Your Business: 5 Tips for Scaling Up
By Nicole Fallon | May 31, 2014

Want to grow your business quickly? Here are five tips to help you scale up.