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By Lori Fairbanks | August 08, 2019

Fiserv, formerly known as First Data, provides merchant services and Clover equipment to businesses of all types and sizes, including banks and independent sales organizations that resell them to...

The Best States for Small Businesses in 2019
By Andrew Martins | August 07, 2019

Annual study examines SMB owners' perceptions of business policies around the U.S.

Top E-Commerce Challenges Facing SMBs
By Jennifer Post | August 04, 2019

As the e-commerce industry grows, these are the challenges retailers must contend with.

By Adam Uzialko | July 25, 2019

We chose DrChrono as the best medical billing service for small practices because you get its whole suite for a budget-friendly price.

Paychex PEO Service
By Matt D'Angelo | July 06, 2019

Paychex offers personalized PEO coverage that can scale with your business. This, along with its pricing model, makes it the best PEO for midsize businesses.

SoftActivity Monitor
By Adam Uzialko | June 17, 2019

SoftActivity Monitor is our best pick for employee monitoring software for internet management because of its effective features that track and restrict which websites your employees visit, as well...

ContentProtect Professional
By Adam Uzialko | June 17, 2019

Employee monitoring software is often considered for its activity monitoring features – those aspects which allow administrators to watch and review user behavior and productivity on company time.

Business Insurance Coverage You Should Have (But Might Not)
By Kiely Kuligowski | May 29, 2019

Everyone knows you should at least have general liability coverage. What else do you need?

How to Find the Perfect Business Name
By Skye Schooley | May 14, 2019

Learn the elements of a perfect business name and how to come up with one.

TimeClock Plus
By Chad Brooks | May 02, 2019

TimeClock Plus is the best time-tracking system for larger employers because it offers a wide variety of hosting and service plan options.

By Chad Brooks | May 02, 2019

uAttend is the best time and attendance system for very small businesses because it offers ample features and good support at a low price.

Opening a Restaurant? Here's Your Equipment Checklist
By Kiely Kuligowski | March 28, 2019

If you’re embarking on the journey of opening a restaurant, here’s what you need to get started.

Office Depot and Alibaba Announce Partnership That Will Bolster American SMBs
By Andrew Martins | March 06, 2019

Two major B2B companies, Office Depot and, announced a partnership that they hope will give American small businesses a chance to tap into a major global marketplace.

Cover Your Assets: An Insurance Primer for Small Businesses
By Business News Daily Editor | February 28, 2019


How to Turn Your Idea Into a Product (and Launch It!)
By Kiely Kuligowski | February 21, 2019

Here's how to turn your next great idea into a prototype, and then, how to turn that prototype into a product and bring it to market.

By Lori Fairbanks | February 05, 2019

We've chosen Vend as the best retail POS system, thanks to its many retail-specific features, competitive pricing, scalability and wide compatibility.

NY Entrepreneurs Grinding Out Coffee Shop Success
By Business News Daily Editor | January 25, 2019

What can you learn from Birch Coffee founders Jeremy Lyman and Paul Schlader?

How to Choose the Right Business Alarm System
By Business News Daily Editor | January 24, 2019

Knowing the right questions to ask helps.

Lost in Translation: 7 Funny Product Names
By Chad Brooks | January 20, 2019

No wonder no one wanted to buy those chickens.

45 Business Ideas We Loved in 2011
By Business News Daily Editor | January 18, 2019

We're gearing up to give you more great business ideas in 2012, but first, here's a roundup of the top business ideas we featured in 2011. We hope they inspire you to do start your own business in...

From Jibbitz to Geopalz, Entrepreneur Combines Savvy and Luck
By Business News Daily Editor | January 16, 2019

Sometimes success really is all about timing. Just ask Rich Schmelzer, whose business ventures largely have been defined not only by strong business plans and strategic planning, but also by the...

How Many Hours Should Entrepreneurs Work Per Week?
By Bennett Conlin | January 15, 2019

Determining how many hours to work as an entrepreneur doesn't come with a simple solution.

By Andreas Rivera | January 02, 2019

Carbonite lets you customize your backup solution, with a variety of combinations for redundancy.

By Andreas Rivera | January 02, 2019

Zoolz's customizable backup setup allows for the some of the best protection for large amounts of data. It also has an efficient and affordable cold storage plan, which is why it's our best pick for...

By Andreas Rivera | January 02, 2019

Acronis is one of the largest developers of backup software. As such, you can expect a high level of thought put into every aspect of Acronis Backup. The platform comes with a suite of backup and...

Going Into Business With Friends
By Katharine Paljug | November 27, 2018

Think you and your bestie would be great business partners? Here are tips for successfully starting up with a friend.

The Startup Path: What to Expect
By Matt D'Angelo | November 13, 2018

There's no textbook route to success, but considering some common ones can give you a general idea of your path forward.

5 Startup Resources to Consider for Your New Business
By Matt D'Angelo | November 07, 2018

From accelerators to angel investors, these tools and communities can help you get your startup off the ground and growing.

Trademarks, Patents and Copyrights, Oh My! What's the Difference?
By Adam Uzialko | August 10, 2018

Intellectual property might seem esoteric, but it's important to protect it like you would any other asset.

By Matt D'Angelo | July 31, 2018

HubSpot seamlessly unifies all your marketing channels and easily scales with your business. This makes HubSpot ideal for small, growing businesses – as you attract more customers, this software can...