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Your Guide to Starting Your Own Business

All of the topics, tips and resources that will help you start a business from the ground up.

Latest in Starting a Business: Advice, Tips and Resources to Help You Become an Entrepreneur

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How to Open a Retail Store
By Bennett Conlin | June 28, 2019

Narrow down your target market before opening a retail location.

How to Run a Business in Illinois
By Adam Uzialko | June 28, 2019

Are you considering launching a business in Illinois? Here's what you should know.

How to Build a Business Without Investors
By Skye Schooley | June 27, 2019

Follow entrepreneur Lauren Grech's advice to build your business without investors.

How to Run a Business in Florida
By Adam Uzialko | June 20, 2019

What do you need to know to run a small business in Florida?

How to Turn a Passion Project Into a National Business
By Andrew Martins | June 11, 2019

Focus on what you love and find your tribe to create a successful business.

How to Build a Business That Works for Social Good
By Bennett Conlin | June 06, 2019

Building a business that helps people requires focusing on more social good than profit.

Business Insurance Coverage You Should Have (But Might Not)
By Kiely Kuligowski | May 29, 2019

Everyone knows you should at least have general liability coverage. What else do you need?

How to Run a Business in New York
By Adam Uzialko | May 28, 2019

Do you run a business in New York? Here are the challenges and opportunities in the state.

Minority Entrepreneurs Invited to Compete in 'Million Dollar Challenge'
By Andrew Martins | May 21, 2019

Qualifying entrepreneurs have until June 13, 2019 to register for the contest.

How to Run a Business in California
By Adam Uzialko | May 21, 2019

Here are some challenges, opportunities and resources that California businesses have.

Hey, Neighbor: Why You Should Be Greeting Your In-Store Customers
By Kiely Kuligowski | May 20, 2019

The CEO of Pet Supplies Plus shares his thoughts on the importance of greeting customers.

How to Find the Perfect Business Name
By Skye Schooley | May 14, 2019

Learn the elements of a perfect business name and how to come up with one.

How to Successfully Build a Business in a Niche Market
By Skye Schooley | May 09, 2019

Learn how to find a niche market and successfully grow a business within it.

National Small Business Week: Getting Involved In Your Community
By Sammi Caramela | May 07, 2019

In honor of National Small Business Week, here's how you can get involved in your local small business community as a business owner.

States With the Fastest-Growing Small Businesses
By Anna Attkisson | May 01, 2019

Amazon is helping SMBs grow through its Storefronts area, pushing Mississippi to the top.

Make Sustainability Part of Your Business Model
By Kiely Kuligowski | April 25, 2019

Developing a business with sustainability at its core can provide several benefits down the line, like operating under a shared mission or authentic marketing.

Noteworthy Chocolates Finds Success in Unfamiliar Industry
By Bennett Conlin | April 19, 2019

Detailed research and a willingness to learn help this chocolate company stand out.

Armed With a Philosophy of Ethics, Bubblr Aims to Change the Internet
By Adam Uzialko | April 17, 2019

Bubblr is a developing app that has Google and Facebook in its crosshairs.

How to Use Gamification to Build Your Business: Inspired by Playground Sessions
By Skye Schooley | April 04, 2019

Quincy Jones and Chris Vance explain how to best incorporate gamification into business.

Covenant CEO Wants to Fix Board Games
By Andrew Martins | March 30, 2019

Ever since he first started slinging Pokemon cards at a young age, Covenant CEO Zach Bunn desired to make tabletop gaming a more appealing experience. Now in his 30s, Bunn has teamed up with friends...

Opening a Restaurant? Here's Your Equipment Checklist
By Kiely Kuligowski | March 28, 2019

If you’re embarking on the journey of opening a restaurant, here’s what you need to get started.

How to Buy Small Business Insurance
By Mona Bushnell | March 25, 2019

This guide will help you get started assessing your business insurance needs and finding a provider who can get you the coverage you require at a price you can afford.

How Cohen Architectural Woodworking Builds a Sustainable Culture
By Bennett Conlin | March 25, 2019

By hiring employees that others won't, Cohen Architectural Woodworking has built a sustainable culture.

10 Business Ideas for Sports Lovers
By Matt D'Angelo | March 22, 2019

If you're a sports lover, you can profit from your passion. Here are 10 sports business ideas to inspire you.

Office Depot and Alibaba Announce Partnership That Will Bolster American SMBs
By Andrew Martins | March 06, 2019

Two major B2B companies, Office Depot and, announced a partnership that they hope will give American small businesses a chance to tap into a major global marketplace.

Artsonia Shares the Benefits of Giving Back to the Community
By Skye Schooley | March 02, 2019

Artsonia has perfected the art of giving back to the community. Learn how it benefits from donating and how you can too.

15 Great Jobs for Introverts
By Anna Attkisson | February 28, 2019

Looking for a job that affords you plenty of alone time to recharge your batteries? Here are 15 great career paths for introverted workers.

Cover Your Assets: An Insurance Primer for Small Businesses
By Business News Daily Editor | February 28, 2019


How idInfo Corporation Is Taking Disruption to the Next Level
By Adam Uzialko | February 28, 2019

Many startups launch with the intention of being "disruptive," but how can they bring disruption to the next level? The idInfo Corporation is doing just that with its blockchain platform for identity...

Women's Tech Startup Challenge Offers Cash Grants
By Andrew Martins | February 23, 2019

An annual startup funding challenge aimed at helping women leaders branch out in the tech industry will be held in New York City this May. Hosted by Women Who Tech, the challenge offers $50,000 in...