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Improve the life time value of your customers by getting in front of them where they hangout online.

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Google+: Do's and Don'ts for Small Businesses
By Business News Daily Editor | January 31, 2019

Google+ can play a tremendous role growing your business. Here's how to use Google+ as a small business.

Social Media for Startups: Entrepreneurs Share 5 Key Lessons
By Nicole Fallon | January 26, 2019

At American Express OPEN's CEO BootCamp, two startup founders shared their lessons for growing and branding their businesses through social media.

10 Ways to Get the Most Out of Instagram Marketing
By Business News Daily Editor | January 23, 2019

Instagram marketing tips for small businesses

What is Social Media Marketing?
By Chad Brooks | January 17, 2019

Social media marketing entails marketing or trying to sell a product by advertising on social networking or social media sites.

Navigating Social Media Marketing in Troubled Times
By Business News Daily Editor | January 16, 2019

There’s no book of etiquette on how to handle social media marketing when the headlines turn horrific. Experts offer their advice.

How to Use Social Media to Drive Sales
By Saige Driver | January 10, 2019

Social media is a valuable tool, and small businesses can use it to drive web traffic and increase sales. Here's how.

4 Essential Twitter Marketing Tips
By Saige Driver | October 24, 2018

If used correctly, Twitter can be a powerful customer service and marketing tool. Here are four Twitter marketing tips for small businesses.

When Should You Outsource Your Business's Social Media?
By Saige Driver | October 05, 2018

If you've decided your social media presence is too much for your business to handle in-house, it may be time to outsource it. Here's some help on where to get started.

How to Properly Use National Days for Advertising
By Bennett Conlin | September 25, 2018

Learn how to use marketing celebrations like "National Doughnut Day" to build your brand through social media.

Social Media Overload: Strategizing When Channels Keep Increasing
By Bennett Conlin | August 08, 2018

Focus and preparation are the keys to building your business's brand on social.

How Small Businesses Should Respond to Negative Glassdoor Reviews
By Charell Star | June 27, 2018

It's tempting to ignore negative comments on the popular job site, but it may do you more harm than good. Here's how to respond appropriately.

Facebook Stories vs. Instagram Stories: What's Best for Your Business?
By Saige Driver | June 04, 2018

We talked to social media experts about the differences between the Instagram Stories and Facebook Stories and how businesses can decide which to use.

How to Use Facebook Live for Business
By Marisa Sanfilippo | May 22, 2018

Facebook Live presents a great opportunity to build your brand awareness and reach customers in a unique, engaging way. Here's what you need to know about using this live streaming tool.

Social Media Contests and Sweepstakes: What SMBs Must Know About the Law
By Saige Driver | May 03, 2018

If you don't follow the proper guidelines when setting up social media contests and sweepstakes, you could be in legal trouble.

5 Lessons Small Businesses Can Learn about Social Media from Big Brands
By Paula Fernandes | May 03, 2018

A great social media presence is essential for any business. Here are a few lessons you can learn from successful bigger brands.

Tips to Make the Most of LinkedIn Groups
By Adryan Corcione | April 29, 2018

LinkedIn features groups for industries, professional associations, alma maters and more. But you may not be taking advantage of them.

How Facebook's GDPR Policy Shift Does (And Doesn't) Impacts Advertisers
By Adam Uzialko | April 24, 2018

Following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook data handling is a hot topic. As Europe implements the General Data Protection Requirements (GDPR,) Facebook is shifting its policies. What does...

Guide to Social Media Analytics
By Saige Driver | April 18, 2018

You should check your analytics regularly to spot trends and see what's working in your social media marketing.

12 Best Facebook Groups for Entrepreneurs
By Julianna Lopez | April 18, 2018

Up your networking game by engaging like-minded entrepreneurs through the social network.

20 LinkedIn Groups Every Entrepreneur Should Belong To
By Julianna Lopez | April 09, 2018

The right groups can be an invaluable and inexhaustible resource to help you improve and grow your business.

Facebook's Recent Change Ruined Your Marketing Strategy. Now What?
By Marisa Sanfilippo | March 15, 2018

Facebook recently announced changes to the news feed algorithm that limits the branding and news content you see from companies. Find out how you should adapt your plan.

How to Avoid Copyright Infringement in the Age of Social Media
By Matt D'Angelo | March 07, 2018

Linking and attributing an image does not mean your business is protected from copyright infringement.

7 Tools to Drive Sales on Social Media
By Matt D'Angelo | February 16, 2018

Social media is a major avenue for e-commerce. Learn how to take advantage of your online presence and convert sales with these tools.

DIY Social: 7 Steps to Creating Your Social Media Strategy
By Adryan Corcione | August 26, 2017

As a small brand, you may not have the budget for a big social media marketing team. Here are a few ways to create a strong DIY social media strategy.

4 Ways Complaining About Your Job on Social Media Will Backfire
By Sammi Caramela | June 21, 2017

Avoid oversharing details of your work life. Posting about your job on social media can have serious negative repercussions, like these four consequences.

Turn Employees into Social Media Ambassadors
By Shannon Gausepohl | April 28, 2017

Your employees can be great your best brand advocates on social media. Help encourage them to share.

3 Ways to Use Instagram Live for Business
By Sara Angeles | November 23, 2016

Instagram Live lets businesses broadcast live streaming videos and boost engagement with customers.

25 Hottest Job Skills on LinkedIn
By Chad Brooks | October 24, 2016

Employees with cloud and distributed computing and statistical analysis and data mining experience were the ones garnering the most interest from U.S. businesses this year.

25 Twitter Accounts Every Entrepreneur Should Follow
By Nicole Fallon | March 10, 2016

These Twitter accounts offer words of wisdom and solid advice for current and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Meme Marketing: The Right and Wrong Way to Leverage Internet Obsessions
By Brittney Morgan | January 28, 2016

Thinking of incorporating memes into your next marketing campaign? Here's why you should, but only if you do it the right way.