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In today's day and age security has never been a bigger concern. Make sure your business is safe online and offline.

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Preventing and Avoiding Network Security Threats and Vulnerabilities
By Business News Daily Editor | August 23, 2019

Preventing these threats is an important aspect of protecting your SMB.

Cyberattacks and Your Small Business: A Primer for Cybersecurity
By Andrew Martins | August 21, 2019

Cyberattacks can disrupt your business. This primer can help you stand up to bad actors.

What Is Formjacking, and How Can You Protect Your Business?
By Sue Marquette Poremba | July 22, 2019

The first step to protect your business from formjacking is learning the risks.

How Call Centers Keep You Connected During (and After) a Natural Disaster
By Adam Uzialko | July 17, 2019

During a natural disaster, it can be hard to stay connected. Call center services help.

Smartphone Tips: How to Protect Your Data From Unsecured Apps
By Andrew Martins | June 25, 2019

That app might not be safe as you think. Here are tips to protect your phone from hackers.

Cybersecurity Still a Concern Among Global Workers, Despite GDPR
By Andrew Martins | May 24, 2019

Did the GDPR improve data security? One year later, professionals question its efficacy.

How to Improve Your Small Business's Cybersecurity in an Hour
By Bennett Conlin | May 23, 2019

Improving your security against cyberattacks doesn't have to take months.

Small Businesses Want More Security From Managed Service Providers
By Andrew Martins | March 27, 2019

As cyberattacks become more common, a recent study commissioned by Continuum suggests small business owners want more protective measures from their managed service providers.

A Comprehensive Guide to Security Equipment for Small Business
By Sue Marquette Poremba | February 28, 2019

If you're concerned with your business's security, consider adding security cameras, systems and keyless locks to help secure your location.

Do Your Employees Take Data Security Seriously?
By Business News Daily Editor | February 28, 2019

Making sure employees understand the issues is the first step to getting them to take them seriously.

5 Worst ATM Robbery Fails
By Matt D'Angelo | February 08, 2019

These thieves thought stealing an ATM would be easy, but they were sadly mistaken.

Most Major Websites Leak Private Data, Study Finds
By Jeanette Mulvey | February 05, 2019

And, often, it's not an accident

3 Ways To Build a High-Performing IT Department
By Business News Daily Editor | February 02, 2019

Find out how to turn your IT department into a valuable company asset.

5 Credit Card Security Risks Small Businesses Need to Know About
By Business News Daily Editor | January 31, 2019

If your business accepts credit cards, here are five things to watch for when processing transactions face-to-face.

Securing Your Business: Employees, Customers and Assets
By Business News Daily Editor | January 30, 2019

Learn how to affordably protect your employees, customers and assets utilizing security technologies and low-cost security practices.

A Small Business Guide to Computer Encryption
By Andreas Rivera | January 30, 2019

Encryption is a necessary part of file and data protection. Find out how file encryption works, which programs to consider implementing and pitfalls to be aware of.

5 Tablet Security Threats: Are Your Devices Protected?
By Sue Marquette Poremba | January 23, 2019

From corrupt apps to malware, data loss and theft, tablet users face all types of security risks. Here's how to prevent them.

5 Dangerous File Sharing Habits You Need to Break Right Now
By Business News Daily Editor | January 21, 2019

Is your business guilty of these file sharing don'ts?

Is Your Antivirus Software Really Protecting Your Business?
By Business News Daily Editor | January 21, 2019

All businesses need antivirus software, but it's not the only protection they need from cyberattacks.

Cybersecurity for Freelancers: Protecting Your Clients' Data
By Nicole Fallon | January 18, 2019

As a freelancer, you might not have access to the same corporate network security or backup systems that your clients have. Here's how to keep their sensitive data safe and secure.

Small Business Data Breach: Mitigating the Damage
By Chad Brooks | January 18, 2019

Once a small business has been the victim of a data breach, what they do next is important.

How to Create a Strong Password
By Business News Daily Editor | January 18, 2019

Use these five easy tricks to come up with better, stronger passwords.

4 Security Tips for a Successful BYOD Policy
By Brittney Morgan | January 16, 2019

Looking to implement a "bring your own device" policy in the office? Follow these tips to make sure your information stays secure as you do so.

By Andreas Rivera | January 02, 2019

Carbonite lets you customize your backup solution, with a variety of combinations for redundancy.

By Andreas Rivera | January 02, 2019

Zoolz's customizable backup setup allows for the some of the best protection for large amounts of data. It also has an efficient and affordable cold storage plan, which is why it's our best pick for...

By Andreas Rivera | January 02, 2019

Acronis is one of the largest developers of backup software. As such, you can expect a high level of thought put into every aspect of Acronis Backup. The platform comes with a suite of backup and...

5 Cybersecurity and Privacy Predictions for 2019
By Sue Marquette Poremba | December 15, 2018

Privacy, cloud security and a growing cybercriminal underground are among the top concerns for 2019.

How to Stop Insider Threats
By Sue Marquette Poremba | December 07, 2018

One-quarter of security threats generate from someone within the affected organization, making them hard to defend against.

The Best Antivirus Software for Business: Our Top Picks
By Pamela S. Stevens | December 04, 2018

Need antivirus software? Based on our research, here are our top picks that suit the needs of small businesses.

Cybersecurity While Traveling: Tips and Tricks
By Andreas Rivera | August 16, 2018

Your cybersecurity could be at risk when on a business trip, so take the proper precautions when taking your laptop and smartphone on the road.