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11 Email Marketing Solutions for Small Businesses
By Sara Angeles | November 13, 2014

Email marketing solutions make launching and running email marketing campaigns a breeze.

6 Clever and Offbeat Marketing Tactics Your Business Can Afford
By Brittney Morgan | September 26, 2014

Looking for a way to get your business's name out there? These crazy marketing tactics should do the trick.

Small Businesses Reap Benefits of CRM Software
By Sara Angeles | August 18, 2014

Can a CRM solution help grow your company? As a small business, you stand to benefit from CRM the most.

Designing a Logo That Brands Your Business
By Chad Brooks | July 03, 2014

To help small businesses, DesignCrowd outlines how a logo's colors, shapes and fonts influence how consumers view a brand.

Pricing Changes Will Hit Smallest E-Commerce Shippers Hardest
By Nicole Fallon | June 30, 2014

FedEx and UPS recently announced increases in their shipping charges. Here's how the price hike will affect e-commerce businesses, and what they can do to stay in the game.

Salesforce Small Business CRM: Top 3 Business Features
By Sara Angeles | April 29, 2014

Salesforce Small Business CRM makes it easy to manage contacts and keep track of sales processes.

How to Use CRM for Your Small Business
By Sara Angeles | April 14, 2014

Customer relationship management software helps small businesses create happier, more loyal customers.

Marketing Realism for 2014: Don't Let a Good Plan Sit on the Shelf (Op-Ed)
By Business News Daily Editor | April 01, 2014

Plan your marketing for the year ahead, though remember to keep your goals realistic.

What is Conjoint Analysis?
By Chad Brooks | April 01, 2014

Conjoint analysis is a marketing research technique that helps businesses measure what their consumers value most about their products and services.

CRM Not Optional, Even for Small Business
By Sara Angeles | January 08, 2014

CRM benefits businesses by helping them make better, wiser decisions.

5 Ways You're Alienating Your Customers
By Chad Brooks | August 01, 2013

You may not realize it, but there are lots of things your business might be doing to really tick customers off. Here are five to watch out for.

Successful Marketing Automation Impacts Sales
By Business News Daily Editor | August 01, 2013

All businesses can benefit from keeping track of prospective clients.

How to Make Email Marketing Work
By Business News Daily Editor | July 05, 2013

Effective, efficient and targeted marketing holds hard to ignore benefits.

Text Messaging as a Business Tool
By Business News Daily Editor | February 01, 2013

The widely used medium makes contacting consumers a breeze.

Finding Your Product-Market Match
By Business News Daily Editor | December 12, 2012


The No. 1 Reason People Sell a Business
By Business News Daily Editor | December 11, 2012

Business owners may have any number of reasons for starting a business, but new research has found that there three main reasons owners sell their businesses.

10 Beloved Brands Gone Forever
By Chad Brooks | November 22, 2012

Hostess Brands may be facing the extinction of it's Twinkies and other baked products. These favorite brands suffered a similar fate.

How to Write Great Mobile Ad Copy
By Business News Daily Editor | August 07, 2012

If you're going mobile you need to tailor your message.

They Did What? 5 Customer Service Disasters!
By Chad Brooks | April 20, 2012

Not every attempt to make customers happy ends up working out in the end. Here are five customer service practices that ended in disaster … or worse.

7 Ways to Drive Local Traffic to Your Web Site
By Chad Brooks | March 01, 2012

Local businesses need a web presence more than ever

Customers Want Businesses to Kiss and Make Up After Bad Service
By Chad Brooks | December 20, 2011

Once a customer gets treated badly, they expect a lot of special treatment before they will return.

5 Customer Service Phrases to Banish
By Business News Daily Editor | December 16, 2011

Next time, try saying…'May I help you?'

How to Make Your Product Famous (for Almost Nothing)
By Jeanette Mulvey | December 16, 2011


5 Customer Strategies for the Digital Age
By Ned Smith | December 16, 2011


How Did Black Friday and Cyber Monday Get Their Names?
By Business News Daily Editor | December 16, 2011

Marked-down merchandise, midnight store openings, huge crowds - Black Friday cometh! Cyber Monday, one of the biggest online shopping days of the year, is hot on its heels. Life's Little Mysteries...

Five Ways to Get (Almost) Free PR
By Business News Daily Editor | December 16, 2011